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Published on 10/10/2011 at Mon Oct 10 17:30.
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Moreno can make things happen when given the ball with room to run and make cuts. (Photo courtesy of Hank Young/Denver Broncos)

Former Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno has never developed into the kind of runner we all hoped he would, but the third year back seems to have finally found a role in Denver’s offense — as a receiving threat.

Providing an option out of the backfield for quarterbacks Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, Moreno has totaled 71 catches for 667 yards and six touchdowns since his rookie season (2009).  Moreno has taken on a role for the Broncos offense similar to that which fellow running backs Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles have had for their respective teams.

Like Moreno, Bush and Sproles have not found a lot of success on the ground but have provided dangerous receiver options in the open field.  Since 2009, the two have averaged 114 catches for 955 yards for six scores, numbers which are not incredibly better than Moreno’s, who has seen fewer targets.

With veteran back Willis McGahee taking most of the carries in Denver’s backfield, Moreno has provided a nice change of pace option. Moving forward, expect Moreno’s role in the offense to continue to expand.

On Sunday, Moreno had three catches that went for 40 yards, including a 28-yard screen pass that went for a touchdown.  Moreno has executed the screen pass several times for scores over the past two seasons, and will look to continue doing so down the road.

Moreno is under contract for three more seasons, so if he can continue to take advantage of his opportunities, he may eventually win back the starting job.  Kudos to Moreno for accepecting his role, he may just have a bright future in the NFL yet.

  • 12508

    Bring Peyton Hillis back. Browns won’t sign him and he won’t be franchised. Problem solved at RB.

  • Strawdog

    I like the way we’re using Moreno now.  He doesn’t have the bulk to work between the tackles but get him the ball in space and he’s a load for LBs and DBs.   

  • Hansen

    I agree.  Broncos would then have a big backfield with a 235# McGahee and a 250# Hillis.  This would be good for McGahee too as he is now 30 yrs. old.  And if this new FB is legit and going to play (not just ST) that could be a devastating run game. 

  • Joshua D. Manning

    So……….. Broncos use the 12th overall selection on Moreno and let him be a “Reggie Bush” type of player? Good ideal! I’m glad draft pick ain’t being wasted…….. OH WAIT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s better than drafting him #2 overall and letting him be a Reggie Bush type of player haha.

  • Anonymous

    “Good ideal!”

    What does that mean??? Is No-Show Ideal for this new role??? Oh you mean good Idea!!! Got ya…lol.

  • Anonymous

    Thats funny…

  • Anonymous

    I think
    that even if he improves and fills this Reggie/Darren type role he is still (as
    I’ve said all along he will be) a bust… As a drafted first round running
    back! With that said at least the Bronc’s just might end up getting a little of
    that Josh given money out of him, that would be nice and comparatively

  • Mike Birtwistle

    If Moreno turns out to be a good running back / player rather than a great player – is that enough for everyone?  I somehow doubt that it will be

  • AtomicLeo

    I want this punk gone. I don’t care if he’s catching one or two passes a game. Paige has been reporting for over a year he’s a problem in the locker. Ship his sorry a$$ out of town this off-season.

  • Anonymous

    Are you seriously going to advocate that draft position trumps the past 2 years lack of performance? 
    As I stated elsewhere, I would compare Moreno to Gerald Willhite but that would be unfair to Gerald Willhite.

  • Anonymous

    If he turned into a Steve Sewell type of player that would be good enough.

  • Anonymous

    Moreno can’t do a backflip

  • 12508

    Peyton Hillis on the burn in Cleveland. Let’s see if they want Quinn back. Lol. We should sign Hillis next year and have three monitors in the backfield. Hillis,fullback, and Tebow. Problem solved. More no can play on third and long if he feels like getting on the field.

  • Anonymous

    That would be a total slam to GW… He at least had a number of good games. I liked watching him play back then. Later in 1990 when I had my first role as a Head Coach in High School I had my RB wear the nuber 47. That jogged a good memory for sure.

    And yes his BF was very fun, until they made him stop doing it :-(.

  • Anonymous

    That is actually a good
    question… I don’t care for him much either. He is/was one of those guys that
    just expect to play and be good because he was good in college and because
    McDummy drafted him so early, I never have liked any one with that tude.

    However, if he were to
    end up a good player that would be better than nothing (refer to my point about
    the Broncos getting something for their money). But even with that as a guy
    drafted where he was and where he should be he is a bust, pretty simply really.

    I think Willis is a good
    RB but he isn’t great, he is a first round draft pick that never was or has
    been great. He is good though and for us he is real good right now but Bills
    fans and prolly Ravens fans wouldn’t say so. No-Show wont spend his whole career
    here, not a chance.

    To me he is like the last
    running back of his type we had, Cliton Portis, he talks more than he can do
    but will leave here and have a little success but will never be great.