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Published on 10/14/2011 at Fri Oct 14 06:14.
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Apparently the entire Internet took a day off “being the Internet” to talk about Tim Tebow yesterday. And we mean the entire Internet: from Don Banks to Matthew Berry to Hulk Hogan to Die Hard movie producers. Welcome to the World Wide TeboW.

  • Richard A. Lopez

    “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” ~ Christopher Reeve

  • Mike Birtwistle

    I’m a bit worried that there are starting to be some logical discussions about Tebow out there, and of course Hulk Hogan.

  • Anonymous

    Hot 5 week start?  Wouldn’t you try to make Tebow try and beat you through the air right from the start?

  • Anonymous

    He’s starting now.  The narrative is now being geared to how the Broncos want him to fail.
    I don’t care if he loses the next 11 games or wins the next 11.  I want to see if he can learn and improve.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, if I’m Miami I’m stacking the box and blitzing all out on every play and forcing Tebow to read the coverage and beat me with the throw.

    Miami has a pretty good defense and people can talk about “suck for luck” all they want. Those players aren’t going out there to get beat by Tebow and embarrassed, especially with the coming highlights because they will be playing 24/7 until Tebow plays again.

    This is going to be a great first week litmus test (win or loss) to see exactly where Tebow is and how much improvement needs to be made by the end of the season to keep him around.

  • Hansen

    Yep, exactly.  Look for defenses to try to confine him to the pocket and make him play from his weakness.

  • 12508

    Spread offense is the way to go. Blitz all you want. Getting rid of Lloyd makes no sense at this point. Lloyd is a good player that comes to play. We have to pay some of these players. Pay the good ones that help,play hurt,and are not a problem. Why do we keep getting rid of players that play to win? The plan should be to fill this roster with as many good players as we can. I don’t want 5th round picks for XANDERS to screw up with third string te’s. Funny how we want to trade Lloyd for a 5th but won’t give up a 5th for santonio holmes or Boldin. Seems like we want to get worse.

  • King

    I hope and pray miami does that.  They will get burned the way SD did with Moreno. 

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree.  Its worked pretty well against Vick thus far.  

    The other piece is the screen pass.  In all the games hes played, Tebow has sold them well enough that a lot of his scores through the air come of 20-30 yard screen passes to the HB.  That’s not going to happen as often anymore now that teams know its coming.  Its like play action: it can’t stand on its own and it only works if you’re doing other things well.  

    But as you said, that all goes into the litmus test.  Let’s see what Tim can do through the air when the coaches are asking him to make short and medium passes with a lot of accuracy.  We know Tim can make the deep throw, but will he have enough time for the routes to develop if Miami is blitzing every play?  O line play is going to matter a lot too.  

  • Anonymous

    One thing I’ve been pleasantly surprised with has been the degree to which John Fox has let Mike McCoy modify our offensive game plan.  Maybe I’m an idiot, but it seems to me that in a league that is purposefully crafting rules to encourage the success of passing offenses, it seems stupid to create an offense that thinks its playing in the year 1990.  I think we can all agree that Josh McDaniels was an idiot and his personnel decisions were, in totality, borderline retarded, but the spread offense is, like, the future, man.  

    So I’m happy to see that when Fox said the new offense would be a mix of his run-first, 3 yards and a cloud of dust and the previous regime’s spread, he actually meant it.    The spread offense gives Tebow the best chance to succeed, so use it.  Don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole.  It would be a euphemism to say that Tebow struggles with being under center.  And it looks like they get it.  Or, at least, they agree with my armchair GM-ing.  

  • Anonymous

    That was one play and a short field.  Hardly burned.

  • Anonymous

    Borderline retard?  The only thing I would say is that if the spread offense was all that great at the NFL level more teams would be using it.  It works great in college because of the talent distribution.  Like the wild whatever it is not something you want to use all of the time.

  • Anonymous

    Which good young receiver are you willing to part with to keep Lloyd?

  • virginiabronco

    JDK, why such a Tebow hater?  Do you enjoy being 1 -4?  Did you enjoy the 4- 12 season last year?  Or maybe you were thrilled with the 8 -8 season in ’09 when KO couldn’t win one game out of the last 5 to get us in the playoffs.

    IT’s time to see what we have sitting on the bench and hopefully prepare for a brighter future.

  • 12508

    Lloyd is the only proven wr on this team. How about we get rid of one of the te’s? We could cut all of them to keep Lloyd. We have been waiting on Moreno for how long? We could be waiting for Thomas forever too.

  • Danno

    No one gets traded. 

    Blitzing Vick is nothing like blitzing Tebow.  Tebow is 240 lbs and Vick is 150 lbs. 

    Let the kid play a little before everyone starts crying about it.  He will get picked…So what…He is a baby QB.  He will likely get injured too running so much…So what…He is a baby QB.  Let’s just enjoy him extending plays for a while. 

  • King

    Not just that, but Vick can’t take a hit.  And defenses are aware of that.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a point to make?  Other than you can’t read.

  • Anonymous

    Vick is 215, is a better passer and is faster than Tebow so yeah blitzing Vick is nothing like blitzing Tebow.

  • anthony33

    Did I just hear Shefty say both Lloyd and Royal have requested trades and are both on the block?  What the heck?