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Published on 12/06/2011 at Tue Dec 06 08:18.
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  • How influential is a quarterback’s upbringing to his success at the NFL level? Jason Whitlock discusses the influence Pam and Bob Tebow had on their son Tim, and how his mental and emotional makeup (combined with his physical talents) “raise the real possibility that Tebow is the athletic-freak quarterback an NFL franchise should embrace with a revolutionary offensive approach.” [Fox Sports]
  • Brian Griese admits he had a hard time dealing with his critics in Denver, a product of his introverted nature related to the loss of his mother at the age of 12. He runs Judi’s House in her honor.  [NBC9 Denver]
  • Broncos players are taking their playoff push very seriously. [Denver Post]
  • Von Miller had a hard time watching from the sidelines Sunday. [MaxDenver]
  • A deployed soldier is asking for your vote to watch the Broncos this weekend. [First and Orange]
  • Britton Colquitt has a sense of humor. [First and Orange]