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Published on 10/13/2011 at Thu Oct 13 21:21.
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Lloyd has made all of the tough catches for the Broncos, but doesn't seem to have great rhythm with quarterback Tim Tebow. He's also come across as a diva receiver at times. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

The NFL’s trade deadline is next Tuesday.  Let the rumors begin!

Earlier today, Kyle noted in the daily links that the Broncos may try to deal linebacker D.J. Williams and wide receiver Brandon Lloyd on the trading block.  Late this afternoon, Mike Klis of the Denver Post reported that Lloyd is in fact on the trading block.

Per Klis, there are three or four teams that are currently interested in Lloyd, the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers among them (I can just imagine Cam Newton having Steve Smith and Lloyd as his two main receivers!).  Getting value for Lloyd now would be a good move for the Broncos, as he will be a free agent after this season.

The Broncos are reportedly looking for a 3rd-4th round draft selection in exchange for Lloyd, which could help them in rebuilding their defensive unit.  Lloyd will probably be asking for more money than the Broncos are willing to give him next offseason, so it’s not surprising that the team is shopping him.

As Klis pointed out, the Broncos will also have receivers Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal back from injury following the bye, solidifying Denver’s receiving corps with Eric Decker‘s emergence.  With quarterback Tim Tebow under center, the Broncos will also have a run oriented offense, one which will have no need for a high-paid receiver that gets disgruntled when not receiving the ball.

Personally, I think the Broncos should make this happen.  Lloyd is 30 years old and has only one notable season in nine years — his value will never be as high as it is now.  Rather than letting him walk next offseason, why not get another draft selection for him now?

  • Dakota Fan

     Brandon Lloyd on the trading block, with the bosses actively trying to trade him??? I was shocked at the headline and thinking they were going brain dead until I read the article. I’m a believer- Mike Klis could convert Ahmadinijad to a Southern Baptist.     

  • Strawdog

    Yup, smart move.  Lloyd is a good receiver but he’s not Andre Johnson good.  We have great, young, inexespensive receivers to mature with our young QB.  And, we won’t have to use money and cap space to sign Lloyd…more left for top flight DTs and CBs.  I like.

    PS: Funny line Dakota Fan!

  • Monty

    Lloyd’s always been a big Orton supporter. Wonder if he’s reacted poorly to the benching and the Broncos find they need to cut him loose?

  • crazykid

    I’m surprised they’re asking only a 3rd/4th round pick.

  • Tarsisius

    Not Williams!!!

  • Jpkennedy66

    Trade him high!!! He can go with Orton as a package deal!! 

  • Gary

    I would rather see Woodyard in there instead of DJ.  He has talent just doesn’t use it to full potential.  Get what you can for him and go younger. 

  • King

    I wouldn’t doubt it.  LLoyd seems to be a prima donna.

  • Crater

    Good question _ actually I thought he was viewed as prematurely pro Tebo. If this is a reaction to Demaryius coming back, I think that is switching all pro for tissue paper athlete – show me the wanna, y’know.

  • Crater

    Not buying it. Llpyd’s a young 30,goes up and gets the ball, is intelligent in his leadership. Who made up this diva, anti tebo stuff, he is on the radio all the time and I have heard zero to back this up..

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Kyle Orton may well be the ultimate professional in the locker room and the meetings but I do wonder about Lloyd.  Cash in if the Broncos can.  I’d take a 5th going to a 2nd if he re-signs.

  • 5280

    It touches a nerve to see that hes on the trading block because of all he’s done in the last couple of years, but it does make sence tho. he’s gettin older, he has only one really good season under his belt, we have young good talent, his value is high right now so we could get a good pick for him, just sounds right. but if no one wants him ill be glad to keep him. his acrobatics can get Tebow out of some hot water.

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  • Dante Pakistan

    Another step in the Suck for Luck campaign.

  • Paterade

    This is dumb. He is the only proven playmaker we have at WR.

  • Anonymous

    Not really. Lloyd is great, but his NFL shelf-life is more than halfway over. Why not get something for him while you still can?

  • rcsodak

    Monty, the conspiracy theorist. Lol

  • rcsodak

    Lloyd has done/said nothing since being a Bronco to receive the vitrial some here are spewing. But I see its the same ones over and over, so it doesn’t carry much weight.

    Lloyd just said this week this team had, in his mind, the best receiving corp in the league. Yep, thats derisive. Last year when TT was the qb, he had nothing but good to say about him. While KO was the qb, the same thing.
    I guess asking to be more involved in the offense to help the team succeed is nowadays being ‘diva-ish’.
    Personally, I hope he goes to St Louis and kicks ass. And not kc/sd to kick denver’s.

