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Published on 11/27/2011 at Sun Nov 27 18:24.
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Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos passes the ball to Runningback Willis McGahee #23 against the San Diego Chargers during their NFL Game on November 27, 2011 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. (Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

At this point, the ability for Tim Tebow to construct a fourth quarter game-winning drive isn’t the thing of legend; it’s trivial.

You know the Denver Broncos quarterback is going to put his team in a position to win the game. It’s only a matter of time.

But with minutes remaining in overtime, even Broncos fans had their doubts: there was no time left. And there Tebow stood, another stretch of football field to traverse, where a handful of drives in the fourth quarter and overtime had fallen short. Had the magic run out?

Maybe it did. Maybe the Broncos’ defense had to supply some magic of their own. Their clutch play through five periods of football deserves more praise than any one player alone. Maybe Willis McGahee, newly-named team captain, decided to put the team on his shoulders. Because after San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak missed a game-winning 53-yard field goal attempt, it was McGahee’s 24-yard run that put the Broncos in position to win. Matt Prater sealed the deal to topple the Chargers in San Diego, 16-13.

Give Tebow credit for the ability to tie the game late in the fourth quarter all the same.

The defense was dominant: Philip Rivers was held to 188 passing yards and a dismal 77.1 passer rating. Tebow, for a change, had a decent day of passing. He went 9 of 18 for 143 yards and a 95.4 passer rating.

The Broncos move to 6-5 and remain a game back in the AFC West. The Chargers, losers of six straight, fall to 4-7.

  • Anthony

    Go Broncos!

  • Anonymous

    Tebow actually looked pretty good today. Most of his passes were really sharp. The missed PI call on Decker was costly because that was a very well thrown ball that Decker would have probably came up with.

    The coaches have to let go and let the kid throw. The Bronco’s have a legitimate shot at the playoffs but no shot at winning the playoffs if they can’t find a comfort zone for that offense to work out of. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anthony

    are we talking about the playoffs right now??? the playoffs??? 

  • thomas s

    9-18…how many drops? 6? and a no call. He looked good throwing the ball from the pocket as well.

  • Strawdog

    Like this team…like this team a lot!  Like this Quarterback too!

  • flbronc

    six might be exagerating a bit, but he sure did look a lot better throwing the ball this week.  no horrendous misses.

  • steve

    The question is becoming: which team dares face us in the playoffs?

    Tebow is the truth. Von Miller is the truth. 

    Nick Novak was literally so nervous he peed himself. Check the video…

    Go Broncos!!!! 

    Let’s get some tebow-haters on here to make some more excuses for why “their team” keeps winning.

  • Anonymous

    Simply out of words to explain what’s going on. 

    The defense is getting better and better.

    The running game is solid.

    Tebow continues to improve every week, not by leaps and bounds, but by small morsels.  I think the “he can’t throw the ball at all” comments will start to fade away.  Still a long ways to go, but this sure is fun.

  • flbronc

    well, ‘my team’ since i moved to denver in 1979….

    we are winning because our defense is keeping teams to close to 10 points less than their average output over the last couple of weeks… tebow is supplying clutch offensive possessions to be sure, but without the defensive resurgence…. 

    if he had last year’s defense (or probably any from the past 5 seasons) he would be lucky to be 1-5.

    since i am not bowing and scraping, i know i am a hater, so i’ll save you that post.  but i will say that today i saw the improvement that he needs to make.  his passing was much better.  a couple of drops and a non-call on a deep pass interference.  he converted on a couple of third and longs, which he hasnt shown he can do before.  i am more sold on him than i was when i woke up this morning.  and unlike many pundits, i think this offense can work long term.  he needs to complete a higher completion % than he is right now (today was a step in the right direction) in order for it to work long term.  if he can get it up to close to 60, the defense will have to respect the pass more and will lead to more success on the ground.


  • Nick C

    I never liked Tebow either, and then things became extremely clear.  We’ve won 5 out of our last 6 games.  Beat the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs at their stadiums!  Crushed the Jets.  It’s a team effort, with Tebow providing inspiration.  We want it more than the other teams.  You can tell by how they play.  We wanted it more today and we wanted it more against the Jets.  I’m starting to think Tebow might be QB next year.  

  • rcsodak

    They gave up 180+ yds on the ground. If it werent for norv, theyd still be running. Instead, he asks his backup/off the street Olinemen to pass block miller/doom. BRILLIANT!

