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Published on 11/01/2011 at Tue Nov 01 07:12.
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The front page of last night. Does it get any worse?

  • So the front page of last night pretty much sucked. []
  • Things may be bad, but let’s not forget that the Lions beat the Chiefs 48-3 earlier this season. []
  • The Chiefs beat the Chargers in overtime last night. Three teams in the AFC West sit at 4-3 after the Chiefs’ overtime victory last night. The Broncos dwell in the basement alone, 2-5.
  • It’s the first time that’s occurred since the AFC Central in 1989. [ESPN]
  • Philip Rivers had the worst day ever. [Larry Brown Sports]
  • Tim Tebow was “embarrassing“, “atrocious,” “completely exposed,” said Lions players. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • This week’s opponent, the Oakland Raiders, paid a high price to avoid such a quarterback situation. [New York Times]
  • Willis McGahee is planning to tough it out and play with a broken hand. [Denver Post]
  • Anonymous

    “Tim Tebow was “embarrassing“, “atrocious,” “completely exposed,” said Lions players.”

    Now is the perfect time for a Patrick Roy quote.