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Published on 12/24/2011 at Sat Dec 24 10:55.
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All I want for Christmas is the AFC West… come chat about the game here! GO BRONCOS!!

  • Leebert

    Quincy Carter is the laziest and worst safety in the League. Won’t/Can’t tackle or cover and never gives 100%!

  • Bryan

    Here we go again.

    A team that needed to win WHOOPED by a team with nothing to lose. Back to back games the defense needed to show up and were no where to be found. Eric Decker can NOT catch. And another game that forced the pass to beat them. Another mediocre season.

    This team has no business in the playoffs.

  • sundayplayer

    Let Tebow play His game, not what all the “so-called” experts
    think that he should do. HIs game is running then pass. Not pass n run.

  • Fire Man

    It’s time Elway starts looking to draft a quarter back or get a free agent because Tebow cant throw the ball.