    This win is in part to the ‘under appreciated playcaller’, Norv.

  • areferee

    This team is beginning to gel.  It’s fun to watch and the defense is quickly becoming feared!  What a defensive turn around from the last two years.

  • jonnymac

    Keep your head down and keep proving the haters wrong!!

  • Davidl413

    Outstanding win. Nice to see Elway and Xanders pumped up on the sideline. Tebow’s winning ways seems infectious. Underrated plays of the game: Dawkins’ game-saving tackle on Mathews at about the 35. I thought he was gone for a second there. Also, Von Miller’s play in the backfield on 3rd down forcing Novak into a longer field goal attempt. This defense just keeps getting better. 

  • Anonymous

    Once again its better to be lucky than good!  A win is a win is a win!

    Monty I think your title is absolutely Wrong… I give this win to the Defense and to SD for simply being worse. It should read “The Defense Does It Again!” TT had a role in it but “he” didn’t do it again. The secondary is still quite scary but come through when its needed. I agree a team win and Yes TT did his share, passed a little more and most of them looked a bit better with more than an acceptable amount of drops with passes on the money. I think that might be because the R’s are simply not used to passes being there (that part is part joking ;-)).

    HOWEVER, the offense is basically anemic until the end of the game. 8 punts in a row is ridiculous. We had 2, ONLY 2 drives that were even semi-sustained with one ending in a score and field position was squandered again. For the first time I really question coaching and playing for overtime with 3 time outs left really says “our QB isn’t good enough and we cant win it now or wont even try”. Hell at least try! And I agree they have to give TT more chances to toss it.

    For sure a team win and effort and that part of these Broncos I like, they are for sure all playing with a never quit attitude and that along with the Defense has kept them alive in these games. We don’t have to worry as much about Chicago now but the other harder games will still be hard and unless we win the division we will NOT be in the playoffs.

    Also, for the first time I’m starting to think that drafting and upgrading the secondary has got to be a priority. Couple that with the fact that I really no longer see us in contention for one of the top QB’s (good or not). As bad as I hate to say it we are starting to sound like a rivals fav saying “Just win baby”…lol.

    Winning is always better than loosing no matter how ugly or boring until the end!

  • MeOMy

    We are winning because Orton isn’t putting our D in a position where the other team has a short distance to go to score.

  • KMecklenburg

    I had a feeling we would win this game. But I was still amazed this team won, 4 in a row even. Minnesota and Chicago are winnable game too. If the team wins 6 in a row, I think people will have to give the Bronc’s some credit.

    Not one of these wins belongs to Tim. Every game had contributions from a bunch of different players. I have to bag on Kyle though; if he was down before halftime, he would hang is head and mail in the rest of the game. I think seeing a guy like Tim go headlong all the time gives everyone hope on the sidelines. Doesn’t indicate Tim is better than other QBs, just shows how much the mental game can influence the outcome of a professional sport like NFL football.

  • Tom9798

    Great win!  To sweep the AFC West at their homes is not an easy accomplishment.

  • Anonymous

    OK has this been addressed yet? I saw Tebow straight up eying down WRs/faking to them only to turn to another for the pass….

    freaking awesomely hopeful!!!

    There were some GOOD passes in there too!


    DfuckingFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YA LIKE ME SD?????????????????????????????????

  • Tanner Shurtz

    I’m just going to leave this here. . .

  • Dakota Fan

    Whidbey, I agree wholeheartedly. The Tebow of a month ago where he’d tip his target by locking on with his eyes is starting to put his head on a swivel and choose his receivers. And the O line? San Diego’s D-line isn’t much these days, but they gave him SO much time to throw. And the defense? Doom finally had a breakout game and if Miller’s not the rookie of the year, something’s wrong.

    I want to doubt, but I just can’t do it. Five and One? GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • amritpal kaur

    I like this blog very much.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  • Skdog

    I thought Fox blew it on the time out before the field goal attempt!! Flashes of Shanny, glad it worked out.                                                                     I agree with many that the winning has much to do with the defense playing well as of late, keeping the opponents score in check, I doubt many fans would have thought that the chargers would score a poultry (ha ha) 13 points against this D?  Anyone know the line on this game?

    I believe their is something else taking place here? Tebow  reeks of leadership, confidence, hope and talent. Something that has been absent for many years at his position.                                                                                        I still have a grin from ear to ear,beating the bolts at home always feels great. 

