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Published on 01/12/2012 at Thu Jan 12 08:30.
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  • Anonymous

    Why am I hearing reports that Elway still isn’t willing to say that Tebow will be their QB to open next season?
    There are other reports that Tebow was annoyed that he might be 1 play from benched against the Steelers…
    Like him or hate him, Tebow has earned the right to be our opening day starter in the 2012 season. No other QB in the league has done so much with so little, and that’s including the likes of Rogers, Brady, and Breese.

    If I were Tebow, I’d be PISSED at Fox and Elway! I’d pull an Elway/Reeves and march into Bowlen’s office and say “It’s them or me if this shit doesn’t stop!”
    Bowlen isn’t a moron, he knows that Tebow drives Broncos revenues more than Elway and Fox do. He picked the QB before, and I have a feeling that he’ll pick the QB again. I know Tebow isn’t the guy to do that, but he is 100% justified in doing it if he wanted to. I don’t think anyone on this planet would blame him if he did.
    After all he’s done for this team, leading them from a 1-4 start to the divisional round of the playoffs which included AFC West Champs, and a home field playoff game, to have the staff and front office show that little respect for him is embarrassing! I’m as embarrassed for how Elway and Fox are handling this situation as I was with the idiotic stunts McDaniels did.
    Today, on a day we should be getting excited for our game on saturday, we are instead hanging our heads down in shame as reports about these things continue to come out. Elway, I love you as a player. You are my favorite player of all time and in any sport, but damn, you have much more development to do as a front office exec than Tebow will ever have to do as a QB.