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Published on 10/31/2011 at Mon Oct 31 09:54.
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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos looks to pass against the Detroit Lions during the first quarter at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 30, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Last Week, Tim Tebow gave us the Miracle on the 34th Yard Line, where Santa Claus himself basically came down and gave Tim Tebow magical abilities for 5 minutes of football. For some people, this covered up 55 minutes of pretty much rotten play. For some people, this 55 minutes was explained away by bad play calling or any number of other excuses.

Here’s the thing: Even bad NFL quarterbacks can hit open receivers regularly.

For example, let’s take Chris Simms. You remember him, right? He could put the ball in a trash can 60 yards away. We remember what he was like as a quarterback. Tim Tebow, though? He misses open receivers. They sacrifice their minds, bodies and souls trying to get to the ball, and they might get their fingertips on it. But since it’s behind them, they drop it. Over. And. Over. Again.

Of course, this the receiver’s fault. Even I started falling for it, but luckily slow-mo let me see Eddie Royal trying desperately to catch a ball behind him.

For one brief drive at the beginning of the game, I began to think maybe there was something to Tebow magic. But apparently two hands on the ball isn’t control and that touchdown was called back, and that pretty much was the best play from Tebow until late enough in the game that it didn’t matter anymore. Seven sacks. Two turnovers that provided points. No ability to sustain a drive, control the ball. Short, easy passes, the announcers said, to get him into rhythm. But Tebow isn’t a rhythm passer. He’s a “spread offense-make something happen with his sheer natural talent” kind of passer. He is Reggie Bush as a quarterback. Maybe slightly better — he beat Reggie Bush last week.

In the NFL, natural talent isn’t enough. Pure dedication isn’t enough. You have to combine talent with dedication and skill.

Maybe Tebow can learn that skill, but in two games, he hasn’t yet. Maybe by the end of the season he might be able to. I was pretty confident coming into the season that the earliest Tim Tebow would be ready to be a quarterback would be 2013, but the way he played out there Sunday makes that estimate feel conservative.

  • Anonymous

    I never thought Tebow would be a good QB in this league.  The only NFL team that has been highly successful with spread offense are the Patriots.  Denver tried running that with McDaniels, but often times failed.  I don’t see that happening, and wished McDaniels never drafted Tebow.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I still think he’s a hard enough worker than in 2 years he might be able to be a real quarterback. But that’s a big might.

    But today? No.

    Is Kyle Orton really any better? Probably not.

    The sad, hard truth is: We lack a quarterback who will win games for us. This team is rebuilding and it’s a very rough time to be a Denver Bronco fan, because we have to suffer through this for at least another year or two while we rebuild the team with good young players, and try to make up for all the young players that McDaniels gave away at fire sales.

  • Jon

    “He’s Reggie Bush as a quarterback.”

    That about sums it up Perfectly!

  • King

    No one is going to be a good QB with our O-line.  You don’t have to be a serious student of the game to grasp this. 

    Pat Kirwan’s take on Tebow is dead on. 

  • Anonymous

    After watching the game yesterday it’s pretty obvious that Tebow is nowhere close to being a competent starting QB in this league.  He looks so uncomfortable in the pocket and is painfully slow making decisions.  Dark days in Broncoland…

  • King

    No it doesn’t.  Bush played on much better teams and couldn’t excel and he has had 6 season in the league. Tebow plays on a terrible team with no O-line, horrible defense and makes his whopping 5th start.
    It’s a good thing bloggers don’t make the decisions for NFL teams.  You have to give a player more than a few games in a career to make a fair evaluation.  Heck, Troy Aikman only won 1 game his entire first season.  There’s 2 ways to look at that:  You can blame all of the losses on the QB, or you can blame the team.

    Example after example exists in the NFL of players that if their team didn’t have a little patience, they would’ve missed out.

  • areferee

    The worm has turned!

