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Published on 12/28/2011 at Wed Dec 28 20:08.
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Buffalo Bills' Spencer Johnson (91) intercepts a pass by Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow (15) during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game in Orchard Park, N.Y., Saturday, Dec. 24, 2011. Johnson scored a touchdown on the play. The Bills won 40-14. (AP Photo/David Duprey)

Broncos second-year quarterback Tim Tebow had a rough game last Saturday in Buffalo.  In fact, Tebow probably wishes the game had never happened.

According to the NFL statisticians, one of Tebow’s four interceptions on Saturday never happened.  Rather, the play has correctly been ruled a fumble, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Tebow was whacked from behind on the arm by Bills linebacker Chris Kelsay. The ball popped straight in the air and was nabbed by Spencer Larsen (sic) who ran it in for a touchdown.

After further review, the NFL stat men ruled the play should have been ruled a fumble.

When Klis refers to Broncos fullback Spencer Larsen, he was attempting to write Spencer Johnson — it’s a relief that I’m not the only typo-infested writer covering the Broncos.  Tebow now has 12 passing touchdowns on the season against five interceptions and a passer rating of 77.9.

Meanwhile, the Broncos held their last full-padded practice of the regular season on Wednesday.  Safety Brian Dawkins was held out of practice with a lingering neck injury, Quinton Carter fully participated and fellow defensive backs David Bruton and Chris Harris were limited.

  • Anonymous

    I knew God would intervene on this! 

    p.s. that was a joke!

  • Charles Hubbard

    “I let Tim Tebow know that he would be honored by God if he quit promoting the company named in honor of the pagan goddess NIKE.He talks about being a role model… but I want a role model that honors God above every god… a role model that wants nothing to do with the goddess NIKE that Satan has come up with to take honor away from God.Tim Tebow should honor God and watch his game improve.I asked God if He wanted me to share that above information online… I was led to go to the Bible… put down my pen without looking to get an answer from God… it was touching two words “spread rapidly””

  • King

    I’ll say one thing.  There have been some weird/stupid calls made by the refs since Tebow took over.  First there was the non-fumble in Minnesota.  Last time I read the rule book, the ground cannot cause a fumble, yet we were charged with one.  Then of course the “int” being called correctly by the NFL 4 days later. 

    Forget about all the times our QB has been roughed up (2 busted lips) and not called.  It took the Broncos front office to send a note to the NFL to get the Raider fined for his hit later in the week. 

    A 15 yard penalty with a first down can be a game changer momentum-wise. 

  • Anonymous

    Would someone please ban this Hubbard’s ip address.