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Published on 10/31/2011 at Mon Oct 31 09:54.
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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos looks to pass against the Detroit Lions during the first quarter at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 30, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Last Week, Tim Tebow gave us the Miracle on the 34th Yard Line, where Santa Claus himself basically came down and gave Tim Tebow magical abilities for 5 minutes of football. For some people, this covered up 55 minutes of pretty much rotten play. For some people, this 55 minutes was explained away by bad play calling or any number of other excuses.

Here’s the thing: Even bad NFL quarterbacks can hit open receivers regularly.

For example, let’s take Chris Simms. You remember him, right? He could put the ball in a trash can 60 yards away. We remember what he was like as a quarterback. Tim Tebow, though? He misses open receivers. They sacrifice their minds, bodies and souls trying to get to the ball, and they might get their fingertips on it. But since it’s behind them, they drop it. Over. And. Over. Again.

Of course, this the receiver’s fault. Even I started falling for it, but luckily slow-mo let me see Eddie Royal trying desperately to catch a ball behind him.

For one brief drive at the beginning of the game, I began to think maybe there was something to Tebow magic. But apparently two hands on the ball isn’t control and that touchdown was called back, and that pretty much was the best play from Tebow until late enough in the game that it didn’t matter anymore. Seven sacks. Two turnovers that provided points. No ability to sustain a drive, control the ball. Short, easy passes, the announcers said, to get him into rhythm. But Tebow isn’t a rhythm passer. He’s a “spread offense-make something happen with his sheer natural talent” kind of passer. He is Reggie Bush as a quarterback. Maybe slightly better — he beat Reggie Bush last week.

In the NFL, natural talent isn’t enough. Pure dedication isn’t enough. You have to combine talent with dedication and skill.

Maybe Tebow can learn that skill, but in two games, he hasn’t yet. Maybe by the end of the season he might be able to. I was pretty confident coming into the season that the earliest Tim Tebow would be ready to be a quarterback would be 2013, but the way he played out there Sunday makes that estimate feel conservative.

  • King

    The O-line was spotty under Orton also.  Neither QB has handled the pressure correctly.  One has 7 years in the league.  The other has 5 starts. 

  • Mason20

    I remember Steve Young who did not fit the porotype for quarterback and tampa let him go. he did very nicely in SF. I remember him being on a very bad Tampa team.

  • Mason20

    I could not agree more you can not put a loss on one player. Can Tebow improve sure he can.  Football is a team sport.  you have to put that loss on everyone from Fox down.   We are being too hard on one player

  • Dante Pakistan

    4. Favre’s 1st season in Minnasota was a MVP type season

  • Dante Pakistan

    Tebow is awful, I feel bad for him cause he seems like a good guy but wow, he is awful.

  • kerry

    yeah you forgot something, we didnt play the Dolphins sunday. Tebow came back against a team worse then the Broncos. and just stop with the whole “Elway was bad in the beginning too” nonsense. Tebow isnt anywhere near as talented as John Elway. Elway actually can complete a pass and came out of Stanford with NFL caliber Ability. Tebow didnt and doesnt have NFL talent. all his COLLEGE accomplishments mean ZERO when it comes to the NFL. otherwise Tebow would have been drafted ahead of Sam Bradford. yet for some reason he wasnt. care to tell me why?

    oh and yeah the defense played bad but even if the defense played well and gave up 11 points, we still would have lost. Tebow didnt do jackS**T offensively. and how many straight 3 and outs did Tebow have?? how many overthrown passes and underthrown passes did he have?? yeah not the defenses fault either. and that pick 6 sure as hell wasnt the defenses fault.

    do you even watch the game? Tebow is downright terrible. his passes have no zip and no spiral, his delivery is slower then then U.S. Mail, terrible footwork, no patience in the pocket. all teams have to do is make Tebow actually be a QB and he is exposed as a fraud.

  • kerry

    bravo Herc bravo. common sense at its finest.

  • kerry

    dude we scored a garbage time TD which equals nothing. Detroit had long stopped stacking the box when we got that TD. stop grasping for straws.

  • Anonymous

    Mark my words, friend; Denver will hate the day they were out-foxed by signing Fox to coach.

  • Anonymous

    That is regardless of who your QB is.

  • Anonymous

    good to have you back. 

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Did you give Orton that same chance?