    As someone who has spent the largest portion of my adult life around various levels of athletes, I believe I recognize bad performance when I step in it.  No one needs me to offer another iteration as to just how bad that performance was on an otherwise gorgeous October afternoon in paradise…

    …nor am I willing to do so.  I will leave that to the plethora of Broncos’ “fans” who seem all too eager to offer it up.

    The only performance I have seen in recent months that sunk to yesterday’s level was and is the performance of these “fans”.  With loyalty like this, you don’t need an enemy.  Thank God my Brothers-in-arms didn’t turn on me like that years ago.

    I am not a Tebow apologist.  He looked bad.  So did almost everyone else connected with the team…wearing helmets and wearing headsets.  This was a total TEAM failure, with few exceptions.  To be fair, if you have to play the blame game…spread it around.  Better still, save it for the bar stool!

    Tebow is a rookie, by experience, and truthfully, these are the games we should have suffered through with him in the last 8 or 9 games in 2010.  Any young athlete deserves a fair chance to learn and improve.

    With today’s NFL climate and tenuous fidelity, I believe he won’t get that chance.  He isn’t getting it from the bench or the bleachers.  More’s the pity!

  • Michael Allen

    this is for all the bronco fans and the coaching staff.
    We are expecting a Hall of Fame quarter back right out of the gate. You expected Jay Cuttler to save us he didn’t get time to develope we traded him. We didn’t give Jake Plummer any time to develop, traded him. Brett Farve stunk the joint up his first year in Green Bay. Remember how poorly the hall of famer did for the New York Jets they cut him or how poorly his first year was in Minnisota. Or remember some 20+ years ago when a skinny gualky kid kid came to Denver from Indianapolis, this punk sucked we the fans called for his immidiat removal. He got benched for the veteran Steve Deberg. The bronco staff may have traded John but Steve broke his collar bone. We were stuck with “wrong way” Elway. Thank god because after that kid matured he became one of the greatest qb’s to ever play the game. Tim well do great he has all the tools. Give him a chance to become the man he can be! Besides the broncos lost 45-10.  the defense gave up 45 points. In Tim’s two start he was running for his life more times than not, or picking his self up off the turf. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t recall Tim playing defense which never did show up in denver yesterday or for than non-existant offensive line the broncos have. NO qb NOT EVVEN THE GREAT JOHN ELWAY CAN PLAY WHEN HE IS ON THE RUN CONSTINTLY! Tim played like that last week and won. He was a hero, this week he couldn’t over come the pressure from a hapless offensive line. The Broncos collectively got their asses handed to them yesterday, expecially the worthless defense “45 points”  That isn’t Tim Tebows fault. The defense forgot how to play!John you would have been traded if you hadn’t had to replace an injured Steve Deberg. Fix the defense and offensive line. Give Tim a real chance

  • Audi

    He has already had roughly 2 years since he left college to “fix” the things EVERYONE said he would need to fix.  He didn’t.  He can’t.  2 more years is a waste of a roster spot at QB.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    the defense gave up 45 points.

    You didn’t watch the game, then.

    The defense gave up 31 points. The offense gave up 14 more.

    Tim played on the run because that’s his style of play. No matter how good your o-line is, they aren’t normally going to give you more than 3-5 seconds, and that 5 seconds is really pushing it.

    Nearly half of Tebow’s sacks were lack of vision — being unable to see the blitz effectively and get away from it. Yes, Franklin got beat several times, and Clady got beat a few more times than he should.

    That said, there were times when Tebow wasn’t on the run, the line was doing well, and he still couldn’t hit an open receiver. Unless Tebow can fix that problem, he won’t make it.

    Now, let’s be real. We don’t really have much choice here. We either put Orton back in, and lose, or we keep Tebow in, and lose. In one case, we’re hoping that Tebow develops. In Orton’s case, we’re hoping that we don’t lose the hearts of the veterans who still want to win. Either way, we are going to keep losing. (Just so I don’t get mistaken for an Orton apologist. I’m not, by any means, a fan of Kyle Orton.) So yes, we give Tebow the rest of the season to see if he can improve his accuracy.

