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Published on 11/04/2011 at Fri Nov 04 12:17.
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Some food for thought on Tim Tebow from the ever-quotable Shannon Sharpe:

“How many dates did you have to go on before you realized that the girl you were dating wasn’t the one? Does the girl need to burn your house down? Does she need to bust your car windows out? …

“Look, I’m not arguing whether or not he (Tim Tebow) is a great guy,” Sharpe said. “I’m not arguing whether or not he’s a hard worker. I’m not arguing any of those facts.

“But I think in today’s game, it’s hard for you to play quarterback in the National Football League​ if you can’t throw the ball accurately, and if you can’t throw it consistently accurate.”

The Shannon Sharpe Show [102.3 The Fan] [via]

  • Chonel77709

    Stop talking shit about tim tebow its his 5th game he hasnt even played a whole season im tired of People talking about him you havnt even gaven him a chance instead of talking about him help him coach him tell him on how to improve give him time to develop

  • areferee

    I respect Shannon Sharpe. 

    I respect him as a man, as a football player and as a Bronco.  But there are flaws in his analysis of Tebow just as there are flaws in Tim Tebow’s game.

    If you listened to his interview on “The Ticket”, the first flaw is his comparison to Tebow as being a bad date.  I don’t know about you guys, but most of the good dates I’ve had were with girls who LEARNED how to be a good date.  They weren’t born that way. They may have been terrible when they first got started.  I was!

    You become a good date by doing lots of dating.  There may be some nightmare dates going on before you learn how to “dance”, shall we say!

    Secondly, the points he made about John Elway making him and McCaffrey stars, among others, is valid, but it didn’t happen in Elway’s rookie year.  Nor his second year.  It took years before he became the QB we came to love and admire.  It wouldn’t have happened at all if Dan Reeves or Mike Shanahan had not let him play and work his way to greatness.

    Am I comparing Tim Tebow to John Elway?  No.  Not yet.  Maybe never.  But I am not condemning him to failure yet either!  It is too soon for both.

    Criticism of a losing team is valid and there are plenty of places to direct the vitriol, because it comes with the high-priced territory of their chosen professions.  Players AND coaches!  It doesn’t mean however, that everything that is being said is fair or even valid.

    The reasons behind Tebow’s high-dollar contract, for instance, is because, rightly or wrongly, he was a 1st round draft choice and a former Heisman Trophy winner, not to mention near the top as a college record holder.  It is not legitimate to hold it against him.  His next contract will be performance-based on his NFL success, if any.  Rightly so.

    There are many Broncos I admire.  Mostly as men of character, and then for their performance.  Dawkins and Bailey are two current players that come to mind.  Elway and Sharpe are former players in that same mold.  There are others. 

    Tebow happens to be another I admire.  I just happen to be willing to give him more time as a player.  If he reaches no level of success as a quarterback, he is still a success as a man.  I believe that much of the criticism of him as a player is premature and not necessarily fair.

    But for now, he is our date, along with all of his teammates.  I’m hoping they all will “dance” up a storm in Oakland.

  • Anonymous

    What a terrible analogy! The question is, how hot is she and have you done it yet? If she is ultra hot and you haven’t then OF COURSE you go for a 3rd date. If she doesn’t put out by then, you move on. 

  • bibo

    wow shannon you must be a fricken genuis. you must be a gazillionaire makin all the draft picks for every team. what, you’re not? then shut the hell up ya patsy

  • bibo

    wow shannon you must be a fricken genuis. you must be a gazillionaire makin all the draft picks for every team. what, you’re not? then shut the hell up ya patsy

  • Anonymous

    Sharpe on Tebow:  Neigh

  • Anonymous

    Sharpe on Tebow:  (unintelligible)

  • Anonymous

    I’d add to that the time it’s been since hooking up last.  If you haven’t gotten laid in 3 years then you probably go on 5-6 dates just to try to get back on the horse.  

  • Anonymous

    Except that McDaniels didn’t even wait until the 3rd date to start burning the house down.  

  • areferee

    Trogs date?  What about the pullin’ the hair deal? 

    (You big Stud-lag-mite, you!)

