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Published on 01/03/2012 at Tue Jan 03 05:00.
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Denver Broncos


The Denver Broncos 2012 schedule‘s opponents have been announced following the team’s first-place record in the AFC West in 2011. Dates to be announced later in the offseason.

The Denver Broncos 2012 schedule sees the Mile High men facing seven opponents who finished better than their 8-8 record in 2011, including four teams with 12 or more wins. Welcome to the big leagues, Broncos.

Opponents are listed based on whether the Broncos are at home or away; the opponent’s 2011 record is in parenthesis.

Dates to be announced
Home Games Away Games
KC Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
OAK Oakland Raiders (8-8)
SD San Diego Chargers (8-8)
CLE Cleveland Browns (4-12)
PIT Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)
HOU Houston Texans (10-6)
NO New Orleans Saints (13-3)
TB Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12)
KC Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
OAK Oakland Raiders (8-8)
SD San Diego Chargers (8-8)
BAL Baltimore Ravens (12-4)
CIN Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)
NE New England Patriots (13-3)
ATL Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
CAR Carolina Panthers (6-10)

How many games do you see the Broncos winning next year? Take the poll that either appears to the left (on the sidebar) or directly below.

First look: how many games do you see the Broncos winning in 2012?

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  • Lisa


  • Observer

    Manning vs Brees. Manning vs Brady. Manning vs Rivers twice. Nice.

  • Owensrick50

    With manning as qb denver will make playoffs

  • falconsfan

    Manning is with broncos so 13-16

  • Anonymous

    You gonna follow him to Jacksonville and suck his cock there too?

  • Anonymous

    You’re dumb. Plain and simple…

  • Anonymous

    God, you don’t deserve to have Peyton Manning for how dumb you are. 

  • Anonymous

    What about now?

  • Anonymous

    Better than trying to get Steeler season tickets… try 20-30 years.. oh, and 6 rings. Boom.

  • Anonymous

     Manning with the Bronco’s could most definitely mean 13-16 wins! 

  • manningfan

    NEW BRONCO FAN! SUPERBOWL TIME! Manning all the waaay!

  • NewSheriff

    You may want to reconsider that.  It’s Manning time

  • peyton

    nooo!!! tebows gone

  • Rusty R

     Dre-e-e-e-eam.  Dream Dream Dream…

  • Headinswivel5

    Lol !!! NOT EVEN 500

  • OrangeCrush

    no but manning can

  • Jordan

     But Bryan is an idiot… Just so it’s clear.

  • Sakins

    I like Tebow, but I am a true Peyton Manning fan!!!  Can’t wait to see him back in action this year!  We were blessed to have him at UT and so will Denver be.

  • Wilcoxsgm55

    12 wins at most division is weak no problem there but NE,Pitt,Bal, and the NFC South schedule is the tough ones they might win 5 of those at most but more like 3-4 but within the 5 years he’s there 5 playoff appearance and 1 superbowl.

  • Nick

    Peyton Manning Is Officially A Bronco..I See 10+ Games..But After That It Wont Matter..We’re Talking Superbowl Run

  • Denail594

    You just completely acted like the Chargers, Raiders, and Chiefs are no challenge and the Texans in the South. That’s why Denver won’t will have problems and no solutions like people expect them to.

  • GoHorse

    Every game is a winable game now.

    Good luck Broncos.  You’re now my 2nd favorite team.


  • Craigk760

    Or just retarded. Take your pick.


    Elway is a Wimp! he couldnt handle having Tebow being so Loved in Denver. It makes No sense to trade him. what a perfect way it would have been for Tebow to stay and learn, then take over in two to three years when Peyton is Done.

  • Dblitz79

    elway will make a few roster changes and manning will have us in the AFC championship game

  • Gregwilliams60

    Tebow is gone now and Peyton Manning is at the helm now! !!! Want to reevaluate? He upgrades the Broncos chances considerably. Gonna be a great ride next year if most of the other puzzle pieces are plugged off. Will look forward to this season with a lot more confidence in the Broncos. Go, Big Orange Broncos!!!

  • @JosuahChalfant

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha, 8-10 years! Guy was BARELY the starter for 10 wins let alone years.

    Broncos r spending $ this year (VERY RARE) I GOT 11 WINS @ least. Our d is VERY UNDERRATED if tebow could stay on the field for more than the last 2 minutes of the game the d wouldn’t be drained.