    Also: The Lions were stacking the box. 8 and 9 players in defending the run and blitzing. There were plenty of open receivers. Either Tebow could not see them, or Tebow could not hit them. 

    But Tebow has a lot of things to work on:

    Poise under pressure.

    Comparing him to other quarterbacks who stunk it up early in their careers isn’t really fair. For one, this is his second season, and this was his fifth game as a starter. For two, he has a good receiving core. And for three, while the O-line isn’t what it used to be in Denver, that unit is actually improving (particularly when McGahee is in there) as it plays more together. Franklin is still hit and miss as a rookie, but when he’s good he’s good. The biggest real weakness is still Zane Beadles — J.D. Walton is actually doing a lot better than even 5 games ago.

    Am I calling for Tebow to be replaced? No. Neither Quinn nor Orton are going to do any better. When Tebow went in, I was ready for Orton to go. But listen to what the players say. Lions defenders are calling him a joke. Don’t be blind when you evaluate his performance. He has real weaknesses out there that have to be fixed.

    Miracle comebacks against a winless team are not impressive.

  • Jon

    (1), I like Tebow and haven’t given up on him after a whopping five starts.  I’m not done evaluated Tebow, but Earl’s comparison was right on because:

    (2), Tebow and Bush are alike in that they had incredible collegiate football careers but haven’t yet shown the same dominance in the NFL.

    They are also alike in that Bush is a “running” back who is a better receiver and Tebow is a quarterback but a better runner.  They both don’t fit the prototype for their respective positions.  

  • Padenerik

    Yes, Tebow had a terrible game and after what I’ve seen (I’ve seen all of his games as a Bronco), I really don’t think he has what it takes to be the starting quarterback.  But neither does Orton.  Even though Orton is the better passer, he’ll never be one to take the team to a championship.  But what really worries me the most about this team is that they do not look improved in any area over last year.  They are still getting blown out at home, barely beating bad teams (or even losing to them) and letting other teams and players set records against them.  I’m not a football expert, so I don’t know what the problems or solutions are, but the organization does not seem to know either.

  • jrodz19

    Let’s be honest – Next year’s QB is NOT on our roster. Keep sending him out there. Hell or high water, he’ll either get himself killed, or he’ll figure out how to perfect the 3-step drop and try to hit the side of the barn. Orton & Quinn are gone after the season. If we package Tebow, Moreno & a 3rd round pick to the Rams, we move up and get a real QB and follow it up with CB in the 2nd. Barkley & Jones will both still be there in the first 5 spots. This sucks.

  • Anonymous
  • SoCalBronco7

    Here is the bottom line: You are more than welcome to keep the myopic glasses on and focus on Tebow or whoever is in the QB position. Tebow may or may not succeed in the NFL but it really does not matter. It is really incredibly stupid to keep doing the same things and expect different results.   This team has tremendous needs and Bowlen has failed to address them:

    1) Head Coach: The hiring of an old goober that football has passed by who brings with him stubbornness coming off an abysmal 2-14 season was the mistake of the century. Jim Harbaugh looked at the situation and run away faster than Bowlen could say “how much”. Look at San Fran now. I guess Alex Smith can be a successful NFL QB if he has a good coach. Do you hear Tebow? Let’s be honest here: No other team would have hired Foxy and Bowlen trying to hire the anti McDaniels goofed up big time. 

    2) Offensive coordinator. Explain to me how a rebuilding team can benefit from an offensive coordinator, with no experience and no winning record. The only reason Fox kept him is because he can tell him what to do and get him to run his dinosaur offense. Name one good team in the NFL that does not utilize the Tight Ends. McCoy has an one page playbook, has no ability to help a young QB succeed and make adjustments to counter a defense. Check out this sequence: 1 and 10, run Tebow through the middle, 2 and 10, run Tebow through the middle, 3 and 8,  avoid the rush from one of the best D Lines Timmy and try to throw a 40 yard pass to a receiver who has played one game in more than a year. Get the ….. out!

