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Published on 10/13/2011 at Thu Oct 13 06:55.
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  • Anonymous

    Ship our best receiver off to another team for a draft pick?  What simple minded idiot would even contemplate a bone headed move like that…oh yeah…glad he’s gone.  DJ to the Eagles seems more likely.

  • Jon

    I think if the Broncos are serious about shopping Lloyd, they should get good value for him now. He’s getting up there and they have other young receivers.  Plus, Lloyd doesn’t seem to be the team-first type of player.

    As for Williams, I think that was just made up.  I spoke to several people that said the Broncos and Eagles haven’t even talked.

  • Jump on it

    I like how the article about DJ being traded had a picture of Woodyard in it instead of DJ.  I’m for both of these trades.  I love both of these guys and the sentimental part of me would love to see them retire here, but DJ is expensive and Lloyd will be expensive next year.  Both are getting older and lets face it, we are rebuilding.  If we get two 2nd rounders for these guys….jump on it.

  • Anonymous

    So far Lloyd has had one good year.  Even though it will not be his fault if he does not produce this year like he did last year.  I doubt the Broncos would get a second round pick for Lloyd.  Stocking up on picks is a pretty good idea though I would hate to see DJ leave.

  • Anonymous

    If our best receiver who has had one good year and is 30 years old got us a second round pick it would be simple minded not to make that move.

  • King

    I agree.  The only position on the offense where age is not a factor is QB.  Unless of course the QB is pushing 40.  lol

    Our season is almost lost anyways.  If we can younger, quality players and good value for some of the aging veterans, I say go for it. 

  • David

    I would hate to see DJ go, but if the talks are true why not ship DJ and orton to the Eagles for one of their three starting CB’s. I am sure it would be Asante Samual but pair him with Champ and that is an upgrade over our current corners. I am all for trading Lloyd too, he would help out a number of teams and if we could get anywhere from a second to a fourth round for him we could upgrade our team next year as well or if Tebow fails (boy I hope he doesn’t) we would have more ammo to go up and get Andrew Luck.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know dude sometimes you just need to stick with what’s working and he has been a bright spot.  I believe he is having his second great year this year (last weeks catch in point) despite only having a couple healthy receivers.  I get the age thing, however, Rod Smith-Ed MCaffery-Sharpe were all mid 30’s and still moving the sticks. 

  • Jon

    But he’ll be needing a BIG contract to get him to stick around, why not trade that big contract in for a second round pick to address the defense?

  • Anonymous

    I would absolutely make both of those trades.  Lloyd’s talented but once Demaryius gets up to full speed I think he can replace Lloyd’s production.  Demaryius on one side, Decker on the other and Royal in the slot could be very productive.  Also DJ Williams is so overrated that if we can get a 2nd rounder or even a decent CB for him I wouldn’t even think twice about making that trade.  

  • Anonymous

    Who will fess up a second for a guy on his last year? I guess we will see, Al died.

  • Anonymous

    Lloyd is a luxury on a team like ours but not a necessity.  This is a 2-3 year rebuilding process at best and I think we’d be better served to stockpile draft picks and build a solid nucleus that will be around for years to come.