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Published on 12/15/2011 at Thu Dec 15 16:32.
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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick watches during an NFL preseason football game against the Detroit Lions in Detroit, Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Thirty-three years ago, before Bill Belichick was a head coach — or even a defensive coordinator — he was roaming the sidelines in Denver as a defensive assistant coach.

Belichick spent one year of his coaching career with the Broncos in 1978, before climbing the coaching ranks for twenty-two years.  Ultimately becoming New England‘s head coach in 2000, Belichick has emerged as one of the most respected coaches in the league.

In his career, Belichick has faced the Broncos nine times, going 3-6 in those games.  When the Patriots come to Denver on Sunday, it will mark the tenth meetings between the two clubs since 2000.

“Denver’s an impressive team, [they’ve] been doing a great job. John Fox has them playing really well, they have a lot of confidence,” Belichick said on Wednesday.  “They’ve made a lot of key plays at critical times to win a lot of games.”

Speaking of coaches, there is a growing belief that Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen will be a head coach somewhere in the NFL within the next few seasons.

Last season, Denver’s defense recorded 23 sacks (32nd), ten interceptions (30th) and ranked 32nd in total yards allowed.  This year, the defense has recorded 37 sacks (4th), nine interceptions (25th) and ranks 23rd in total yards allowed.

Fox has also been in the Coach of the Year discussion this season.  If Fox and McCoy reach as many Super Bowls in Denver as Belichick has in New England, Bronco fans will be extremely fortunate.

  • Anonymous

    Dear rest of the NFL,
    Please, keep your grubby hands off our defensive coordinator this coming off-season.  Seriously.  We NEVER get to have the same guy two seasons in a row!  Isn’t there some bylaw or something we can use to block his leaving?  Okay, here’s the deal: if you promise not to try to hire him away, we’ll have Tebow say three specific, detailed prayers on your behalf, with requests of your choosing, as long as you don’t ask for hookers or blow or unlimited prayer requests or anything dumb like that.  Deal? 
    Bronco Nation

  • Orange and Blue Wrecking Crew

    We are Broncos Country not NATION

  • TD30ismvp

    Those of us that are displaced fans refer to ourselves as Bronco Nation since we can’t actually be in Bronco Country…