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Published on 10/19/2011 at Wed Oct 19 09:04.
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Eron Riley (13) runs in a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half of an NFL preseason football game, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo)

Exactly one year after joining the Denver Broncos practice squad, receiver Eron Riley has been called up — by the New York Jets.

The Jets signed Riley off of the Broncos practice squad on Monday, according to several reports. To replace Riley, Denver re-signed receiver D’Andre Goodwin to the squad.

The Broncos five active receivers are Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Eddie Royal, Matt Willis and Quan Cosby.

The Jets receiving corps has been hit hard by injuries and lack of productivity, so Riley is a nice pickup for them. It’s also a sad loss for the Broncos.

In preseason, Riley caught six passes for 187 yards and two touchdowns and looked like a keeper for the Broncos. Yours truly was somewhat surprised that Riley did not make the 53-man roster and even more surprised when the team did not activate him after trading fellow receiver Brandon Lloyd.

Coming in a 6-3, 207 pounds, Riley is a second year player out of Duke. We wish him the best in New York but hope that he returns to Denver someday.

  • Monty

    I’m really disappointed by this. Riley had potential. What’s with New York teams picking off our practice squad receivers?!

    Best of luck kid.

  • Jon

    The Broncos play the Jets in Week 11 on Thursday Night Football (at home). Watch Riley ball out against us.

    If he goes on to have a good stint with New York it’ll really suck, the Broncos should have activated him.

  • Anonymous

    please don’t go there.. Riley sucks! He wasn’t on the practice squad because he isn’t handsome.. He’s not better than any of our receivers.. to add to it he’s on a Run fist team with a QB who is just as suspect as our’s 

  • Jon

    He’s as good as Quan Cosby. And with time, I believe the Broncos could have groomed him into becoming a solid receiver.

  • whatsmyfox

    We’ll see how this turns out. The FEX triumvirate don’t get a free pass on personnel moves forever. We’re watching and keeping score baby…and we’re sick of getting the short straw.
    And don’t give me the other team needs a good deal too, that’s BS. Think New England care if the other team gets a good deal? 

  • Anonymous

    ummm…yeah…we tried the “New England Way” experiment…didn’t go so well.

  • whatsmyfox

    jeez louise bud, the point is not to give away players for nothing and help an opponent…comprendo?  

  • Darwin

    Had one great pre-season game.  He is not going to be the next big thing in New York.  Royal and Thomas were hurt and he had not been activated.  Enough said… no big deal!

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to keep Eron, but he was on the practice squad, who do you inactivate to keep a fifth/sixth receiver safe?

  • Dante Pakistan

    Much worse things have happened.

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