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Published on 02/08/2012 at Wed Feb 08 16:24.
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Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas
Name: Demaryius Thomas
Height, Weight: 6’3″, 229
Position: Wide Receiver
Age, Experience: 24, 3
College: Georgia Tech

Demaryius Thomas was drafted by the Denver Broncos with the 22nd pick in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Drafted three spots ahead of Tim Tebow, the wide receiver and quarterback began to find a rhythm in 2011 that exploded into Thomas’s breakout game in the first round of the AFC Wild Card playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers. An 80-yard catch-and-run (and a handful of NFL playoffs records) later, Thomas is thought to be a focal point for the offense the Broncos will build around Tebow.

2011 Analysis: Many thought Thomas might miss the entire 2011 season when he tore his Achilles tendon during a workout on February 10, 2011 (almost exactly one year ago today). He fought through the injury, however, and made his sophomore season debut after the bye — just in time to see the Broncos’ #1 and Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Lloyd traded away. It took Thomas awhile to find a rhythm with Tebow (and vice-versa), as he only hauled in seven catches during his first six weeks as a starter. But he finished the season strong, catching 25 passes in the season’s final five weeks. That all led to the postseason, where Thomas set a handful of NFL playoff records with his four-catch, 204-yard performance against Pittsburgh. He had six catches for 93 yards against the Patriots.

Contract Status: Signed through 2014; unrestricted free agent 2015

2012 Outlook: There perhaps isn’t a brighter outlook for any Broncos player in 2012 than there is for Demaryius Thomas. Marred by injuries his first two season, if he can stay healthy, the sky really is the limit for this third-year player. His infamous 80-yard Stiff-Arm was a microcosm of the traits Thomas can display to take him to the top: he has the size, speed, and strength to take on any defensive back in the NFL. If he stays healthy and works with Tim Tebow during the offseason, 2012 will be a big year for Thomas.

As always, we invite you, the readers, to participate. Are you excited by Thomas taking on the role of #1 WR in Denver, or do you still have your doubts?

Denver Broncos WR #88 Demaryius Thomas: Do you approve?

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  • Tredmond

    I believe that your description of the 2011 season is a little off the mark in this post. Thomas did miss nearly the entire 2010 season due to a foot injury. As you mentioned, the achilles injury occurred during off season workouts but he was back in the line up by week 7. I’m not sure that playing in 13 games equates to “nearly missed the entire 2011 season”. He may have been ineffective until the week 13 game in Minneapolis but he was on the active roster for about 2/3 of the games this season.

  • Anonymous

    *Sneezes* hater! 

  • Jon

     Have you ever recovered from an Achilles injury? There were many who thought Thomas was going to miss the entire season, or at least a large chunk of it.

  • Monty

    Thanks for the comment. I edited the post for clarity.

  • Anonymous

    Kyle, you are the consummate professional :)

  • Anonymous

    Whoever disapproved of DT needs to have their Broncos fan card revoked, along with their internet access.

    DT is a beast. With all the injuries he had the past two seasons, to keep working like he has is incredible. Hopefully the injury bug is behind him now and we’ll get to see Bay Bay play every game from here on out.

  • Anonymous

    Who is the goon who disapproved of DT?  Fess up now, boy.

  • anthony33

    DT is one of several good (but unproven) nucleus of young players.  If DT, Tim T, Eric D, Orlando F, Zane B, JDW, Julius T, Von M, Chris H, Sydquan T, Raheem M and Nate I develop over the next couple of years… well then we have something.  A couple more years of good drafting and the development these folks could get us back to elite status.

  • anthony33

    It was Dennis Allen

  • Jdrengnerth

    you forgot quinton carter

  • Jdrengnerth

    I say that he has already proven himself in the playoff game against the steelers I mean c’mon 4 catches for over 200 yards and set records at the same time I say I’ve already forgotten about brandon marshal (all though he and DT are on my madden team ) 

  • Anonymous


  • Monty

    The first person who said “No” did it when there had only been like 6 votes, so DT was sitting at 83% for a minute there. He’s at 99% as of this comment, which seems closer to true among Broncos fans.

  • Anonymous

    Probably the same couple of Raider fans that dissed Doom.

  • Anonymous

    Well its up to 2 now..Ban them! Lol