    3) Offensive Line Coach: The talent is there the scheme is not. Cannot open any holes for the running game consistently. Average protection time 3 seconds. Are you kidding me? lf you think Tebow is the problem let’s put Quinn in there to see if he will get sacked 10 times a game.

    4) A bruiser running back. Moreno is not a bad player but he is an open field threat. Sending him constantly to run through the middle is moronic. We have no running game to take the pressure of the QB.

    5) Defensive tackles. Duh!

    6) Cornerbacks. As great of a player Bailey is, he is one hamstring away from disaster. Let’s trade him, give him the opportunity for a ring and get some young talent. As far as Goodman I am not even going to waste my time to type something about him.

    7) A QB. If we are going to keep Fox (and we absolutely should not) Tebow is definitely not the answer. Let’s draft another QB but if we do not address all the above we will watch years of mediocrity unfold before our eyes.

  • Anonymous

    As a Bronco “fan” I would love to disagree with everything you said. Coming from the eyes of an independent analyst of the team however, you are pretty spot on.

  • Anonymous

    Three factual points: 

    1) Jake Plummer was a five year vet when we signed him as a FA.  He was already “developed.” 

    2) John Elway did not come from Indy.  The Indianapolis Colts did not exist in April, 1983.

    3) Tebow turnovers directly led to 14 of those 45 points.  If the D had pitched a shutout, Tebow would still have lost the game by himself. 

  • Anonymous

    I watched the post game.  Chad Brown claims the deficiencies are not fixable.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking more along the lines of Anna Kornikova.

  • Anonymous

    Are you referring to the same O-line that was awesome with Orton under center?  Doesn’t Tebow elevate the play of those around him?  What happened to extending the play?  Weren’t you blaming all the loses on Orton?  Who do you blame next? 

  • Anonymous

    As if all of these problems were going to be fixed on one year.  You might want to get new glasses if you were expecting more than what you’ve been seeing.

  • SoCalBronco7
  • AtomicLeo

    (1) There wasn’t a single candidate, outside of Fox, interested in the Broncos HC job. Why? The QB position was a mess and even the biggest dumba**es in the NFL know you can’t win in Today’s NFL (TM) without a QB who can make quick passes between 5-10 yards. Fox *wanted* to be here and take on the challenge of rebuilding a horrible defense that has been in the bottom of the league for almost a decade. I think he (and a hat tip to Allen) have done a great job given no offseason and no big DT signing.

    (2) McCoy was the OC last year and he also served as Fox’s OC at Carolina, hardly inexperienced. The TEs are being used but they are running patterns in the 5-10 yard zone which relies on quick decision making and a quick release. Something Tebow can’t do right now and maybe never be able to do. The play sequence you call out here as horrible: McCoy is trying to get Tebow to run around and get comfortable, but this isn’t Madden and the Lions aren’t stupid. They had 7-9 guys in the box all day and dared Tebow to throw and he couldn’t.

    (3) We have Clady, who isn’t back to his rookie year level of performance. Franklin, who needs to be moved to the inside and Walton has improved at center. I’m through with Beadles and Kuper has his moments where I just want to throttle him. Overall the line has played O.K. but not great and a rookie starting on a lefy’s blind side is not going to be pretty. FO will likely draft another tackle next draft, move Franklin inside  and boot Beadles to backup.
    The strip yesterday was completely on Tebow. The ball should have been out of there 1/2 second before and he he held on to it for far too long. That happened all day long and it finally bit them in the a**.

    (4) Why do you want a bruising RB and then complain about a boring run-first offense in point #1?

    (5) Playing better than last year, although yesterday the front 4 and LB crew struggled to pressure Stafford all day yesterday and it exposed how weak we are in the secondary.

