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Published on 12/21/2011 at Wed Dec 21 10:00.
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Denver Broncos

Did Sunday’s loss to the Patriots — the Broncos’ first loss since October — knock them out of the Top 10? Let’s find out… let us know where you’d rank the Broncos with a vote in the poll.

ESPN: 11th (9) The Broncos are not on par with the Patriots, but they still rank as the best of the AFC West and a playoff team.

FOX: 10th (8) Tim Tebow was given a lesson in excellent QB play by none other than Tom Brady on Sunday, but Tebow held up in his own right. The Broncos were able to accumulate 252 yards rushing, but if you fumble the ball three times and give up 41 points on defense, you aren’t going to win too many games.

CBS: 10th (9) If they win their last two games, they win the AFC West. But they found out just what happens when they face a team with an offense like the Patriots.

National Football Post: 13th (8) Can Tebow and the Broncos win games vs. the elite QBs in the NFL?

Walter Football: 7th (13)

Editor’s note: this guy’s Broncos bits get wackier every week.

Denver’s loss to New England made many people happy. John Kreese Elway for one. Johnny Lawrence Fox was another. And then there were all the dumb, former players on ESPN who have been wrong about Tim Tebow all along.

I am fair though, so I sat down with Merril Hoge for an interview to let him state his thoughts on Tebow:

Me: Hey Merril, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Merril Hoge: My pleasure.

Me: Tim Tebow finally lost. Was this what you expected?

Merril Hoge: It’s just what I’ve been saying all along, Walt. Tim Tebow cannot throw in the National Football League.

Me: I thought he actually threw pretty well Sunday, but his pass protection was abysmal. Agree or disagree?

Merril Hoge: Disagree. The Broncos threw it too many times. They needed to hand the ball off to the factor back! The factor back!

Me: But they were trailing after those three fumbles, plus Willis McGahee got hurt. They couldn’t exactly run the ball.

Merril Hoge: You can always run the ball with the factor back. That’s why he’s the factor back! Factor back!

Me: But you need to throw when you’re way behind…

Merril Hoge: Factor back! Factor back! Factor back!

Me: Are we going to have a conversation here, or are you going to continue to yell incoherently?

Merril Hoge: Factor back… Factor back! FACTOR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Ugh, OK, I’m going to end this conver… whoa, what the f*** is that!? ***

Suddenly, a 50-foot, 10-ton monstrous demon breaks through the ground ***

Monstrous Demon: RAWWWRRRR I AM FACTOR BACK!!!!!

Me: What the hell? I thought a factor back was a position on the football field; not some monster!

Merril Hoge: Factor Back! Factor Back!!! FACTOR BACK!!!


Me: Good God. Only Tim Tebow can save humanity now.

The Computers

USA Today Covers: 12th (15) Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule.

WhatIfSports: 22nd (21) utilizes its football simulation to rank all 32 NFL teams. To come up with the rankings, each team plays every other team 10,000 times

Where would you rank the Broncos heading into Week 16?

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  • Anonymous

    Power Rankings are fun but they are a complete joke. These guys freak out so much from week to week. Talk about a bunch of band wagoners lol. Next week when the Broncos win, they will jump back up 4 or 5 spots.

    How the hell do the Titans lose 7 spots in 1 week? Because they had 1 crap game they are suddenly 7 spots easier to beat? lol joke.

  • crazykid

    I especially like how the computers poll moved us up 3 spots from last week after we lost

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I don’t know who is “actually” a bigger idiot; this guy or Merril Hoge?

    Yeah power rankings are so subjective to generally crap opinions, and as you say Trog “bandwagoners”, its not even funny. Sure its kinda fun to see your team rise in them at times but they really don’t mean a dang thing when it comes right down to it!!!

  • Mike Birtwistle

    I like power rankings.  They’re a bit of fun and its nice to see where people think teams fit, especially because everyone doesn’t play everyone! 

    Although can you imagine if these power rankings were what decided the play offs????  You’d have to be nuts to implement a system that picked, say, the superbowl participants like that.

  • areferee

    Private Message to Merrill Hoge: