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Published on 10/12/2011 at Wed Oct 12 15:00.
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Denver's Von Miller has phenomenal potential.  (Image courtesy of Paul Cloud Photography)

Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller has recorded five sacks in five games this season, notching a sack in four consecutive games.  Just how impressive is that?  Consider the numbers below:

  • DeMarcus Ware (Dallas), Mario Williams (Houston), Dwight Freeney (Indianapolis), Terrell Suggs (Baltimore) and Brian Orakpo (Washington).  Those are just a few of the top pass rushers in the league that Miller has either matched in beaten in total sacks so far this season.
  • The only three players that have recorded more sacks than Miller through five games (Jared Allen, Jason Babin and Jason Pierre-Paul) are defensive ends who rush the passer on nearly every play.  Miller has other responsibilities as a linebacker and often only rushes on third downs.
  • The Broncos’ longest streak of consecutive games with a sack by a rookie is six games, with was set by linebacker Mike Croel in 1991.  Interestingly, Croel was a fourth overall selection by the Broncos in 1991 and won the Defensive Rookie of the Year honor that season.
  • Miller has the chance to not only match Croel’s record, but the Broncos all-time record of consecutive games with a sack, which was set by the franchises all-time sack leader Simon Fletcher (10 straight games).
  • At the pace he is on, Miller is on track to record 58 tackles and16.0 sacks this season, which would be one short of the team’s all-time record for sacks in a single season (Elvis Dumervil, 2009).

It’s safe to say that Miller is definitely in good company.  We’re looking forward to watching the rest of his historic rookie season.

  • Anonymous

    Put Simon Fletcher in the Ring of Fame!!!


  • rcsodak

    And if he continues to run himself out of plays, he’ll be stuck at 5. He’s a LB first. He best realize that soon.
    Sacks are only 1 play. If they happen on 3rd down, great. But otherwise, pressure is just as/if not MORE important, as it leads to rushed decision making. This giving up 60%+ completions week in/out is getting old.

  • cuda

    I’ll always say M. Dareus should have been the pick, Miller is the pick when you already have a great defense, not before. 

  • AKO

    You are probably right with building the defense around a DT. But Miller could be a big time star in the league if they ever become relevant again. He will be more instrumental in the type of defense Dennis Allen wants to run. 
    John Elway referred to him as the type of player to come around once every 10 years, Miller has a long career ahead of him considering he’ll be 23 by season’s end.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand your point.  Here is Marcell Dareus’ statline through 5:
    11 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 Pass Defended.

    Miller’s:18 Tackles, 5 Sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles, 2 Passes Defended

    Given that, at least through 5 games, Miller is far out-producing Dareus, why is Dareus an easier player to build around?  If you add a great pass-rushing LB one year and a good run-stuffing DT or 2 the next, why is that inherently worse than picking a good DT one year and a good pass-rusher the next?  Also, all the talk of Miller’s fit in a base scheme is stupid.  The patriots lined up in a base 3-4 Defense 40% of their snaps last season.  The evolution of pass happy offenses in the NFL goes both ways.  Defenses are playing in Nickel and Dime packages a hell of a lot more than they used too.  And it turns out that Miller is a perfect wrinkle to put in those packages because he can rush, and rush well, from pretty much anywhere on the field.  That doesn’t change if you draft a couple of DT’s next draft.   It blows my mind that Miller has put up the numbers he has thus far, and people are still complaining.  Are you waiting for him to magically turn the turf into gold before you admit that he was the right pick?

  • flbronc

    initially i wanted dareus too.  i am very happy with miller though.  as soon as he gets his pass protection down and learns when his role involves continment sometimes he is going to be great.

    simply comparing a dt’s amount of tackles to a lb’s isn’t very fair.  von’s role is all over the field, giving him more opportunities, and a big dt’s role is whats right in front of him. 

  • Anonymous

    In terms of comparing Von to Dareus, that may be a fair point, but I’m not so sure that it holds up in general.  Of the top ten sack leaders this season, 2 of them are DT’s, and one of them is a linebacker.  Guess who that linebacker is?    

  • flbronc

    miller is.  That’s why I am glad we have him.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Haha me too.  Sorry if it seemed like I was taking my neck-bearded broncomania out on you.

