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Published on 10/27/2011 at Thu Oct 27 07:30.
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  • Jon

    Actually, he was sacked six times. The Elias Sports Bureau on Wednesday changed his draw/sack/fumble to a rushing attempt (rightly so).

    So, Tebow escaped a sack three days after it happened.

  • Anonymous

    My thinking is that Tebow will need to string together 5-6 complete games to have any chance.

  • King

    I would rather see a QB get sacked 6 times (or 7, or 8, or 20) and win a game.  It’s funny reading all of these articles on other sites by “experts” ripping Tebow and gushing over Newton.  Newton is a pick factory. 

    Newton will be out of the NFL in 3-4 seasons. 

  • Cdub12344321

    No way is cam going anywhere! This guy is great just like tebow! If fox let’s the dog off it’s lease it could be deadly for teams espicially if we could get a speedy offense of gameplan. Think of this urban myer our offense of coordinator deadly!

  • Jon

    LOL! This “Tebowing” is really taking off! Tebow said he loved it and even Von Miller and Mark Schlereth are doing it!

  • Anonymous

    If you’re getting sacked 6+ times a game and winning you’re playing Miami every Sunday.

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