  • Anonymous

    Marcus Thomas has easily been the biggest beneficiary of the coaching change.  Bunkley was a really good pick-up as well.

  • Anonymous

    Newsflash, Elway has worked with Tebow.

  • Anonymous

    Of course not because it was all his fault.  Now quit screwing with the narrative.

  • Anonymous

    I said it before.  If Tebow remains a Bronco he will be a Steve Sewell type of player.  Though Sewell was a more accurate passer.

  • TinFL

    E. Halsey . . . .  I stand corrected.
    There are many who feel that stat’s are misleading at best.  But just to make sure, I went to NFLdotCom to check on stats anyway.
    The Denver Bronco’s have the 20th best defense . . . the Green Bay Packer’s have the 28th, and the New England Patriots have the 32nd and worst defense in the NFL.
    Both GB and NE are in the top five in offense.  The DB’s are 27th.
    So, if one believes the stats . . .
    If we had the offense that we had three years ago (statistically the best), there is a chance that we could have been the best team in football.
    There are two old adages to playing football;
    Defense; If the other team cannot score, the worst we do is a 0-0 tie.
    Offense; If we cannot stop them, we have to outscore them.
    We don’t need a new defense . . . we need an offense . . . thanks Josh.

  • King

    What an ignorant statement.  Tebow will end up in the mission field whether he makes it in the NFL or not, sooner or later. 

  • King

    Obviously, you are a non-Broncos fan.  Why waste your time at a Broncos site?  Geesh

  • SoCalBronco7

    I agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000 %

  • SoCalBronco7

    This post does exactly what 99% of the Tebow posts are doing: they are taking the focus away from the real problem. It is not about Tim Tebow but about our whole football team. THE BRONCOS ARE A BAD FOOTBALL TEAM IN BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL AND THE SIDELINES! 

    There is no denying that Tim Tebow is struggling big time. If you did not expect that, you live in a dream world and you do not follow the NFL. Everyone is asking the question: Is Tim Tebow going to be a successful NFL QB? Wrong question my friends. The right question is: Can Tim Tebow is his present state and development help the Broncos become a better team and lead them back to winning this year or next year? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

    People are wondering if Tebow, Quinn, Orton, Luck, Barkley or Superman is the right QB for the Broncos. IT DOES NOT MATTER. There is not enough combination of talent and experience in front of the QB, on the sides, or behind him to help win football games. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Breese, Peyton Manning in their first year will probably do better that Tebow but not by a lot. The Broncos with anyone of the above at the helm in their rookie year would have had the same record. ( I still think that if Tebow had started the Raiders and the Chargers game we would have at least one more win but it is irrelevant).

    We need to face the reality that it will take 2-3 years for the Broncos to become relevant again. It was completely evident last Sunday against Detroit and on the Green Bay game. Just stop for a second and evaluate the product we put on the field compared to the Lions:

    1) One of the best young QB’s who is getting more experienced and better every year vs a rookie QB with no experience learning the game with sub par talent around him and one of the all time worst offensive coordinators calling his plays and a glorified defensive coordinator for a Head Coach that has no clue how to help him.

    2) The best receiver in the NFL vs a receiver who played one game in a year and a half.

    3) A cohesive experienced offensive line vs an offensive line that cannot pass protect for 3 seconds unless the QB lines up in the punt formation!

    4) One of the best and nastiest pass rushing defensive lines in the NFL vs a line that if you take Von Miller out cannot get to the waterboy to get some water. 

    5) An impostor offensive coordinator that is so inept in his job it is really, really, really, really sad. I suggest that someone replaces the sound in his ear phones and feeds him the sound from the TV announcers. 99% of the time they call better plays than he does. (By the way, if they do not get rid of this guy nothing will help the Broncos offensively).

    The final score Sunday was reflective of all the above.

    It will be a long season for our Broncos my fellow Broncomaniacs. Get off the Tebow bashing and if your stomach cannot take the rest of the year please go for a hike on Sundays instead. Take a look in our schedule and see what we have lined up. It is ridiculously hard. The question is not “Will Tebow survive this year”? The question is: “Will you”?

  • Anonymous

    News flash… I already said I am not a Broncos fan; I was merely making a suggestion about how someone inside the organization could be a help in advancing his skills.  Perhaps Elway can help him more; if not then send him off to a team that can bench him and allow him to develop.