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Published on 02/02/2012 at Thu Feb 02 08:21.
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  • I’ve been torn about who to pick in Super Bowl XLVI. I didn’t have a vested interest. Now I do. Josh McDaniels doesn’t deserve a Super Bowl ring. Thanks for pointing this out Kim. GO GIANTS! [Predominantly Orange]
  • Tim Tebow cancels appearance with controversial Ohio televangelist. []
  • But causes quite a stir with fans at the Super Bowl. [Denver Post]
  • Everyone wants to see Denver in the Super Bowl. Mark Kiszla wants to see the Super Bowl in Denver. [Denver Post]
  • Growing sentiment that Peyton Manning won’t play again. [Denver Post]
  • Doc Bear sets the record straight on Mike Klis’ misinformed altitude article. [It’s All Over Fat Man!]
  • Former Broncos DC Don “Wink” Martindale has landed as linebackers coach with the Ravens. [Denver Post]
  • Anonymous

    Monty I’m in the same place. I very much dislike Elli Manning and do not want him to get another ring. On the other hand as you point out there is the McDork factor at play as well. Buuuuut as far as McD is concerned all, including himself, would know he really doesn’t deserve a ring at all should they win. I loath anyone taking credit for something they don’t deserve and cant do it myself so even he would know…

    Therefore, I have to go with the Pats in hopes that Elli doesn’t get another ring. I personally would rather see McD get one he doesn’t deserve than Elli get one he does…lol.