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Published on 12/29/2011 at Thu Dec 29 09:10.
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  • There have been clear skies in Denver for most of the season. (Image courtesy of @Denver_Broncos)

    The Broncos game against the Chiefs this weekend will be broadcast on CBS across most of the country.  []

  • Weather Forecast for the game on Sunday is sunny with highs in the upper 40s.  [@SportsAuthorityField]
  • If quarterback Tim Tebow​ is the most important player for the Broncos’ offense, running back Willis McGahee can’t be far behind on the list.  [Denver Post]
  • You can read about my experience in Buffalo last weekend over at the Bronco Planet blog.  [Bronco Planet]
  • The Broncos have been in this situation three times since 2008: 8-6 with a win needed to lock up the AFC West.  They finished 8-8 all three times.  This year, Denver is aiming to finish strong.  [Denver Post]
  • On Sunday in Denver, two of the AFC’s top rushers — Von Miller and Kansas City’s Tamba Hali — will face off a month before playing as teammates in the NFL’s Annual All-Star Game in January.  [Broncos Zone]
  • If the Broncos win this week against Kansas City, they’ll clinch the AFC West and their first post-season appearance since the 2005 season.  [Fact]
  • Dolphins’ Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long has been placed on the team’s injured reserve list with torn right biceps, ending his season.  If Long is not able to play in the Pro Bowl (which is likely), Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady would take his place as a first alternate.  [Washington Post]
  • areferee

    Like our team themselves, BroncoTalk has had an amazing year!

    My thanks to our Quarterback Kyle Montgomery and to all the starting lineup for a great season.  May we begin the new year in victory over Kansas City and propel the team and the blog into the playoffs… “whoda thunk it?”

    Happy New Year to the BT staff and all of the contributors for an interesting year.  Write on, Brothers and Sisters!

  • Anonymous

    I will echo those sentiments. You da man ref!

  • 12508

    Cant wait for the draft. Wonder what we will do? Defense,Rb,and more defense!!!

  • Noskills07

    Read that tebow article in sports illustrated finally but what was also interesting in that magazine was an article about how quick teams can turn around and become champions… IDK what it is, but Im sticking to my first insane guess and say broncos vs giants in the superbowl.. who wins I have no idea. Back to turning things around, go back to the Rams and Kurt Warner… 4-12 one season the next season? Superbowl champs… what was are record last year lol goodtimes. I will be at the game anybody that really wants to tailgate hit me uyp 602 810 8577 I WAS BORN BLEEDING ORANGE N BLUE

  • Anonymous

    Wow Jon I had no idea you were so young.  You write exceptionally well for someone your age.  I think you have a bright future in sports journalism.  Keep up the good work man

  • areferee

    OMG… Jon gives me the hope for sports journalists that Merrill Hoge, Skip Bayless and others have plundered.

  • Anonymous

    Making the trip from KC to see the Broncos beat the Chiefs and make the playoffs! Cannot wait!

  • Anonymous

    Jon you rock buddy, keep up the great work and living your dream, you’re an inspiration!

  • DepressedSF

    Hey broncotalk. I like your website and check it a few times a week, but how about getting a new banner? Do I keep having to look at pics of Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder?

  • Jon

    I believe Kyle is not only working on a new banner, but re-designing the entire website…

  • Jon

    Appreciate it!

  • Jon

    Thanks, Jim!  My profile picture never gave it away?

  • Anonymous

    Great experience Jon, thanks for sharing.

    Don’t let Monty change the site too much as this is the best site out there IMO.  Remember, sometimes better is the enemy of good.

  • Anonymous

    I work at a ski resort so I see people in their 40’s hucking their meat on a daily basis.  Old people like to catch air too!

  • Jon

    LOL! What resort do you work out?

  • Anonymous

    I work at Monarch, its a little mountain you have probably never heard of

  • Jon

    Sometime when I’m in the area I’ll have to go there.  I love skiing!