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Published on 12/17/2011 at Sat Dec 17 17:55.
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On Friday evening, I was looking at the Broncos depth chart and saw that quarterback Tim Tebow weighs 235 pounds these days.  That’s notable because (a) he has lost weight since his rookie season (236) and (b), he’s a big quarterback.

According to, Tebow at one time bench pressed 480 pounds.

So I did some research to find:

  • Denver’s starting quarterback (Tebow) weighs as much as their starting running back (Willis McGahee).
  • Among Denver’s offensive skill players, only the teams two fullbacks and four tight ends weigh more than Tebow.
  • Of the 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, Tebow outweighs all but five of them (Carson Palmer [235], Ben Roethlisberger [241], Joe Flacco [245], Cam Newton [248],  and Josh Freeman [248]).
  • In 2005, Tebow — ten pounds lighter than he is today — played defensive tackle in the closing minutes of a High School State Championship, helping Nease defeat Armwood by a score of 44-to-37.
  • Tebow outweighs Patriots quarterback Tom Brady by a good eleven pounds, but he doesn’t have a model girlfriend.
  • Tebow’s teammates say he benches in the “mid-400’s,” which is impressive.

Needless to say, Tebow is one big, strong dude.  Consider this your daily Tebow update.

  • Strawdog

    Benches in the mid-400s?  Umm…wow…that explains some of those stiff arms, shed tackles, and two yards when you absolutely gotta have them.       

  • Anonymous

    Wow… You guys will find anything to write about Tebow…LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    To put in in perspective, you can figure about 10 pounds of body weight per inch of height. Yes that’s a very rough estimate but it’s a decent ball park figure.

    Tebow is 6.26 feet tall. If Tebow was the same height as Cam Newton (6.5) then that would put him at roughly 260 pounds

  • areferee

    Math Police:  At 10 pounds per inch, that means Tebow should weigh 746 pounds.  Recalculate or give up cookies!

  • areferee

    Not sure what happened, but blame me for that post!

  • Anonymous

    lol No it doesn’t work for someones full height starting from inch 1. A 1 inch person can’t weigh 10 pounds lmao.

  • detcity

    a 1 inch person who weighs 10 pounds is known as a CHODE….i cant stop laughing at this response

  • Mike Birtwistle

    2 x body weight on a bench press is pretty impressive.  But what is more impressive is to be able to carry that weight at the speed he does and move with that level of agility.  That is what makes him a physical freak of nature

  • Jrewtl

    I’ve watched Tim since he was a Freshman at Florida.  I think he slimmed down to 236 for the NFL Combine in early ’10 but he is really 250+

  • Jon

    lol, I just saw that him and McGahee weighed the same and I thought that was interesting because when do you see a QB weigh as much as a RB…

  • Jon

    Team has him listed as 235.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I figured it was something like that Jon and you are right, its very interesting. Like many say, a FB playing QB. Clearly there have been other QB’s that weigh more but he is a big kid for sure!

  • Anonymous

    Chode… As in Choda Boy…LMAO

  • King

    Tebow’s brother has recently stated he is 255.  If you look at his footage from his senior year at Florida, he is a lot bigger now than he was then. 

    NFL teams have been known to embellish a little when it comes to players’ weight. 

  • Jon

    I would have thought though that teams would say a player weighed a little more than he really did, bot 20 pounds less…

    But when it comes to a QB, maybe that’s not the case.  At any rate, a 4.71 forty time is not bad for a 235-255 pound dude.

  • G.scott

    I must admit I have not followed Pro FB since Mcmahon(probably mispelled) was intentionally hurt and put out of the game(Bears). I have paid very close attention to college and think that Tebow getting is getting the short end when it comes to his passing ability. He is no Elway for sure but you need to pay better attention to his receivers “not” catching the ball when it is put exactly where it is suppose to be and goes right through their hands. Work on the receivers along with doing more in the flats and you might be surprised!! I must say I am a die hard AL fan and that Tim has me interested in Pro Ball again. It might not hurt if Elway got down off of his high horse and actually helped Tim. He would not be disapointed. 

  • Janet Elway

    It’s funny that whenever the bronco’s play a good team they lose. Look at the sad teams they have won against — all losers. Tebow has no QB skills at all. He would be better as a running back.