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Published on 01/17/2012 at Tue Jan 17 19:01.
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  • Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has drawn interest from several teams since the regular season ended. (AP Photo/Genevieve Ross)

    There is a good chance that Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy will become the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins.  [@AdamSchefter]

  • Meanwhile, the Oakland Raiders have askedand were given permissionto interview both McCoy and Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen for their vacant head coaching position.  [Denver Post]
  • “It’s very complimentary to this organization that both Dennis Allen and Mike McCoy are being interviewed by other teams,” Broncos Head Coach John Fox said on Monday.   “It says a lot about what this organization has accomplished.”  [MaxDenver]
  • Broncos strength and conditioning coach Rich Tuten will not return for the 2012 season.  [SB Nation]
  • Two possible candidates to replace Tuten are Jerry Simmons and Loren Landow.  [@MaxBroncos + @jonmark93]
  • The Broncos have promoted Matt Russell to director of player personnel and named Brian Stark West Coast scout.  [Official Site]
  • Anonymous

    I’m on record as saying my number one off-season wish is to get to finally have both coordinators stay for consecutive seasons.  This sucks.  Stay put, guys!  The more successful you are with us, the more likely it is you won’t have to wind up coaching the craptastic Dolphins, or, God forbid, the Raiders!  You don’t really want that, do you?

  • Hansen

    Very interesting.  I wonder if McCoy truly wants to be a head coach or if his desire to leave is partly due to escaping a less desirable situation. 

    If he leaves the selection of a new OC will no doubt affect the QB competition and potentially TTs progress, or lack thereof. 

    Interesting developments for sure. 

  • King

    Most assistants aspire to be be a HC somewhere.  I would think McCoy would be no different.

  • Hansen

    This is true.  I can’t help wonder if it is a push/pull type of situation. 

  • Anonymous

    Umm…I’m pretty sure that is a picture of Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen, not Mike McCoy.

  • King

    Have you seen the pay difference between an assistant coach (OC or DC) and a Head Coach? 

    It’s huge.

  • Anonymous

    McCoy feels he is the likely choice to get the Fins HC gig. He withdrew his name from consideration in Oakland. According to a PFT article…

    My question is…if McCoy does jump ship for the Fish, who are we looking at? Promote from within or look outside Dove Valley???

    There were quite a few games this past season that really had me scratching my head and wondering if McCoy was sending in silly plays or if it was our QB situation. A la run run, run, run, punt and the occasional pass mixed in.

    Stability at the coaching positions is great, as well as taking promotions and other avenues, so I won’t hold it against Mike if he choses to go.

  • Anonymous

    I agree!

  • Nick C

    I am a little bothered by Dennis Allen right now.  First, he interviews with the Rams the week of a playoff game and then we get crushed.  Now, he seriously wants to be the coach for the Oakland Raiders.  Shouldn’t he hate them?  WTH.  

    But he was awesome this year.