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Published on 12/05/2011 at Mon Dec 05 12:09.
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Jared Allen and Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos looks to pass the ball against the Minnesota Vikings at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on December 4, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Adam Bettcher /Getty Images)

His wind-up is long and mechanically atrocious. He can’t hit the broad side of a barn (or, more accurately, he couldn’t). His completion percentage couldn’t pass a course on any grading curve (or, more accurately, it couldn’t a week ago).

None of that matters. Tim Tebow has entered the NFL Most Valuable Player discussion.

Frankly, he’s the frontrunner in the AFC.  For our money, only Aaron Rodgers should stand above Tebow in the “valuable” department. And that’s only right now.

Give Tim Tebow another four weeks and he may be the unquestioned choice.

Indeed, there’s a realistic chance The Mile High Miracle Man will walk away with the league’s most coveted player award. When you define “valuable” in the context of replacing a player with another on the team, no team in the NFL has a case study quite like the Broncos do with Tebow. They were 1-4 without him. They’re 6-1 with him.

The schedule favors the trend to continue. The Broncos will host three of their four remaining games at home. Three of their four opponents are currently reeling — the Bears, Bills and Chiefs. It’s dare-we-say likely that the Broncos will finish 3-1 or better down the stretch.

That would mark a winning percentage difference from .200 to .818 by one personnel move. It’s hard to argue a difference like that.

Rodgers is the NFL’s best player, but the loaded Packers would still likely finish 8-8 or better with another quarterback. Tebow is the NFL’s most valuable.

  • Jasonbowker

    While I am an avid Bronco fan, there is NO WAY Tebow deserves to be MVP of the league. He has definitely improved over the last month, but he isn’t even the MVP of his own team…Von Miller is.

  • Rob Bronco

    I couldn’t agree more.  TT is playing consistent football.  He’s not turning over the ball and he’s not making critical mistakes that the Broncos cannot overcome.  However, the team is enjoying its success because of a revamped Defense including ROY candidate Von Miller.  Over the past several weeks the defense has put the team in position to win (as demonstrated by Goodman’s INT yesterday).  Tebow has done was a good QB should do – he’s playing smart with the football and he plays with passion until the last snap.

  • Wyofred

    I look forward each week to watch Tebow and the Broncos, to see how they are going to win.  But I agree with jasonbowker, he’s no where close to being league MVP.  But I understand the question, an MVP is a player he is able to raise himself and his team up and makes a big contribution to the teams winning ways.  Tebow has done that, but more by just him being on the field and the leadership he provides, not by his performance.  He is getting better each week, yesterday was proof of that.  But the team overall has improved at the same time Tebow has.  Maybe someday Tebow may get to the point to be considered league MVP (2012?), but not this year.  And if Von Miller doesn’t get rookie of the year, voters will show their bias against the Broncos.  Suh was rookie of the year last year, and Miller, assuming he stays healthy the last 4 games, will out perform Suh’s 1st year stats.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously?  No, no way, no how…everyone to a man speaks to a team win, playing all three phases.  Tebow is a spark, the team knows that unlike with Orton, Tebow is not going to give up.  This team is rolling and really pulling together but in the end we are rebuilding…maybe we don’t need as many parts as originally thought.

  • Darwin

    Tebow for league MVP is ridiculous! It is a nice story, so far, but Von Miller is the best player on the team.  Look how many points they gave up yesterday without him.  I like both of them and they seem to really like and respect each other.  Both of these players add energy and leadership to the team.  You can see it and sense it.  While Tebow may or may not have a great career I don’t think there is any question that Von Miller will be an All-Pro.

  • Dakota Fan

    I disagree with the argument as well, but i’m a glass half full guy and can see where the idea comes from. Non-Broncos fans who are now sitting up and taking notice of the hottest team in the league see one high profile name (Tim somebody, I forget) and give him complete credit for the team’s turnaround. Even if he’s not the sole reason, he’s being given credit for turning it around.

    Thirty-three years of watching this team has made me a pessimist, wondering if/when this ride will end, but I love it and I love being a Broncos fan.


  • Josh Temple

    Unfortunately NFL MVP has never been most valuable to his team, it’s who puts up the best stats and wins by the end of the season.  Either way, I still think Brees ranks up there as MVP, maybe even higher than Rodgers.    

  • Tom9798

    Kyle, that’s a very interesting perspective.  I believe Von Miller to be ROY.  But we could have six VM’s on defense with Kyle Orton at QB, and be 1-11.
    A few weeks ago I posted something about déjà vu, and I’m feeling it even stronger now.
    In 1997, we had to face the favored defending SuperBowl Green Bay Packers and Brett Farve, and the similarities of our present day team, are becoming ever more apparent.
    We have the youngest offensive line in the league; yet, their improvement over the last few weeks is profound.  If they can stay healthy and play together a few years, we will have a solid core to work from.
    The improvement of the defensive line and our linebackers cannot be overlooked; their speed and aggressive play has become very impressive.
    We have a lot of improvement to do in certain areas.  But there is no mistaking that there is something very special happening in BroncoNation; and there is one guy who is responsible, but would never take any credit for the 6-1 record.

