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Published on 01/04/2012 at Wed Jan 04 10:02.
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  • areferee

    Reality Check:

    As my New Year’s resolution, I offer FREE ADVICE, (and probably worth every penny), to Mr. John A. Elway Jr. and Mr. John Sly Fox:

    Do NOT give up on Tebow…

    …even if the Steelers kick our Mile High Tebowing-keesters.

    This is effectively the end of his rookie season, (and I tire of the nitpickers who argue otherwise!), and rookies mostly stink.  Tebow stinks only on a part-time basis, and that’s an improvement.

    Arguments against:

    He can’t throw.  He never will.  He can’t read through his progressions.  He’s a Fullback.  He’ll never be a quarterback.  He’s left-handed!

    POPPYCOCK!  (Except for the Southpaw part)

    Arguments For:

    He is smart.  He is tough.  He is strong.  He is willing.  He works hard.  He is teachable.  He wants to learn.  He wants to win.  He wants to excel at quarterback.  He loves Denver.  He loves his fans.  He is a staunch supporter of his teammates and the community.  He has a winning record!  He wears cool underwear.  (OK, I’ll give you that one!)


    Tebow is an athlete.  I support him!

    Come on, John and John…you be athletic supporters too!

  • Anonymous

    Any season ticket holder who sells their seats to the highest bidder this week should be stripped of their tixs.  

    Hopefully Tebow can stem that tide a little bit. 

  • Anonymous

    Two teams I thoroughly hate are the stealers and the sh!tbirds.   

  • Monty

    Hopefully… but it would’ve helped if we had won that season finale.

  • anthony33

    Great points as usual.  You know I’ve been back and forth on him as every week adds a little more information to the opinion pool.

    Just having a hard time watching him trying to drop back, set and throw.  For all the good and absolutely true things you mention I still have hope.  Where I go the other way is after watching a Bronco game then watch a Rogers, Brees, Manning or Brady play a game.  I don’t expect Tebow to be an elite QB in his “rookie season” (I’m with you on that), but that’s what you need to compare him to if we ever want to get back to the 90’s.  I just see a grand canyon of difference.

    Hoping this years experience of ups and downs, a playoff game and maybe two, a full supervised off season, a full training camp will get him to the point where you can begin to  see ‘elite potential’.  

  • Oakleys

    XQSBAKKFJAWM I like it very much!

  • King

    Even if Tebow doesn’t work out at QB long-term, I don’t see him leaving Denver.  With his size/strength/fire he could play just about anywhere.  I could even see him playing TE, FB, and even as a LB on defense.