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Published on 10/12/2011 at Wed Oct 12 09:30.
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Does a change at quarterback offset a fourth loss in five weeks in Broncos Power Rankings around the web? Let’s find out. (Previous week’s ranking in parenthesis)

ESPN: 27th (27)
The calls for Tim Tebow have finally been answered. Will he change Denver’s fortunes?

FOX: 27th (27)
Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno are making for a nice one-two punch out of the backfield, but the big story will be the beginning of the Tim Tebow show in Denver. I’m not a believer, but you have to see what you’ve got in him, for better or worse.

CBS: 29th (28)
It’s Tim Tebow time. And you know what: It should be. Give him his chance. But he isn’t the answer.

National Football Post: 27th (29)
Tebow is the new starter in Denver. You think that will draw some extra attention to Broncos’ practices?

Walter Football: 25th (25)
I HATE this cliche: “If you listen to the fans, you end up sitting with them.”

That’s completely bogus. With 24-hour sports networks, and tens of thousands of sports Web sites and blogs, fans (excluding the ones on GameCenter) are more educated than ever. Denver fans knew Kyle Orton sucked, and they knew Tebow would do a better job… and yet John Fox and John Elway sabotaged their 2011 season by not trading Orton away for a mid-round pick and keeping Tebow benched. Maybe they should have listened to the fans sooner.

The Computers

USA Today Covers: 27th (26)
Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule.

WhatIfSports: 28th (25) utilizes its football simulation to rank all 32 NFL teams. To come up with the rankings, each team plays every other team 10,000 times

Power Rankings: Where should the Broncos be ranked heading into Week 6?

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  • Efarnold48

    I’m so sick of power ranking if they were ever right at least some of us would be rich. Look at Indy without Manning they suck. Tim Tebow made through the Lockout then through the mind games of John Elway and John Fox and his Moxey brought Denver to life and could have used about 10-sec of Orton’s 2nd quarter and they could have beaten the Chargers. Now that the EGOS are set aside and Tim Tebow has a chance at 0-0 to start he could be the answer wheather you think so or not at least he trys and his teammates see it so they put alittle effort into it. Like the receiver for Denver did with that unbelievable one handed catch. Denver could go 10-6 or even 12-4. I think all those that guess at the power rankings should pay $100,000.00 fine too the NFL. Then next time there’s a lockout the player can use that to support their style of living until they agree on a contract. Or better yet give it to the retired and disabled NFL player who sacraficed their bodies for our entertainment. Just a financial power ranking thought.

  • Efarnold48

    To amend my last comment. I meant $100,000.00 fine for each point they are off on their Power Ranking. The retired and disabled could really use that money.