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Published on 11/07/2011 at Mon Nov 07 08:11.
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“(The Broncos are) 3-5. They’ve only played one game against a team currently with a losing record. They’ve beaten two division leaders this year. Bottom line? The Broncos have improved; they were in the league’s slums last year, but now are back in the middle class. It’s not where they want to be, but in the often-mentioned building process, it’s a good start through eight games, all things considered.” —

And it’s right about where we thought they be heading into the season, a middle-class, 8-8 record. The schedule isn’t quite as tough here on out; let’s see it if it’s possible. Onto the links.

  • Joshua D. Manning

    This is off-topic, but when Rahim Moore was knocked out of the game on the first play, did you heard the boo’s from the Raider fans? Can you believe in that ish? Smh!

  • Anonymous

    Would you expect anything more from the Raiders fans?  I sure liked watching McGahee blow them kisses after his 2nd score though!

  • Jon

    The read option really did work fantastically! There was a few times when they plugged it up but after Tebow had that big run they were really worried about him keeping it again and that opened up things for McGahee.  Great play!

  • King

    The fact of the matter is our record would be better if we had started Tebow the beginning of the season.  The only question is how much better. 

  • Anonymous

    It is still basically a gimmick play like the “wild horse”, however, Tebow hit a couple passes and forced them to back off a bit.  As he matures as a QB and hits the quick stuff, he will be very effective with what he already does well.  We can’t live in this offense and face it, we won’t face another team that implodes like the Raiders (15 flags), but instead of 5 yard misses the balls were a little high, a couple one hoppers, and off of finger tips.  Great TEAM win, second half everyone stepped up, VonDoom made an impact finally.

  • areferee

    Dead or




         *Nightmares over Josh

         *The Lockout

         *Orton malaise

         *Moreno as a starter

         *Defensive “suck-dom”






         *McGahee’s running game

         *McCoys Game



         *AFC West Leadership

         *A Pass Rush




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  • Anonymous

    Hey, to hell with the “Suck for Luck” campaign. Let’s go get that AFC West crown since no one else seems to want it. That would be a monumental step for this franchise in the “state of disarray” that everyone has tagged upon it this season!

  • Monty

    Not gonna take the bait, not gonna take the bait…..

  • Jon

    They also threw beer bottles at Von Miller after the game. Smh, Raider fans.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds about right.  Makes me smile even wider now when I think about Von Miller laying Palmer out in the last minute.  May have been a tad late but man it felt good watching Palmer get knocked on his ass.  

  • King

    You already did.  lol

    But seriously, go back and look at our schedule the beginning of this season.  Do you really believe we would’ve only beaten the Bengals with Tebow? 

  • LevonZevon

    Elvis’ full sack was a five-second coverage sack (so lets not start calling him sack-king post-pectoral injury just yet).

    Von up the A-gap was tremendous though (so good props on that bit, B.T.)

    But howzabout explaining why #75 was used so extensively vs Oakland (as a presumed Tackle-Eligible).

    Was that to buttress Franklin at the cost of playing with one less a TE?

    Does he have to be declared every play even though he is in for 14 plays in-a-row?  They almost gave us a flag late in the game.

    I knew he came in for Franklin for a play after Orlando must’ve fell and dinged his jack-o-lantern head.  But I’m talking about the bevy of plays when he must’ve played next to him.

    D.P. has ignored it, but those of us interested in more than Tebow-time, would be curious if this will be continuing (and what role it played in the run-fest).

    Also, nice kudos on the emerging Chris Harris (who is playing the run like a Safety and even lined up in that position on one play).  And he sticks like glue as a CB.

    Huuuge impact for a team desperate for a third CB.