    This team will win the division 4 sure!

    As 4 tebow doing his THANG broncos were forced to switch to a baby college option offense cuz tebows “thang” couldn’t manage to understand a pro offense. First week he was given the chance to do said THANG it was vs the lions & a REAL qb.

    He was traded for a 4th & 6th round pick shows how much Denver thought of him.

  • @JoshuahChalfant

    How about that mark Sanchez back up? WE BROUGHT IN CALEB HANIE TO REPLACE THE GREAT Tim tebow ……

  • @JoshuahChalfant

    Jake plummer! !!!! Tebow couldn’t hang with Jake’s shit! 3 playoff births! 1 afc championship game

    Jay cutlers last year with the broncos he broke like 8 franchise records!

    Thanks tebow for giving us ONE MORE josh mcdaniels season ….. glad he’s gone now we will see what this monster of a team can really do!

  • @JoshuahChalfant

    I agreed with u Brady would have smashed the same broken down/injured teams tebow did!

    If I had the $ for a billboard Brady would have been the QB, Guy was drafted to a garbage team, he will do BIG THINGS where ever he goes.

    People saying Quinn was no good he was ahead of tebow 4 a reason the disgusting Philly/Boston/new York type of antics the broncos fans pulled this year turned my stomach. Tebow is a mark Sanchez back-up now lol what a champion!

  • @JoshuahChalfant

    O-line is AMAZING dunno y u would change that!! & wr’s are WELL ABOVE AVERAGE … but I agree with Quinn > tebow

  • Sniper

    Well, Tebow doesn’t even play for Denver Anymore

  • Colleenbeach016

    I’m happy Tebow is gone and Manning is in, now I won’t have to listen to “Tebow” every two fucking minutes in the 2012 fucking season!!!

  • Ron737

    Get ready – you are going to hear “Manning throws to Dreessen, TOUCHDOWN!  Several times this coming season.  The Texans really screwed up by not keeping Joel Dreessen

  • TWU 502

    Lucky to get 8 wins

  • It’s a conspiracy man!!!

    I get the feeling the NFL didn’t randomly select the Broncos to play against the Patriots next season.

  • ali shaibi

    dude, tebow sucks.. how dare you say he will play at an elite level? he sucks better than vegas whores. 

  • blacky

    should have kept Tebow who better to learn from than Manning. The thing is, is that if the 36 year old Manning gets injured and that could be a possibility, than the broncos will be in some trouble. Even though they picked up a corner a safety a WR, and two tight ends. Tebow is gonna be great in the near future. He is the hardest working QB in the NFL he has it all he just needed to work on his throwing motion a little. And if you can throw 316 yards than you can play in the NFL period. WE WILL MISS YOU TEBOW

  • Alex

    11 – 5 (maximum). It would be shorter to point out the losses,

    HOME GAMES: Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)

    ROAD GAMES: Baltimore Ravens (12-4), Cincinnati Bengals (9-7), New England Patriots (13-3), Atlanta Falcons (10-6), Carolina Panthers (6-10).

  • Sweetness and light

    Spliting KC and Oakland??? Am I missing something? Did Tom Brady just sign with the Raiders, or did the Cheeps just pick up Drew Brees?
    Denver will dominate the AFC West, and the AFC in general.

  • Realdaddy67

    Denver has great days ahead, but relax people it will take time for this team to gell!  I will be happy if we start 4-4!  We are building and have a peyton so players are actually wanting to sign with us now.  I think we will make the playoffs but  2013 will be the real start to an elite team!

  • Mymom67

    too bad he is gone and sucks





  • Foltze 81

    Super bowl time, muthafuka

  • DonkeyDoubter18

    HA HA, Manning will play one game, get knocked on his ass due to Denvers shitty D, take his ball & go home with denvers $$ GG, denver dipshits

  • MWlyfestyle

    why ya gotta be a dick? Peyton wouldn’t play if he wasn’t 100% & as frustrated as I am with Denver’s poor performance, I still don’t need some jagoff running his mouth. get f**ked kthx

  • Abba Eban

    One word why the Broncos will loss in 2012. Raiders!

  • Justout80

    Haha sorry A$$ denver fan

  • DenverSucks

    denver fans are so unrealistic