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Published on 10/03/2011 at Mon Oct 03 10:09.
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  • areferee

    Where is Haiku when we need it?

    Twice the spread…OH CRAP

    We have fallen in a trap

    Fox is now a hound!

  • virginiabronco

    “We need our starting quarterback to get experience for us to improve. That’s the idea behind that. You know he needs to get better in our system,” Fox said. “I know he gets judged on the past couple of years, but we’re trying to get him better in our system and use that experience to get better.”Read more: Broncos’ Fox sticking with Orton at QB – The Denver Post Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:

    Did Fox really say that?? Unbelievable! Maybe there was a reason Fox only won 2 games last year. Mirror anyone?

  • King

    It’s becoming painfully obvious why the Panthers fired him.  I’m surprised he lasted 9 seasons there. 

  • Gary

    And now we have to wait till they replace him.  This looks like the Wade Phillips era again.  They really need a younger coach who can adapt to the game instead of this old style of football.  I would hate to think of what the Patriots would do to this team.

    This team needs to draft defense and skill players other than qb.  A young qb won’t help this team and would Fox even play him if they did draft one.  They will sign Jake Delloser after this season because Fox wants a veteran qb to go with the veteran team of losers. 

  • Rcsodak

    Ya’ll are definitely dellusional if you think the game wouldn’t have been even worse, had TT played.
    Oh wait. He did. And looked like he doesnt belong on the field.

    I see improvements every week. It too bad ya’ll can’t get past your hate.

    Btw, denver hasn’t played a shit team yet. But shoulda beat Tenn.

    I see them beating SD next week. And getting more weapons back following the bye.

    Oops. My bad. I forgot positive thinking wasn’t allowed here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if that was all a joke or not. Take off the rose colored glasses because SD is going to trounce us.

  • johnny

    no more from fools like you. We’ve had enough over the past years. 

  • virginiabronco

    So you believe your starting QB is gaining much needed experience in the Fox system when you are losing 42 -17 when starting the fourth quarter?  Ok, how about after the 3rd interception?  How is that working for you? 
    IF you really feel that way then I will argue an opposite point (which I don’t happen to hold) that is maybe there is no need to risk injury to the only person that Fox feels can stand over center the rest of the season?
    You do realize that Orton has been playing football most of his life.  He played for Purdue starting in 2001 and began with the Bears in 2005. If KO reads that quote I bet HE would be embarrassed.  Surely you can’t believe KO gained “any experience” in the fourth quarter of that game.  You don’t happen to be related to Fox do you?

  • Mike Birtwistle

    fire everyone and hire Al Davis as GM

  • King

    Lol.  Walter Payton couldn’t have penetrated the Packers line for one play. 

    We are toast against the Chargers, again. 

  • Mike Birtwistle

    and do you know how depressing yesterday’s loss was – i’ve just spent twenty minutes looking at mock drafts.  Don’t normally start doing that until at least week 10.

  • Anonymous

    McGahee had 103 yards rushing.  You obviously did not watch the game.
    And he is right there were positives which were there had you actually watched the game instead of pining for your object of man love.

  • Anonymous

    I agree there were positives to build on.  The O-line was better, There was a pass rush.  The running game was decent.

    Of course we are dealing with people who think one draft was going to fix the Broncos and many of the same people who swore that a defensive minded coach was the answer now want him fired because the offense is not putting up 60 points a game.