    **retreats into the grimy shadows of his man-cave**

  • AKO

    To build on the nickel conversation, Miller demands double coverage pretty often. Once he and Dumervil gel a little bit, they should be able to collapse the pocket either direction and leave it open for others. I think the Orange Crush will return sooner than later..

  • rcsodak


    Buffalo got the better player, imo.  He stuffs the run AND pressures the qb.

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  • Anonymous

    The only way to get a great defense is to draft great players and fill in well with FAs.  Sure the closer to the ball the better (A great DL pick up will generally effect your overall D more than a LB and much more than a CB).  But you don’t build a D around one player like an O for a QB (or possibly RB).

    Miller looks to be a great pick (and by all accounts a great person).  Oh, and having a bright side to look at with this team is pretty nice.

  • 5280

    I completely agree with Steelebomb. I too was more for dares then I was for miller, but this kid has proved me wrong. He can flat out play. He’ll be a star in this league and offended are going to lose sleep over him. There’s a good DT in every draft, at least good enough to stuff run holes and provide a wall for the QB to stay put so that he doesn’t flush out thru the middle when the edges cave in. Fbronc, that’s just it. Millers ability to be everywhere and to be that dynamic is exactly what makes him a better pick up then dares. All of this is exactly why the broncos aren’t looking to pick up luck in the draft no matter how you look at it, because they still have such glaring needs at DT and the secondary needs to pick up some more youth as well as depth. Just simply to much work to be done on the defensive side of the ball for the broncos to be thinking anything but defense in the next draft, possibly the next 2. This D is on track to be a top ten D if the broncos do everything right in the next couple of years and that should be the focus. Defense win championships!

  • anthony33

    If you look at this team through 5 games I would say they have gone backward in the offensive passing game and made very good progress with the running game.  Net, net, the offense is a wash.  Maybe Tebow can shake it up enough to make them better, which would amount to a pretty decent offense.

    I expected much more improvement from the defense that we’ve seen.  They still have trouble stopping the run (except for Tennessee) and pass defense is actually worse than a year ago.  Miller is a great prospect, but Moore never seems to be around the football.  I agree with you that defense is critical, but this defense is still miles away from even being good, let alone a top 10.  

    For Fox… kudos for turning our running game around, but what the hey on the defensive side of the ball.

  • Anonymous

    When Bailey is hurt they are crying that they wanted Peterson, Miller has worked out great, Dareus is doing just fine, not dominate but pretty good, Fairley is just getting on the field, and Peterson is having a roller coaster season so far (for the record I wanted Peterson) man I am just enjoying football and watching the rookies grow.

  • Anonymous

    I would say injuries happened to the defense: Bailey, Warren, Doom, DJ, Dawk, Vickerson, M. Thomas.  However, last year we averaged losing by 11.75 pts/gm this year we have had very close games (minus Green bay) and the defense has forced many more field goals.

  • Jon

    Here’s my take: Another Marcel Dareus will come around before we know it. There probably won’t be another Von Miller for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! He never got the credit he rightfully deserved. I love me some Simon Fletcher. About the only other defensive players that I like more than Fletch is Atwater and Al Wilson. 

  • Anonymous

    No Meck?  

  • Anonymous

    Amen… I played against him in HS (so I’ve always liked him). He went to Bay City HS and I went to Columbia HS for 1 year. He has 97.5 sacks for his career and is tied with Ware for the most consecutive games with a sack. He never even came close to getting the props he deserved. The Ring of Fame would be an honor for him but a small thing for what he did as a Bronco!

  • Anonymous

    I like Meck, but not as much as Fletcher. I think as we stand today, I like Champ more than Fletcher, but it’s close.

  • Broncosfanwjl

    Miller is better now & will be long term as well cuz he’ll stay healthier

  • Anonymous

    “Buffalo got the better player, imo.”  So, I hate to beat a dead, dead Bronco, but what exactly is your reasoning with that?  You sound like the Ms. Cleo of football.  Please enlighten us as to why Dareus is going to get so good that he will beat the front runner for rookie of the year awards in Miller. 

  • rcsodak

    ROY?  After 5gms?  Hell, I hear more talk about Kerrigan(sp) in Wash getting it. MD stops the run and creates pressure on the qb.  Presently, he brings more to their defense than miller does.  Don’t have to be a ms cleo….just open eyes.
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  • Anonymous

    Fletcher, Meck and Mike Harden were my boys back in the day.