    It appeared that the option was not as effective today? Teams are possibly game planning a little more for this attack, the passing game was more a part of the game plan today and Tebow looked good throwing nearly every pass. There were a couple dropped balls and one or two out of reach that could have been better? 

    No int’s or fumbles, great job protecting the ball by Tebow and company also!!  Keep matriculating the ball down the field!!  

  • Vincemarine78

    I was at the game today and Tebow missed a lot of open receivers.  The plays where he had forever and a day to throw, he had several receivers open down field.  He needs to improve on reading the coverages but he is def improving as a QB.  What a great game played by the D.  Can’t wait until next week.  Go Broncos! 

  • Tgm5m

    The Orange Crush part II is in effect.. Tim Tebow is the Chuck Norris of the NFL. Get the t-shirts ready.
     This is vintage Broncos football.
    Anyone feel like they did oh, around 83′ to 89′.

  • Anonymous


  • Tgm5m

    hard core Bronco fans LOVE defense, it’s what we were raised on. Pray for snow and rock the new Mile High for the remainder of the season…and playoff run!

  • Tgm5m

    I’ll be the first to agree that Timmy needs to improve, we all see it.
    But I can’t bag on the guy, I learned that lesson watching, and bagging on Elway when he first came into the league.
    Different styles but similar results, and the feeling is reminiscent.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know if i will ever have Tebow’s back 100% .. but you have to give credit where credit is due.. so to Tim Tebow and company i tip my hat.. i really think the reason he looks pathetic during games is the play calling.. we protect him too much.. he should be have the play book open up some more.. not too much but more.. the quality of QB is over exaggerated.. Eli Manning won a super just by being efficient and and doing was needed to be done..

  • King

    I agree.  We’re handcuffing him a little with the play calling.  I say that because I watched many Gator games and he made many many throws and few picks.  And I think the play calling has made him a little too cautious with those throws now.  He tends to over and under throw much more now than in college.  Sure, the coverages are tighter now, but they aren’t ‘that’ much tighter than against many of the backs he faced in the speedy SEC. 

    He still has a lot of room for improvement, but after watching several games, he is doing a great job of not turning the ball over.  There’s nothing that your defense hates more than going right back on the field after watching your offense lay an egg through a fumble or int. 

  • Tgm5m

    what do these names have in common: Decker, Beadles, Walton, Tebow, Miller, Carter, (Moore), Thomas, Franklin, Harris…etc. Xanders and Bowlen are the only decision makers that have been here for the last 2 drafts (except for a few of the coaches)
     just sayin.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    One of the (dis)advantages of watching the game on the nfl game pass the day after is that when SD are lining up for a game winning field goal and you can see that there is still 10 minutes of the broadcast to go – you’re not as nervous as you would be in real time.

    Serious question here, I’m not knocking wins – but when was the last time that Denver won easily?  If we have to have many more games like New York, Miami and SD - forget chewing my fingernails - I’ll be down to the bone by the new year.

  • virginiabronco

    KM, I have to respectfully disagree with your comment that “Not one of these wins belongs to Tim”.  I think you can make an arguement that all of the wins can be attributed to Tim.  After watching 3 years of Orton, we were destined to another 3 to 4 win season.  We only had one  win when Tebow took over. I think thewhole team changed when TEbow was inserted.  New offensive planning and more ball control has been more successful and opposing teams are having a difficult time (for now) adjusting to the new style, ball control offense.  We are protecting the ball better and that starts with the QB. 

    I think you are trying to say that we are getting great TEAM play and as a result the TEAM should get credit for the wins.  I agree with that BUT in my opinion,(and the win colume agrees), It all started with TEBOW!

    If you put a new leader in charge of a failing company and he/she turns things around, they usually get the credit.  Tebow has changed the way this team plays, changed the way opponents have to play defense, changed our entire offense and coaching strategy and created a buzz about our team that hasn’t existed since the Elway era. While we rightly should recognize the team effort, just remember how we got here.  Lets just hope TEbow continues to improve and that our coaching staff will continue to allow him the opportuinty to improve as we move forward. 

  • King

    Only a few teams in the NFL win by large margins.  The Pack, Patriots, and sometimes the Falcons, come to mind.  The NFL has wanted parity forever, and they’re pretty much there with the majority of the teams.  Most games can go either way depending on what teams are dealing with week-to-week as far as schedule and injuries, etc.  I’m just happy we’re winning games. 

