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Published on 01/06/2012 at Fri Jan 06 07:50.
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Your wittiest captions in the comments. Previous winner after the jump.

(L-R) Quarterbacks Kyle Orton #8 of the Kansas City Chiefs and Brady Quinn #9 of the Denver Broncos talk after the game as the Chiefs defeated the Broncos 7-3 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 1, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Previous winner:

"Mile High Algebra: 5280 - 6 + 15 - 8 = XLVI" (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)


Honorable mentions:

“The first meeting of the ‘I would break a bone rather than face Von Miller’ club is called to order.”  — Mike Birtwistle

“Dude, we’re getting paid right now!”…”Haha dude, I know hahaha!” — Fractalor

“Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton giggles as Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler tells a Tebow’s mama joke.”  — Jon

“Mid sentence ‘”– wait, what?!… who the hell is Tim Tebow?”‘ — T-Money

“Dude, they’re taking our picture. You think this is gonna get on BT’s create-a-caption?”  “Totally.” — Monty

  • Jeremy Bridgman

    “What’s worse? The guy photobombing us, or sitting on the Denver bench?”

  • Anonymous

    Brady *Pauly Shore Voice* “What ya doin buuuuuuddddddyyyyy?” 

    Orton “Praying”

    Brady *Beavis Voice* “hehheh YEAH YEAH PRAY MOTHER FU*#$”

    Orton “Thank you Jesus for making Tebow even more inept than me today!” 

    Brady *Keanu Reeves Voice* “PARRRTY TIME EXCELLLLENT!”

    Orton *Looks off desperately for an excuse to get away while making his trademark I don’t care about anything pucker face*

  • areferee

    Have you noticed everywhere we go, the coach gets fired?  How about we try Philadelphia next?

  • Jon

    Quinn: “Hey man, I’ve seen you on YouTube, everybody loves you!”

    Orton: “Dude, that wasn’t me.”

    Quinn: “Yeah it was, your mom has me over for meatloaf, too!”

    Orton rolls eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Quinn: Uh, yeah, Kyle, I think they still recognized you without the neckbeard.
    Orton: But they’re not booing!  They MUST not know it’s me!  

  • Tgm5m

    Orton: The creepy bald dude behind us keeps following me, DON”T LOOK!
    Brady: You think he’s single?

  • YouTube Addict

    QUINN: Tim Tebow sucks and I hate playing behind that guy.  He’s setting NFL offenses back 50 years at least.

    ORTON: Tell me something I don’t know.  In case you forgot I was on the team not that long ago.

  • Buddyshark

    Orton:  With this camera angle I look like a bobblehead.
    Brady:  Don’t worry about it, so do I!