  • Jon

    +1. Might I add that I think New Orleans could knock Green Bay out of the playoffs in 2012.

  • areferee

    OK.  How about Most Valuable Spark!  :-)

  • NMBronc


  • virginiabronco

    So, who gets the MVP vote? Why would Bronco fans be so quick to condemn the Tebow choice?  Did anyone actually believe we would be talking playoffs 5 weeks ago?  Is there another team that has turned around their season so quickly with the insertion of a new QB? (yes I know all about the defense but we didn’t change personnel on the defense side). What changed?  Ball control and cut the turnovers.  New QB.  Is there another QB over the same period with fewer turnovers?  Is there another a QB that has taken an offense and turned it around so quickly?  Number one rushing defense in the NFL is what I read.  And how many touchdowns has he rushed or passed since taking over?
    So why not have Tebow in the conversation?  If you don’t think he is worthy of consideration, then what is your definition of an MVP?

    And one more comment, this idea that he can’t “hit the broad side of a barn” simply needs to stop.  He has made some very clutch passes when he needed to during these past weeks.  10 – 15 this week with a couple of those that should have been caught.  Who does this guy have to rely on as accomplished and experienced WR’s or TE’s?  Had we heard of any of these guys before TEbow took over? 

    Yes, I am not embarrassed to admit I believe he is worthy of discussion.  Ask yourself honestly, what is our record without Tebow as QB?  Don’t know you say, look at last season or the first 5 games of this season for a clue.

    Ride this guy as long as we can and respect the fact that he is improving each week.  Yes, Tebow deserves MVP consideration.

  • virginiabronco

    Even more reason to consider how valuable Tebow is if not MVP certainly a team MVP.  Could we have won without TEbow yesterday?  We did win without VM. I do agree that VM should get rookie of the year honors.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Tebow and Von Miller do not win any awards.  I hope no Broncos make it to the pro bowl.  All these awards do is give the players agents more bargaining power come contract time.   I hope the media keeps over-looking the Broncos,   it is the best thing for the team

  • virginiabronco

    I am with you Jim.  The only award I care about is the vince lombardi trophy but since the discussion is out there I just can’t understand why we wouldn’t support this guy as fans of the team.  My only point is he is worthy of discussion. Let’s see how it all turns out.

  • Monty

    Well that’s certainly not happening anymore.

  • Monty

    For what it’s worth, I’m not the only one.

    (This columnist from MSN/Fox posted a few hours before me. Damn.)

  • Anonymous

    I mostly agree with you, however we don’t win 2 of those games with Orton at QB. Tebow did however just win without Miller.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with you monty, but I hope he does not win it!

  • Strawdog

    He’s our team’s QB and leader.  He has taken us from 1-4 to 7-5 and first place in the AFC West.  He has made the Broncos the talk of the nation. He has made Sundays fun again. He has made us matter.  Hell yes he’s my MVP.

  • Joel

    Tebow knows how to manage a game and win, and he had 14 out of 15 PERFECT passes, yet he can’t hit a barn?  Wow, really?  Now I know he is not the most amazing passer in history but if you can’t see he is good and has potential to be great then you just don’t know football or you have some bias hatred toward him for some reason.  That man is blessed by Jesus and even if he doesn’t win anymore games this season He has made Jesus more famous in America and has been used by God to touch so many people in this life by his testimony and what really matters more?  Nothing.  Go Broncos and go Gators.

  • Bryan

    Off topic..but the final away game..vs the Bills Dec 24th.  I have tickets for that..45 yard line..18 rows off the field. Woot!  Can’t wait!!

  • Braden

    Aaron Rogers is a shoe in

  • Anonymous

    Completly agree Jon!

  • Rasel Nett

    Comment on Tebow for MVP at

  • Strawdog

    Enjoy Bryan!  Wear our colors!!

  • Anonymous

    How about Peyton Manning?  By not playing he has demonstrated just how valuable he was to the Colts.

  • Anthony

    What he said

  • Anthony

    funny but true

  • Anonymous

    That Colts team probably wouldn’t win 8 games even with Manning. It’s quality of players has been going downhill for years now. Take a look at their last 5 or 6 drafts. It’s seriously pathetic. Even worse than ours! :)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry pal only John Elway and Billy Graham could make a stadium full of people stand up and yell “Jesus Christ”.

  • Anonymous

    Except the 97 Broncos put up close to 30 points a game.

  • King

    Point total only matters if your defense can’t hold the other team.  Makes no difference if you score 10,15,20, or 100. 

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a point to make?  Did you actually read what I was responding to?  Obviously the 97 Broncos’ defense was capable of holding their opponents.  The fact is the 97 Broncos put up close to 30 points a game and the 11 Broncos are putting up closer to 20 points per game.  Go back and read the original comment then spend the rest of the season thinking.

  • NFL Hats

    His completion percentage couldn’t pass a course on any grading curve