    (6) Agreed and thanks to Tebow we’ll be reaching for a QB for our first pick instead of grabbing a good CB in the first round.

    (7) We’ve needed to address this position since Cutler was shipped out of town. We’ve tried the any-vet-will-do approach and mr-exciting. Personally I’d settle for mediocrity right now. 6-8 wins sounds pretty good to me.

  • outlawnyc

    it’s amazing that some broncos fans can’t see just how horrible tim tebow is. He just does not have the skills to play QB in the NFL.  He’s basically only good for marketing purposes. You can be a good Christian and a terrrrible quarterback.

  • outlawnyc

    it’s amazing that some broncos fans can’t see just how horrible tim tebow is. He just does not have the skills to play QB in the NFL.  He’s basically only good for marketing purposes. You can be a good Christian and a terrrrible quarterback.

  • SoCalBronco7

    1)Fox “wanted” to be here because he could not go anywhere else.
    2) McCoy had no offensive calling experience before he came here. Both of them should go ASAP!
    3) And your point is?
    4) Because we need him for our running game not because of Fox’s stupid style.
    5) We are NOT playing better than last year as a team. It is exactly the same ……! We have potential but until we change the stupid coach and the mediocrity mentality we will get the same results. 
    6) That has nothing to do with Tebow himself so your “Thanks to Tebow” is ^%$%!
    7) Mediocrity is not acceptable. If you like it then ……. support another team. 

  • Dakota Fan

    I agree with leaving Tebow in there for every game the rest of the season. One of two things will happen: 1) he’ll continue to suck and we’ll all know our team needs to draft a new QB or 2) he’ll show enough improvement to change SOME minds. As of TODAY, i’m leaning towards #1.

    No apologies- Tebow looked awful, but which Bronco didn’t?

    I’m like most long-time Broncos fans today: I’m not used rooting for a team that’s a league-wide laughing stock, but sadly, that’s us. As poor as Detroit, Cincy, Buffalo and San Fran have been in past years, now I know how they feel.

    Call it blind loyalty, but short of Bowlen pulling an Art Modell or a Bob Irsay and moving the team elsewhere, I’m still a fan and always will be.

  • Goskialaska

    I hope Tebow stays in there for years to come. Keep Denver irrelevant.

  • Goskialaska

    If Tim were a good christian God would not let him suck this bad.

  • Goskialaska

    He can’t hit the side of the barn from the inside.

  • Cdub12344321

    Cough, cough our team sucks! I agree with slot of you I hate to see it happen, but please champ and Dawkins both these guys deserve a ring! Both of then bust there ass week in and week out and honestly champ isn’t what he used to be as we seen yesterday when megaton burned him! Send them to a team who could possibly take it next year find us some young cb’s. Also cross our fingers that Moore and Carter develop into superstars and go from there. Another thing that is killing me is how we are always sleeping on a good RB! Lance ball was doing great yesterday and just because Moreno has a bigger name base he is still getting more carries…….. I was hoping to see fox give Johnson a chance…..even with bad qb play McGee and ball could really beat a defense up!

  • Matt

    Tebow a great guy and a hard worker but sorry i just dont see it happening.He just is not a NFL QB he doesnt know when to get rid of ball and looks scared and lost back there when the pressure comes.I think the Broncos fans should get over Tebow and go back to Orton not saying u will alot more games with Orton but at least wont get sacked everytime he drops back and knows when to get rid of the ball

  • Matt

    Hey Broncos fans what are u gonna do next start chanting Quinn Quinn Quinn!!!!.Let the coach and GM make the decisions they never should of benched Orton in the first place at least he had the Broncos in games Tebow is just awful at this point.               Stephen Tullochs Tebow pose LMAO

