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Published on 10/04/2011 at Tue Oct 04 07:18.
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  • rcsodak

    I’m shocked! No link? What….nobody heard PSimms explain why he agreed with Fox with not playing TT in the 4th?
    Anybody without an agenda knows that had TT been playing, that CMatthews would’ve been blitzkreiging non-stop. And it woulda been uuuuuglyyyyyy. (er?)

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  • Monty

    I highly doubt Fox didn’t put in Tebow because he was afraid of Clay Matthews.

  • Dwightmorris

    I think that tim tebow should be the starting QB not just bacause everyone likes him but he brings a different energy to the broncos team. He can make plays with his feet when he has make them.  We as broncos fans and people around the county knows that  the bronos lost three in a row we can not move the ball on alfence  and the defenc is tired. It’s time to play our weapon on the sideline named Tim Tebow Bench Orton…….

  • Brian

    Now wasn’t it John Elway who said over and over about how he wants to make the fans happy? We are clearly NOT happy when the whole stadium chants TEBOW TEBOW. I don’t know about all of you but Orton IS NOT a good QB. I DISLIKE watching him play. I would much rather watch my team loose with Tebow on the field making plays (cause theirs no doubt in my mind he can, didn’t anyone watch the last 3 games he started last year. Last pass into the end-zone against SD that would have won the game and gave tebow a 2-1 record. We as fans respect all NFL players but without us their would be on Denver Broncos. We are ALREADY 1-3 and basically out of the playoffs already if we lose next week to San Diego. I’m sorry but Orton is a joke who cannot score TD’s and Tebow is a beast who will run over anyone and anything to get the ball into the end-zone for the team. I’ve seen him do it. (Bengals game)

    Time to make the change, we are not happy with you saying Tebow would be the starter, almost trading Orton to a few different teams and then acting like you completely support him.

    I dont know how this has happened but the Broncos have become among the bottom 3 worst teams in the NFL.. SMH

  • rcsodak

    Don’t believe that I said that, nor was it my point, Monty.

    But I wouldn’t doubt that being in the back of his head in the 4th.

    We’ve already seen how a backup cb negatively impacts the game.  Its kinda screwy to double-down on that, imho.

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  • Monty

    I don’t understand your first comment then. What did Phil Simms say?

  • rcsodak

    That putting TT/BQ in would only fan the controversy.

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  • Anonymous

    I stated this in another post with about the same thing/situation. While I am in no way an Orton fan, at all, I do agree that he probably gives us the best chance at winning and there is NO way any one could ever convince me that Elway would ever loose at ANYthing on purpose and can appreciate that they want to win now if at all possible.

    With that said I truly think its time to get the experiment under way. While I don’t think Tebow is the answer for the Broncos I like him and enjoyed watching him play in collage when I got the opportunity and even thought it was kinda cool when we got him (not when and where, just that we did). And I think he deserves everything he has gotten for that play. However, he has not come along and developed like I or many others in the world thought he might but lets get the experiment over and done with so we can move on.

    We will not be in the play-offs this year with Orton or Tebow and think its safe to say Orton will not be here next year so getting the “experiment” under way really has no bearing on him (Orton) at all. Orton is a fair player at QB that can put up some numbers, which does not translate into wins. This equals great back up! So starting and loosing with Tebow puts the Broncos in exactly the same place, the only difference is that you then get to know if Tebow can play at all. Clearly putting him in for one run play is about the most stupid thing I’ve seen all year.

    Basically lets just get the experiment over so we know something that we don’t know now… Can Tebow play. Knowing this will allow us to move on one way or the other. Continuing to play Orton only tells us we will miss the play-offs and be NO farther along…

  • Iotolo

    If Denver goes into the bye week with a loss to San Diego.  The Management staff will have a lot to chew on in that time for the Tebow debate.  I personally don’t see them making any changes at that time.  Then one has to wonder if they lose to Miami coming off the bye week that would make them (1-5) Season over in my book!  They are going to have to give the fans of Denver something to cheer for. If they expect to get any more revenue this year.  So put Tebow in.  If anything Tebow wouldnt be able to do much worse. If John Fox didnt want to keep him, maybe his stock could go up. Then Denver could get a shot at Andrew Luck. We seem to have good LUCK… with Stanford quarterbacks.  Either way put the best athletes on the field to play the game!  To say Orton gives you the best chance to win absolutely baffles me.  He is at best an average quarterback.  Most of his stats are beefed up at the end of games when nothing matters, or on cover defenses.  Hey Bowlen (Although I believe your the best owner out there but…) if you want some revenue step up to the plate and be a man for the fans.  Its not like we had a chance at the playoffs this year.  Why not get Tebow implemented in the offense and be ready for a run next year. (after making some free agency moves all accross the board of course) I am begging you give us something to watch and cheer for.  We just want to see one word…HOPE!

  • Iotolo

    Let me add this as well.  I am not an nfl coach, I always assumed Denver knew what they were doing.  I put my full trust in management without arguing against it.  I have never gotten involved in the Tebow controversy, just supported the staffs decisions.  But REALLY come on, even I’m starting to lose sleep over IT!!!!! Tebow is a proven winner with “flashes” of greatness.  Let us see if he can become consistant.  For Tebow:  If you want to shut everyone up about your accuracy, go spend time with Steve Young.  The same questions were raised talked about his throwing, and he corrected it!  Spend your time learning from him when you can, so we wont hear these excuses to not put you in.  I got your back kid! Your a proven winner and leader.  With all the money we have spent on you already you should atleast get the chance!  Either way we will know what direction to take this franchise after that.