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Published on 01/18/2012 at Wed Jan 18 08:05.
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Vince Wilfork #75 and Rob Ninkovich #50 of the New England Patriots sack Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Gillette Stadium on January 14, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Vince Wilfork #75 and Rob Ninkovich #50 of the New England Patriots sack Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Gillette Stadium on January 14, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

The last game of Tim Tebow‘s 2011 campaign didn’t end the way the quarterback would like. It didn’t progress very comfortably either.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Tebow suffered rib, lung, and chest injuries early in the second half that nearly sidelined Tebow for the game, which explains why Brady Quinn was seen warming up on the sideline late in the game. Tebow fought through “considerable pain” and took every snap for the Denver Broncos as he and his teammates fell 45-10 to the New England Patriots and out of the playoffs.

Tebow should be ready for the Broncos’ offseason training program, according to the report.

Source: Tim Tebow played through pain [ESPN]

  • Jon

    Goes to show that (a) he’s a tough son of a gun and (b) the coaches have had him rushing more than he should be.

    Heal up quickly, Tim.

  • Anonymous

    My gosh I hope this guy can improve during the offseason! It would suck to lose him.

  • areferee

    He is as mentally and physically tough as his soon to be mentor, John “The Duke of Denver” Elway.  We feel your pain, Tim.  Heal quickly and study hard.

  • Anonymous

    Was his injury on a run? Or a pass/sack? I believe it was a sack, which means that no, they (Broncos/Tebow) aren’t running “too much”. Why? Because, Tebow himself said that he hurts more after getting hit while trying to pass than if he can brace himself and deliver punishment on a run.

    When you think about QBs going out due to injury, besides Vick, how many get hurt on a sack or a throw where they get hit -vs- scrambling? Again, take away Vick from that, and I don’t think that any QBs get injured while running. They are always hurt getting sacked or hit while throwing. Even immobile QBs scramble from time to time, so wouldn’t they get injured if indeed running made you more susceptible to injury?

    Now, Tebow does need to get better passing, nobody will be able to say otherwise, but he won’t get hurt because he runs. If anything, he’ll get hurt while standing in the pocket (as is evident from him getting hurt in the pocket -vs- Patriots).

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to say you are wrong, but you are wrong. lol.

    Tebow got injured while trying to stay in the pocket and pass. He didn’t get injured running. Think about it, when QBs get hurt, how often is it on a scramble, and how often is it when they are in the pocket? I don’t have the stats, but I’m going to say that everyone but Vick gets injured in the pocket (and Vick did get hurt years ago in the pocket on a sack).

    Even immobile QBs like Brady scramble, yet they don’t get hurt on scrambles, they only get hurt in the pocket. That means that A) He is a tough SOB like you said, B) He needs to be the Tebow of old in this past game who just took off and ran if nothing was there, and C) he needs to make sure he doesn’t go on book tours, etc this offseason, and instead, focus on working with his teammates until Elway is allowed to work with him, that way, he can make faster decisions and either run, or shield himself faster on sacks.

  • Jon

    You have great points, but I wasn’t saying he needs to stop running.  On the contrary, that’s the best thing he has going for him.

    I would just like to see the Broncos tone down the touches he gets per game.  Tim Tebow’s not like other quarterbacks, he’s really a fullback (style and size-wise). 

    Fullbacks that get a lot of carries have a short life, simply because of the beating that they take.  I don’t want Tebow to have a short NFL life, so I think it would be great if he ran maybe three-to-five times less than he usually does per game.

    Over time, Michael Vick slowly began to stop running so much and started passing more and more, which resulted in his best season in the NFL (IMO) two years ago.  I think (hope, really) that Tebow will someday get to that point.

    When he does, watch out, NFL.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Tebow doesn’t necessarily need to run less, as he needs to make quicker reads/decisions, which will probably lead to less runs because he’ll hit the quick 7 yard slant immediately instead of take his time scanning the field and then take off running for the same 7 yards.

    I think what caused us to go on that 3 game skid to end the season was because he stopped following his instincts to run when things weren’t open, and instead, tried to stay in the pocket too long and then either took sacks or ran so late that the D was already collapsing on him, which is why we didn’t see the typical “Tebow Runs” which are for 10-20 yards, but instead saw the runs be 2-5 yards. I think he was trying too hard to prove he can stay in the pocket, and that really hurt the yardage he normally got from running, and that as hurt our offense as a whole.

    But I agree, if Tebow makes faster reads, watch out NFL, cause unless he’s throwing to stone-hands Decker, those quick throws can lead to a dynamic offense which will be unstoppable, especially when you mix in the “it’s not open, I’m gonna run” dynamic of Tebow, as well as the running game. The more defenses have to honor Tebow the passer, the more effective Tebow the runner will become, and that is a combo the NFL isn’t prepared to handle.

  • King

    Yep.  We’re not gonna do squat in 2012 unless we pass-protect better. 

  • King

    Rushing had nothing to do with it.  When your running you can prepare for the hits by moving away from them before impact.  Tebow was injured in the pocket. 

  • Anonymous

    Also remember that Brady wasn’t “Brady” in his first year as a starter (2nd year in NFL). Breese wasn’t “Breese” until his 6th? 8th? year in the NFL. Rogers wasn’t “Rogers” until his 7th year in the NFL. So why people have so little patience for Tebow is beyond me. Want to know if Tebow will play at an elite caliber? Give him 5+ years as the unquestioned #1 QB and then make that determination.

    If we get anything out of the QB position currently in place in the NFL its this…
    #1. No elite QB in the league today is younger than 7 or 8 years in the NFL.

    #2. No QB that was tagged as the unquestioned franchise QB their rookie year is still unquestioned (Sanchez, Flacco, Ryan, Freeman, etc).

    #3. No current unquestioned franchise QB (Rapistberger, Rivers, Stafford, etc) were required to play at an elite level their first 3-4 years in the NFL in order to keep their job as the #1 QB, yet Tebow is. Talk about unfair and knee jerk.

  • virginiabronco

    Well said Pete

  • LABroncofan

    Yes, and 1,000 Lbs of linemen don’t land on top of you when you are in the open field.

  • TD30ismvp

    1) Tough kid, but we all knew that anyway.
    2) Was not ready to start in the NFL…most popular project QB in the history of the game.
    3) Back to my original point in the beginning of the year…Let the kid play and grow into the position.  I have never seen somebody so dissected play by play, week after week. 
    4) Hoge is a tool, he is just jealous that our Fullback can run more effectively and throw better than he could.

  • anthony33

    The most important thing for Tim Tebow in my mind, is to have someone working with him that can truly coach him up.  I like the fact that Elway is planning to work with him is a good thing.  However, Elway is not a coach “teacher”.  Maybe Adam Gaze is… we’ll see.