  • TinFL

    This reply is to Miles, but conveniently one cannot reply to the blue star folks . . .
    The sad truth is that we don’t have an offensive or defensive line.
    It used to be, if the opposing defense managed two sacks, that was an embarrassment for the offense.
    Now, our opposing defenses feel if they don’t get six sacks, they haven’t played well.
    Didn’t matter who the QB was; GB scores 49 or DL scores 45.
    The whole team needs revamped; both sides.
    Been a die-hard Bronco fan for 41 years; can’t remember both our offense and defense being this poor.
    John Elway said it would take three years to rebuild.  Do we have that long?
    Pat Bowlen has owned the team near 28 years.  Other cities are looking.
    If this team goes 2-14 . . . don’t be surprised by your worst nightmare; this team could be gone. 
    Better be some deep pockets in Denver.  This could be the real fire-sale.
    You heard it here first. 

  • Anonymous


    (deep breath)


    You’re predicting that the Broncos are moving? bwahahahaha haahahahahahahahahah.

    hoo boy, that’s good stuff.

  • SDBroncoFan

    Socalbronco7 is right on.  I saw 3 short passes called in the first 3 qtrs and Tim made them.  He was asked to throw long balls or QB draw and with the O-line it was not going to happen.  Not until the middle of the 4th qtr did they start with short passes and screen passes.  The running game opened some and we scored a TD.  Even the announcers on 2 different networks commented on the play calling.  The team needs to rebuild, but it has to start with the coaches down!

  • Broncotalk

    You should absolutely be able to reply to anyone, including “blue star folk” (those are writers for BroncoTalk). Did you try logging in? Anyone else have this issue?

  • Broncotalk

    This is Monty, side admin, I’m mobile, had to login anonymously.

  • Bry


  • Anonymous

    I am not a Broncos fan.  I appreciate good football.  However, I am a Tim Tebow fan.  I would like to point out that the first year Jim Kelly was QB for the Buffalo Bills they went 4-12. 

    in days gone by teams would draft a QB and bench him for 2 or 3 years, giving him time to develop.  Unfortunately, many QBs of today who would be greatr if they were properly developed are ruined by the rush to start them.  Tim Tebow is one of those QBs that everyone knew was going to need developement time.  The shame is that he is not getting what everyone knew he needs.

    To compound the matter, you have a joke for a head coach.  Look at Carolina.  They may not be winning yet but they are in every game; that is with a new coach and another new QB.  I knew Denver was making a mistake by signing him to coach.

    I think the simplest solution to the Tim Tebow problem is sitting in Denver’s own executive offices.  They have HOF QB John Elway high in their organization.  It would certainly not hurt for one of the sport’s great QBs to take one of his downlines under his wing and help develop him into the fine team general he can be.

    Tim Tebow is a good person.  The Detroit Lions are a bunch of skunks.  The Broncos should never let ANYONE disrespect their QB like the Lions have been doing since Sunday.  Tim Tebow is a decent, hard working and by all indications, a righteous man.  In a time when everyone talks about the “hoods and the punks” in the world of professional sports, one would think a dedicated Christian who walks the walk would be considered a breath of fresh air.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I simply disagree.

    Our defensive line has improved from last season. Dumervil is back, Ayers has picked it up, Bunkley and Thomas are more or less workmen in the middle.

    We’re flailing at linebacker; I love Woodyard but when he whiffs he really whiffs. Mays plays with spirit but he has too many misses. DJ Williams. I dunno. I’m a big DJ fan from way back. I want to say good things about him but I can’t help think he’s suffered too much from mistreatment as a player. I suspect if we do trade him, he’ll light it up on a new team, but he’s got so much baggage here he can’t.

    Miller is damn good.

    Our secondary is a mix of old players on the decline and young players in serious need of some real experience. I don’t have a problem with that as long as our young players develop. Right now I see this team as rebuilding. If we’ve got some young guys who can make their mistakes now but learn the game, maybe in a couple years they’ll help turn this team around. Guys like Von Miller.

