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Published on 11/28/2011 at Mon Nov 28 14:08.
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Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos warms-up against the San Diego Chargers during their NFL Game on November 27, 2011 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Since he watched two of his turnovers returned for touchdowns in a 45-10 blowout loss against the Detroit Lions in Week 8, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been spotless in the turnover category.

Over the past four weeks, Tebow has scored six touchdowns and thrown zero interceptions, being sacked just three times.  Additionally, it appears that Tebow has — although just slightly — improved as a passing quarterback.

On Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, Tebow was 9-of-18 (50% completion percentage) for 143 yards and a beautiful 18-yard touchdown pass to receiver Eric Decker.  The fact that Tebow properly set his feet and was throwing from the pocket on the score makes it all the more encouraging.

The Broncos offense has been on a roll in recent weeks, running teams into the ground.  Denver ranks first in the league in rushing and with Tebow showing improvement as a passer, the offense has been able to do just enough to win four consecutive games through the month of November.

Veteran running back Willis McGahee notched his fifth 100-yard rushing performance of the year on Sunday, when he rushed 23 times for 117 yards.  McGahee is on pace to rush for 1,240 yards this season — which would be the first time in six years that a Broncos running back has topped the 1,000 yard mark in a single season.

Complementing Denver’s clock and field position dominating offense and special teams is the Broncos defense, which has allowed an average of just 15 points a game over the past four weeks.  Defensive end Elvis Dumervil and outside linebacker Von Miller have recorded 7.5 combined sacks in the same time period.

Winning games by showing improvement in all three phases of the game (offense, defense and special teams) each week is a proven formula for success in the NFL.  The question is, how far can these Broncos go?

  • Darwin

    The question becomes what is Tebow’s top end for passing and can he be consistent?  Can he have a 60 percent completion average and can the team average 25-28 points per game with him as the QB?  When you look at the top teams (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, NE, New Orleans, Green Bay etc.) they all can answer yes to these questions.
    Defense and running the ball are important but when you look at the top teams they all have franchise QBs. Not all the above teams have top defenses or running games.

  • Anonymous

    Tebow brings a lot to the table. If he can average 55% we should be flying!

    Flacco only has a 56% completion percentage and he throws a billion bubble screens to Rice

  • Jon

    In 2003, the Carolina Panthers averaged 20.3 points per game, their quarterback completed 59.2% of his passes and Stephen Davis rushed for 1,444 yards.  The team finished 11-5 and went to the Super Bowl.

    In six games Tim Tebow has started this season, the Broncos have averaged 26.0 points per game, Tebow has nearly completed 50% of his passes and the team has rushed for 1,248 yards.

  • Jon

    Also of note, in 2003 Jake Delhomme turned the ball over 29 times.  Tebow has one interception and one fumble lost this year (albeit in fewer games).  Tebow has done a great job of protecting the football.

  • flbronc

    I come up with 19.3 as our average since TT took over.  We have scored (in order from Miami on) 18, 10, 38, 17, 17, 16. 

    If we could bring that average to 26 we’d be golden.

    TT is getting better but his average is still only 47.1%.  If he can get that to 55ish we might be in that 26 point range (it’s only one td more than we currently average).

  • Anonymous

    I look at Sunday’s stat line and give Tebow two bonus completions for the two crappy flat-out drops on third down I saw.  That brings him to 11 of 18, not to mention that if those had been completed there might have been a willingness to try more short passing on third downs and more opportunity for Tebow.  He ain’t perfect by a long ways, but if continues this trajectory, the team will be happy to have him as a franchise quarterback. 
    I don’t think fans are entitled to ask for anything more than a steady upward trajectory, which is what he’s shown.  If he can get to 60% we’ll all be beside ourselves with joy. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s a very important point.  Only 2 turnovers in 5 games is phenomenal for a young QB.  I think some of his errant throws are because he doesn’t want to turn it over.  I really think that as he calms down, gets to know his receivers and the games slows down a little for him that he will easily get to the high 50’s on a consistent basis.  If he can do that and keep from turning it over I will be more than pleased.  

