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Published on 11/11/2011 at Fri Nov 11 09:40.
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Former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis started the "Mile High Salute" out of respect for the U.S. Military, and the tradition is still going strong. (Graphic design courtesy of Chad M.)

This Veterans Day weekend on BroncoTalk, we will be honoring the brave men and women who have or currently are serving in the U.S. Military.  If you know a veteran or active member of the Military and would like them to be honored on the blog,  send us an E-mail with a picture and note of why he or she is a hero to you.

To kick things off, we would like to give a Mile High Salute to Spencer S. and his family.  Thank you for serving our country, GB²!

“My husband’s name is Spencer S.  He is a huge Broncos’ fan.  He currently serves in the U.S. Seabee Reserves and will be leaving the beginning of January for 10 months to an undisclosed area to do humanitarian work.

“We have a 3 year old daughter who will miss him very much and I will be finishing up my education at Regent University for elementary education.  I respect and honor my husband in every regard, he is an amazing person!  Even when he is working 12 hour shifts (and sometimes double duty on drill weekends), he still finds time to do things for others.”  — Holly S.

Please join us in thanking Spencer and his family for their service.  We truly do live in the greatest country in the world.

  • Monty

    Mile High Salute to Spencer!

  • areferee

    The Seabees are hard working, hard charging members of the U. S. Military.

    OOH RAH to Spencer S. and family and to all of the men and women who serve and their families who sacrifice right along with them.

  • King

    God bless our troops!  HOOAH !!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to all the veterans.   Mile High Salute to yall

  • Theusedchemical9986

    Thanks guys. I will miss chattin with yall next year during Bronco Games. But I will be back next year. Salute right back at ya

  • Anonymous

    BroncoinVA9986-CAN DO US SEABEES

  • broncomaniac

    thanks to all vet’s mile high salute to all

  • broncomaniac

    thanks to all vet’s mile high salute to all

  • Anonymous

    My son SGT RAYMOND A> DENUCCIO III, wounded warrior program, 3rd generation ARMY… 2 Active tours in Middle east…Now home in treatment, at the Denver Bronco /Jet game   it was truly a TEEBOW DAY.. We are proud of our son,I as a vet , his late grandfather surely looks down on him with pride.  For Our GOD and Country….