  • Monty

    I’d wager we’d have the most inexperienced pass-catchers in the league without Lloyd.

  • Monty

    I think the fact that the Broncos haven’t re-upped him says the most. If he’s going to be a free agent at the end of this season (which he will be as things stand now), yes, trade him while you can.

    Respectfully, I think the shelf-life argument is being overstated. 30 is one year away from 29. Lloyd’s not that old.

  • Monty

    When I put my conspiracy theorist hat on, I think you’re right about this. With only 5 draft picks next year, the Broncos could be stockpiling picks for 2012.

  • Monty

    That’s fair. I have nothing to support my theory other than the fact that Lloyd was complaining about his amount of touches a few weeks ago. Fast forward to Week 5 where he was one catch and a QB change and I imagined some malcontent.

  • Monty

    And when I REALLY put that conspiracy theorist hat on, it kinda feels like the Broncos are sabotaging Tebow’s 11-game trial to MAKE SURE they “Suck for Luck.”

    /takes off conspiracy theorist hat

  • Kaotickam07

    totally agree Lloyd must go… especially after the Broncos going public with putting Lloyd on the trading block and if they dont trade him he will just make more drama for Denver to handle and he prolly not gonna be a Bronco next year so might as well get some value outta him. As well they need their young receiver corps to get some more action especially with Royal, D. and J. Thomas coming back. Lloyd is expendable and a liability.

  • Anonymous

    I agree for the most part.
    I think Lloyd has skill-sets that most WRs in the league don’t, which makes him valuable. However, he’s either 30 or will be 30 before season’s end, which de-values him a tad.

    On to the “cancer” talk or “anti-Tebow” talk… Lloyd worked out with Tebow this offseason. Lloyd said it’s time to see what Tebow can do and that he wished Orton well in Miami. Yes he said Orton was the best QB he’s ever played with (remember, he played with Tebow for 3 games); however, I didn’t take that as a knock on Tebow.

    Lloyd has been overly vocal in things, and there might be rumblings that he is always the “unnamed source” when controversies end up being news article in the paper/national media. If that’s true, I can understand that there would be a trust issue between Lloyd and A) Teammates and B) the Organization. If a player can’t be trusted, you must get rid of him. That however is only conjecture. There is no real “meat” to that claim unless someone from the organization, Lloyd himself, or some very trusted news person (Schefter) says that Lloyd was the person who talked to him. The latter will never happen, cause that person would basically lose the trust of every player in the league and never get a “scoop” or interview again.

    As it comes to recent things with Orton being benched and Tebow replacing him. Lloyd did say on the radio that he didn’t like it but is professional and will go with it. Does that equate to him not liking Tebow or deciding to be a cancer? I don’t think so, but then again, I’m not in the locker room and on the other end of the phone with him. 

    All in all, I think Lloyd is a great WR who I’d love to have for Tebow to grow with and develop chemistry with. I think that we have other very talented WRs on our team that *could step up if Lloyd is shipped though. I really like Willis. I know he hasn’t done much in the regular season, but at least last year and occasionally in the preseason, Tebow and Willis have shown really good chemistry, so maybe starting reps would help develop that, which would make the sting of Lloyd being gone a bit easier to bear. If D-Thomas can stay healthy (I have my doubts), he has shown to be a monster, and he will grow with Tebow and develop I’m sure a great chemistry with him. 

    Other than that, we have Decker who Tebow has chemistry with, and we have Royal who just yesterday said that Tebow is a weapon and he’s glad that another weapon is being added to the offense. We can always bring Enron Riley up from the practice squad if we really want to stretch the field. He is a huge question mark because he doesn’t appear to be a good route runner, but DAMN can that kid fly!!! I can definitely see a few long bombs from Tebow to him down the middle of the field.

    I think that when you add it all up, Lloyd is a weapon that any team can use, but he is also not our only WR, so losing him will probably be less impactful than if we lost McGahee. Besides, this is his last year under contract. We have contacted his agent for an extension, but none of us know if Lloyd is asking too much money, or just plain doesn’t want to be on our team anymore after this year. If either of those are true, then it is a no brainer to try to trade him for something, because we’ll end up getting a 6th or 7th round compensatory pick for him if we just let him walk. a 5th round pick (low low low value) is still better than a 6th round compensatory pick. Remember, compensatory picks are ALWAYS lower than we expect.

    I love you Lloyd. I hope you stay, but I’ll understand if you go.

  • Hansen

    Stockpiling picks is exactly what is needed.  This team has many holes as has been discussed many times and draft picks are the answer.  Jettison the age and make way for more youth.  The Broncos have to prepare for the long term and if that means Lloyd, DJ, Dawk, or others – do it. 