    I don’t think the overall talent level on the team is actually bottom of the league. I think the defense is, currently, mediocre and cannot stand being on the field as much as it is. People talk about how the quarterback doesn’t play defense, but the best defense is a good offense. Longer, sustained drives to give the other team fewer opportunities to score. That was the formula while we had Jake Plummer, and it worked for awhile.

    We need somewhere between 6-8 really solid young player pickups to get this team out of the dregs, without losing the hearts of our existing young guys.

    And I really hate to say it, but I think we need to give Champ an opportunity to get a ring and let him go to team that can win before he’s too old to play. I don’t think this team is winning a ring while he’s still on the field. But who knows. He could hang out another 4-6 years, and a good rebuild could see us winning again in 4-5.

  • Dooon

    Tebow sucks and will continue to suck because he sucks he nneds to be a fullbackl

  • Dooon

    Your dead right. Tebow can’t play NFL style and will kill the Denver Bronco in 2011…Suck for Luck

  • Zabu

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, learn patience, and remember the past, then you will have a good perspective. Any movie you have loved usually has the hero getting there butt whooped and getting it together. I am a big bronco fan, and believe getting whopped instead of just having a close loss is the best thing for a new QB. Lowering expectations gives less pressure and opportunity to grow, even fruit has to ripen. Now as far as fans goes…stay the course. Stay in your seat, regardless of the outcome… it’s the Broncos…we will rise yet again, and watch the NFL video montage, which will be even sweeter.

  • anthony33

    The most disappointing thing for me is it appears he has gone backward from last year.  Way backward.  I may have a short memory, but I certainly don’t recall him being nearly this bad a year ago.

    Perhaps Orton, if he would accept a back-up role, could act as a mentor/ coach to help Tebow with the mental side of things.  Similar to the way Kubiak helped Elway.  

    Of course the chances of this happening are slim and none, but Orton does seem to be the type that would make a very good coach. Orton hurt his free agent value with his poor start to the point where I don’t think any team would look at him as a starter.   Would be interesting if he could get his head in the right place.

    As for TT… whew.

  • Ian Henson

     The Broncos have lost three games by three points.

  • ronster

    The bigger picture is that Tebow will be Bronco history before next season commences, so try to get some money back from your “15” shirt while you can.  Development of TT is not in the cards, so let it go.  Mainly, he’s too divisive within the fan base to hold onto.  [Unfortunately, other teams now know this so his trade value is low.]  Who would have guessed that so many fans would chant for TT while Orton was still #1 and doing ok.  I think I saw Orton lose heart in the midst of all that criticism.  It’s sad.  Fans: support your team better!!  TT is a team liability because of his fans’ tendencies.  It has to be fixed to move back to civility.  Second, how can we sign decent receivers with TT failing to be timely or accurate?  We can’t, and that’s too big of a liability too.  Even if TT gets noticably better in the second half of the season, he’s a goner.  Rebuilding requires it.

  • Cdub12344321

    Couldnt disagree more! I’ve been a broncos fan since 97 take it I’m not that old. I have been through the ups and downs with my broncs and we have been down for awhile. I really think we are being hard on our qb. You have to take in all the factors o line sucks, he wasn’t getting any help from the running backs. Lastly the play calling is horrendous I could call out our next play fox needs to spice up his play calling. I’m tired of seeing run on first and secound then try to pass on third loosen tebow up. Throw more screens we have to much speed on the field not to be using it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ronster

    I think one of the things about being a sound and supportive fan (since 1976 here) is to realize that the staff is actually smarter than us.  They see all week what we see in 3 hours.  They are pros.  We, well, not so much.  Iirc, Orton was getting pretty good protection.  Did the o-line change?  Spice it up?  I thought that was what Tebow was for, as every offensive play seems like a wild adventure to me.  Don’t get me wrong — I want him to do well because that’s who the coaches have selected as my qb — but the proTebow folks have a lot of gall asking us to take it easy on Tebow after the rude treatment they rained on my previous qb.  

  • SoCalBronco7