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Published on 10/12/2011 at Wed Oct 12 14:06.
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Denver Broncos wide receivers Eddie Royal (19) and Matthew Willis (12) participate in the team's training camp in 2010. (

And on the last day of practice, The Appointed One said, “Let there be targets.”

Tim Tebow‘s second day as Denver Broncos starting quarterback was a noteworthy event due to the return of a long-injured receiver, Eddie Royal, who participated in practice for the first time since Week Two. Wednesday was the last practice of the week, as all teams are required to give players Thursday through Sunday off during the bye under the new CBA agreement.

Royal is not the only weapon the Broncos plan on having back for Tebow’s Week Seven debut: wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas are also expected to return to practice following the bye.

“When we get those guys back, hopefully we can really let loose and show what kind of talent we do have at the receiver position,” Brandon Lloyd said last week. “I think it’s the best in the league.”

The Broncos certainly could have used more of that talent against the San Diego Chargers, whose secondary swarmed Lloyd, Eric Decker, and Matthew Willis, holding Broncos receivers to a mere 16 total yards combined.

“We just didn’t have a lot of looks, to be honest with you,” Kyle Orton said after the game.

With Royal and the two Thomases as options, the Broncos hope to change that aspect of their offense for Tim Tebow’s debut as starter.

  • Anonymous

    I read somewhere that as Tebow was trying to head into the huddle, Eddie Royal reached out and grabbed the hem of his practice jersey.  And lo, he was healed!

  • Darwin

    Throw the ball in their direction and the Thomas’s will go get it.  Orton was only comfortable throwing if he knew he could get a clear window.

  • Xxroc7xx

    Tebow To Thomas. Get used to it

  • Jon

    I really think Thomas can become a great receiver, he just has to stay healthy.

  • Noskills07

    I might be over exaggerating but Thomas can become a Calvin Johnson… no doubt about it. 

  • Jojo

     I’m still bothered by the story about how Thomas was hanging out with Perrish Cox on the night of his assault.  He admitted kissing the victim.  I hope this kid gets his head on straight and does not follow his mother and grandmother to the pokey.  I don’t care if he is the greatest reciever in the world, the Broncos do not need any cancers…..

  • Meh

    Three-way trade
    Denver trades Kyle Orton to Miami for a draft pick, which the Broncos then package along with Brandon Lloyd in a deal with Carolina for Jimmy Clausen.
    The Broncos named Tim Tebow
    their starter this week, but this move would give them two young QBs to
    develop and let the best one win. Coach John Fox drafted Clausen, who
    started 10 games as a rookie, when he was at Carolina.
    the Dolphins get the quarterback they wanted before the season and the
    Panthers get help at receiver to give Cam Newton another target to go
    opposite Steve Smith.

    Is Gil Brandt retarded?  Does he really believe the Broncos are going to trade the leading receiver one year ago and a draft pick for Jimmy Clausen?  Like we really need another QB controversy.  Seriously, fire that writer tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Orton heaped up the ball to Lloyd a lot. That’s why he had such great stats for half of last year because Lloyd was making acrobatic catches in double coverage.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see if he can stop being a handicap parker first

  • Anonymous

    I’m super excited to get him back but I don’t expect much for at least the first few weeks. Just seeing him stay on the field during that time would be a huge bonus.

  • Cdub122344321

    LOL! ow man i was bugging out reading this at first, I thought you was serious………

  • Anonymous

    That is the frustrating part, the kid is always hurt.

  • Shyer12

    Do you think a trade with Miami for Orton is coming up? They lost Henne for the season.