  • Tom9798

    When we were 1-4, there was zero spirit in BroncoNation.  Zip, zilch, nada.
    How many folks thought we’d be 6-5 after eleven games?  Zip, zilch, nada.
    Josh McDaniel’s did only one thing right; he traded up in the draft to get TT.
    I’m sure he know’s now, as does BroncoNation, just how important that was.
    I’m thrilled that TT is a Bronco, and not on any other team.

  • areferee

    Tebow will win EVERYONE over eventually.  He has the heart, the humility and the drive to be everything that he expects of himself…and that’s quite a lot.  He has already won over many that never thought they would support him.

    Eventually even those that hate him only because of his personal beliefs will have to sit back and say:  “Damn!  He really is a good quarterback”.

    It will take time, hard work, determination and an unbridled spirit to do it.  That’s exactly why he’ll get it done.  And we get to be with him while he does it.  It’s good to be a Bronco!

  • Anonymous

    19 points per game not 26.

  • Anonymous

    I would settled for 60% 3rd down conversions over passing.

  • Anonymous

    That almost brought a tear to my eye! 

  • Jon

    You are correct, got my numbers mixed up there.

  • Anonymous

    Actually only avg 19.3 points per game.  Not to be a Debbie downer or anything, but thought I would point that out. =)

  • Anonymous

    oops guess i should of read on.  sorry for dup post. 

  • Anonymous

    For sure improving and thats a good sign. I caught the John Elway show this evening and whether one likes it or not I’m betting that TT will be the starter again next year. So I for sure hope the improvement grows…

    Nope he didn’t say he would be or anything of the sort but the tune there is for sure changing from not saying he is his guy. If any QB is drafted I’m betting it will be in the 4th or later! And I’m hoping we give the Weber Kid a good shot at making the roster.

  • CJ

    i was surprised they didn’t activate Weber after the Orton cut

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on Weber, he has a lot of potential (I caught a few of his games in college). It takes a few years to develop a QB anyway so we might as well start with Tebow and Weber and see where it goes while we get the rest of the squad in place.

    If Sanchez can lead a team to two straight AFC Conf Championships, lord knows Tebow can with solid talent around him.

  • flbronc

    it tebow is your guy, you need to get a backup with similar skill set.  who can run the same type read offense.  those guys typically aren’t going at the top of the draft. 

    i think if tebow wins 2-3 more games he locks down the job next year and we don’t grab a qb early.  and i do think we’ll win at least two more.

  • Anonymous

    I am also very surprised they didn’t activate Weber.  When Fox was asked about it during his daily presser all he said was “that was our decision”.  Hummm.

    Have not seen much of him at all.  From what you guys have seen is he capable of running a Tebow type offense?  If not, that could be the reason.

  • Anonymous


    Okay folks we are now entering the proving zone.  It still pains me how much all of us were deceived when McD won his first SIX games.  We all know what happened after that.

    TT is 5-1 after SIX and now we wait to see what’s next.  I am still hesitant to jump on the bang wagon because of the indelible stain left on my memory from 2009.

    So I want to see what happens over the next five games.  If he and the team continue to improve and can take three of the next five, then I’m all in.

    SIX is the turning point one way or the other.

  • Anonymous

    Only 2 of those wins against teams with winning records.  Not the fault of the Broncos of course but it is what it is.  Bears, Patsies then Bills will be the big test.

  • MeOMy

    We could of got him in the second round! But then again I’m sure the picks we could have saved in waiting would have been wasted anyways.

  • Tom9798

    You might be right, but I doubt it.  McD knew two other teams were very interested, and one of them was the Patriots.

    No way he was letting N.E. take him.  Smart decision.

  • King

    Merrill, is that you? 

  • 12508

    If the defense is going to play like this we can win with Tebow. That’s a big if. We would have to agree that we need to add a few more players on the defensive side of the ball. At this point it looks like we don’t have a choice. Tebow has won enough games to save his job.
    1. I would draft defense. 2. Get rid of Moreno. 3. Get Willis help in the backfield maybe Cedric Benson or Hillis. 4. Get a TE with skill Finley,Davis, or Cooley.
    Nothing wrong with winning on defense.