  • Anonymous

    Keep it on.

    You take a borderline QB that the front office and coaching staff clearly doesn’t care for and you trade away his best wideout?  Hmm…

    I think the Tebow disciples are going to be PISSED next year.

  • Guest

    If this is in fact true, then it is one more reason we should all believe that FEX is setting Tebow up for failure.  They have shown absolutely no commitment towards him being the future of this football team until last week, and now they are trying to get rid of his strongest weapon at the receiver position.  Sounds to me like they don’t want Tebow on this football team any longer then the end of this season.  I have been a Denver fan since I have been four years old (a diehard Denver fan at that), but if they end up showing Tebow the door just because they don’t believe in him, then I am really considering following another football team.  Tebow continues to prove everyone wrong, but it seems like he is doomed to fail without the organization’s backing.  I am quickly turning into a Tebow fan rather than a Broncos fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Lloyd needs to shut the hell up and play football, instead of crying to the media over the whole qb fiasco, but I also saw him take Tebow aside in the fourth quarter and mentor him a little bit last week.  After that Tebow and Lloyd hooked up for a nice pass. I could see a good tandem growing here.  FEX needs to swallow their pride and start backing Tebow.  Give him the tools to succeed.  This kid is a franchise quarterback.  How people can’t see that is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    Why does that require a conspiracy theorist hat?

  • Anonymous

    Did the Broncos bring back the 3 amigos or something?  Please go find another team.

  • Matt

    My first reaction to this was…is Josh McDaniels still trading away talented players in Broncoland?  However, it does make sense to get some value for a disgruntled receiver with one quality year on his resume.  I just worry about the health/durability of Thomas and Royal. 

  • Hansen

    Interesting comments.  Tim Tebow is not the Denver Broncos, and neither is Lloyd.  He will have his audition over the next 11 games, maybe longer if he shows he can produce in the way EFX want him to produce.  EFX are doing what needs to be done, in their way, for the long term benefit of the TEAM.  The potential trading of a 30 yr old journeyman WR is not the end of the world.  As a Broncos fan you trust that Elway & Co. are setting the stage to assemble more youth and talent that will help the team win with Tebow @ QB or maybe *gasp* another QB.  If Tebow gets the call then don’t you agree more draft pics from trades resulting in a stronger run game will help him?  And if more draft picks result in a stouter defense that would help him too? 

    This team sucks overall.  But if you can’t think past Tebow and/or Lloyd and look long term then perhaps you should find another team.

  • 12508

    You can never have enough good players on a team. We need a lot more of them. I think everyone can agree that Lloyd is a good player. I don’t think he has been a problem in the locker room. We don’t know what Thomas will bring. We don’t even know how long Thomas can stay on the field. Lloyd might be 30 but how old is Champ? Lloyd plays hurt. Do we really trust efx with extra picks? How much is it going to take to sign Lloyd? He knows he is not a top wr so he won’t get paid like one. I would rather have Lloyd happy and on this roster. How many good players are we going to get rid of? It just seems like we just want to get worse. Who is next? Clady,Doom,or Champ? What would efx do with the pick? Take another te? TAKE CARE OF THE PLAYERS ON THIS ROSTER THAT HELP US WIN.

  • King

    Nah. Even though we all know that would please you. 

    An honest appraisal of the situation yields the same conclusion:  Lloyd drops too many passes and is too quick to fold after the catch.  He does not run through his catches for extra yards since he is afraid to take a hit.  A quick scan of all of his catches is all it takes. 

  • Dante Pakistan

    Glad I’m not the only here who doesn’t lick the sweat off Tebows balls!

  • King

    30 is borderline for a wideout in the NFL.  Very few are effective after that, with a few exceptions:  Jerry Rice, TO, Randy Moss.  Lloyd is not in that league. 

  • Noskills07

    Probably nobody would be for this but, Lloyd for Brandon Jacobs and a draft pick? 

  • anthony33

    I like Lloyd, period.  If he indeed is the infamous ” insider at the top of the organization” then it’s an entirely different story.  I seriously doubt it’s Lloyd 
     as all receivers generally talk up whoever is playing QB (TO the exception) as they want the ball thrown their way.When I first saw this my thought was WTF, you have to be kidding me.  Get rid of the best offensive weapon they have, what are you thinking.  But, if you consider the fact the Lloyd is 30 and the Bronx are a good 2-3 years from being a good team (and that’s with great drafting), then why keep older high priced talent when you’re shooting for 8-8.  If all goes well, Lloyd would be 32-33 and well past his time.  So, if they can trade him for the right price and build through young talent that will be here when the tide turns, then go for it.