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Published on 12/31/2011 at Sat Dec 31 15:06.
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Towards the end of November, LandlockedPioneers came out with a hilarious video spoof of quarterback Kyle Orton bidding farewell to Denver.  With Orton set to return to Denver tomorrow, they’ve come out with another video:

Dig it or disgust it, you cannot deny that he does somewhat resemble Orton, albeit not a twin-brother resemblance.

  • Cdub12344322

    Im really hoping he doesn’t come hard I hope Von eats em up and spits him out! Von put his face for everygame you and the d played yo heart out and he just gave you a half-@$$ effort!!!!

    Happy new years eve and new years broncs

  • Dante Pakistan

    Oh shit, Kyle Orton’s revenge!

  • Anonymous

    D-Will will be watching over the secondary today, Orton is going to have a rough afternoon

  • Dan

    Does anyone have the online link for the game?

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