  • Ckwhite30

    look the truth is the truth the only reason tebow was drafted in the first round is because mcdaniels felt like he was such a good person that he at least deserves to be a first round pick tebow sucks as an nfl quarterback the entire bronco coaching staff already knew this but im glad they are playing him, giving the fans what they want soon the fans are going to be booing and begging for him to be benched i need 4 pair of hands to count the number of passes that didnt land in a 15 yard range of the receivers he was throwing to, this guy couldnt hit the side of a sky scraper if he was standing next to it a drunken sailor could have made the passes that he missed i mean you guys have got to be tired of riding tebows nuts by now let his girlfriend have some time on his lap and get your ass up no matter how much time he has on the field and how much he plays the worst football ever seen you guys will keep saying the same thing  over and over its just his 5th game its only his second year i even read an article that said the coaches sabotaged the game so he couldnt play well thats the dumbest shit i ever read the coaches jobs are on the line if they cant win they get fired so stop making escuses for tebow and i think the comparison was good and trust me that relationship is going to come to an end very soon you wont even be able to classify him as one of the biggest busts of all-time because the majority of america already knew he was going to be a bust so for all of you guys that get a hard on every time you thuink about tebow just keep wishing that one day you finally get a chance to climb in bed with him because your wish that one day he’s going to prove all of his doubters wrong and become this great nfl quarterback is not coming true     

  • 12508

    Sharpe was a beast for us. Anyone with a brain can see Tebow stinks. How many games is it going to take? You can’t see it yet? Do you think you could Qb in the NFL if you got enough games under your belt? You have rookies in this league making the throws. Get a grip. Let it go. Tebow can’t play qb in this league. Sure he is good enough to win a couple of games. He has done that. Do you think you can win a division with him? That isn’t even the goal. Do you really think three years down the road he could win a playoff game? Look around the league. It’s a qb league. He will never be in the top 20. He is a better watch than Kyle but that’s not saying much. We need a new qb and that’s the bottom line. You can’t go into a season with a backup at qb. Tebow would be a backup on most teams at best.

  • Anonymous

    As Shannon said in his show, when you pay 10 million for a house your not looking to add granite or hardwood floors you’re looking to move in.  He is correct Tebow is a $10 million dollar project.

  • Turkrock

    Sharpe is a traitor who left the Broncos for more money.  He beats his wife, constantly trashes the Broncos, and uses steroids.  Shut yer mouth Shannon, if I wanted to hear from a butthole, I would fart

  • 12508

    Hey Turk you would leave your job for a few mil wouldn’t you? News flash most players in the NFL use steroids. Broncos must be getting the fake stuff. They sure get pushed around every week. Maybe what we need around here is sharpe,romo,and Davis. Get the testosterone levels up on this team. We could sure use it. Tebows prayers sure ain’t cutting it.

  • Turkrock

     you are an idiot

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • King

    Sharpe is one of those people you love as a player.  As a person, not so much.

    And forget about his speech impediment.  :)

  • plato68

    Move Tebow to full back enough said.

  • Lovethebroncos

    Shannon Sharpe the player: One of my favorite Broncos and arguably the best tight end to play the game.

    Shannon Sharpe the announcer: A glorified buffoon! How does he still have a job nobody knows. 

  • Darwin

    Did anyone see Matt Barkley play CU last night?  He throws an incredible pass with accuracy.  You could see he is more Bronco ready than Tebow right now.  I would love to see him in the orange and blue!

  • Danno

    Tebow is Dallas Clark. Move Tebow to receiving tight end.

  • Padenerik

    I only saw Tebow play a couple of times when he was at Florida and I thought he played pretty well, so I did not understand all of the negative criticism of him when he was drafted.  I thought, well he won two national championships and a Heisman, so he must have some talent.  And I thought he beat out Cam Newton for the starting position at Florida.  Then I watched him play in the NFL and began to wonder if he really can play QB, especially after watching Cam Newton and Andy Dalton play.  But I do believe he deserves some more time.  If he does not get better every week, then I think he needs to be benched, but in favor of who? 

  • areferee

    You may well get your colorful wish.  Even if Tebow morphs into the second coming of the “Duke”, the Broncos will surely draft a QB in the 2012 draft and, I suspect, in the talent-laden 1st round.

    P. S.  Love your theory!

  • Audi

    and you are tebow cock riding moron