  • flbronc

    i believe it was SD by 6 1/2

  • flbronc

    honestly though… SD was only rushing three or four on obvious passing downs and keeping him in the pocket with a lot of coverage downfield.  teams want him to beat them from the pocket…  if they rush too many in there he is forced to scramble and that is where he makes his plays.

  • Anonymous

    Plenty of Tebow haters still out there.  I am becoming a merill hodge hater.  Once again on Mike and Mike this morning hodge was on basically giving the Broncos no credit for going 5-1. Paraphrasing here, but what he said in essence was they have not beat a decent team and any team with the ability to put up points will maul them.  So, he is beyond the Tebow bashing and now calling out the entire team including the defense.  WTF is he watching?

    hodge is an idiot.  Period.

  • Dakota Fan

    I think it’s time to dust off the Jugs machines at Dove Valley for the receivers. They look like they haven’t had a quality passer throwing to them in some time. Since we won, they’re off the hook, but a couple of dropped passes that lose us a game is a poor excuse for losing a game.

    Two words: Stevie…Johnson.

    GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • flbronc

    not a lot of teams ‘win’ by large margins.  a lot of winning teams score a lot of points.  The top teams in the league average 24+ points per game… our offense in the last 6 games has only eclipsed that once.  that is my main concern… we’re not scoring enough points for when we meet a top 5 or top 10 team.

  • Erazo362

    wow!! maybe if you change your name from Doom, you might be a little more postive.

  • Erazo362

    Tim needs to improve, you people need to get a life, how do you improve a win??????

  • flbronc

    you improve the little things… like third down conversions.  like completion percentage….

    if you listen to Tim in nearly every interview, he says that he needs to continue to go out there in practice and get better and be the best player he can be.  even he knows there is room for improvement.  he even agreed with elway’s comments last week that he needed to get better.

  • Burnetty 4 Broncos

    Not a large win margin but a lot of points just means their defense sucks. The point is that you barely see a blowout in the nfl, and any given week the goal is to have more points on the board as time expires. If you score 40 but give up 38, you are no better than a team that scores 16 but gives up 13. Winning > losing.

  • flbronc

    agreed that winning is better than losing.

    the point that i didnt make too well was that we dont score enough points.  i dont believe that, as improved as our defense is, that we can hold the patriots, saints, packers, lions, texans (pre schaub injury)etc… to under 17 points.  we are only averaging 18 points in our last 6 games. 

    sure chicago got easier when cutler went down, but new england and buffalo can really score.  even minnesota averages 19 points per game.

    dont get me wrong, as i said before, winning ugly is better than losing.  i’d just like us to score some more points.

  • Catref1

    yeah i agree, hodge has been bashing tebow sice he took over! what i want to know is what has he done in the nfl that gives him the idea he can talk trash about anybody? he is a complete idiot! go broncos and tim tebow

  • Darwin

    Everyone likes winning.  I am good with it. Can the Broncos offense get better?  Tebow seems to be improving just a little each week in his reads and delivery. I hope he is the QB we need.  If he is then we can draft other areas of need and not go backwards with a rookie QB. But as Dan Marino said yesterday I don’t know if he can “learn” to become a better passer at this stage in his career. Elway obviously questions the same thing. Do they know more than the average fan-oh yes they do. But I hope he proves them wrong for the sake of the franchise this year, next year, and beyond.

  • DiveDivaCJ

    Tim Tebow is such a great person and a dedicated team player.  He is humble and always strives to work harder.  He has the character, morality and athletic ability that should be appreciated by all.  I think that there may be a number of critics who are uncomfortable with Tim’s Christian proclamations. There is nothing ‘un-macho’ about a young man having a relationship with his “Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”  Tim Tebow is a roll model for all, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm OK Erazo, I’ll look at this differently this time around!

    If I’m so negative, which this was not said or written negatively, can you point out what part of my post was not accurate?

    And since you clearly don’t get the nick, Doom92 is for Dumerville #92, just happens to be my current favorite Bronco and the dude is ballin’. Love him and Von together…

  • Anonymous

    VB very nice to see someone start off with “disagreeing respectively”. Kudos to you brother-man. We all can take one from that. Agreeing or not that was cool!