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Published on 09/30/2011 at Fri Sep 30 17:41.
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I love Tebow, but some of his fans are just too much. (AP Photo/The Gainesville Sun, Matt Stamey)

You can be a Denver Broncos fan, and you can be a Florida Gators fan, but this is no hybrid.

To be clear, I have nothing against fans of the Florida Gators and I’m sure there are legitimate Bronco fans out there that also happen to be Gator fans.  But the Florida fans that have followed quarterback Tim Tebow to the Broncos and are giving us longtime Denver fans a bad reputation and tainting our image must be disowned.

I have no problem with Gator fans jumping aboard the Broncos bandwagon (we’ve here all seen the light at some point in our lives, whether born into Bronco fandom or not) but if you’re a fan of the Broncos just because Tebow is a Bronco, your not a legitimate Broncos fan.

Speaking to the BroncoGators here, if Tebow was traded today, would you still be a Broncos fan?  If you cannot answer yes, then you have no business affiliating yourselves among us.  There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of one certain player in the NFL (I’m a fan of different players in the NFL that don’t play for the Broncos, but I don’t liken myself to that player’s fan base and criticize the team’s coach if they don’t play said player.)

You can be a fan of Tebow and root for him to be successful without dubbing yourself a “BroncoGator” and sharing your views on talk radio shows, television interviews and websites and blogs, like this one, making a fools of yourselves and embarrassing Bronco fans across Broncos Country.

To clarify my argument once again, you can be a fan of both the Denver Broncos and Florida Gators.  If you are a Gator fan however and became a Broncos fan in April of 2010 solely because Tebow is on the roster, that doesn’t make you a “BroncoGator”.  It makes you a fan of Tebow.

Bronco fans? Or just Tebow fans? Sometimes it's hard to tell. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of Tim Tebow, I’m a huge fan of Tebow and sincerely hope he gets a legitimate shot to prove himself at the professional football level.  When he gets his chance, I’m confident that he will be able to play quarterback in this league, but that’s another topic for another time.  Tebow’s time will come — but it will take time for his story to unfold.

The difference between me and “BroncoGators” is that I’ve been a fan of the Broncos well before Tebow arrived.  I’ve always been a fan of the Denver Broncos and always will be.  My allegiance is to the “Orange and Blue” and the “Orange and Blue” alone.

Tebow or no Tebow, I’ll always be a Broncos fan.  If you can’t say the same, then stop pestering us and telling us what’s what.  We know the Broncos and are knowledgeable enough fans to know Tebow as well. You don’t have to convince us about Tebow’s capabilities or reiterate what he accomplished during his collegiate football career — we get it!

One player, coach or executive doesn’t make a NFL franchise.  Football is a team sport.  We are fans of the team. We are fans of the players that play  on the team and we are proud to bleed orange and blue.  Through thick and thin — from the grueling early AFL days to the “Orange Crush” era to the glory days and through the Josh McDaniels debacle — we’ve been here, cheering for our team.

Fans stick it out through the good times and bad.  Embracing our history and humble beginnings, we’re optimistic and hopeful for the future of this franchise.  If you’re just along for the ride because of one player, maybe you should reconsider.  The Broncos are our team.

If I’ve offended you, point proven.  ~Salute~

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I think this is probably going a little too far. There’s nothing wrong, IMO, with being a fan just because of Tebow. Heck, go buy the jerseys. Show off some orange. It is important to remember that this is the Denver Broncos, not the Denver Tebows, of course.
    But lots of fans engage in bad behavior, and I don’t know if it’s really fair to single out a particular group any more than any other group. Do you remember the “Let Plummer Play” guy who made a nuisance of himself after we drafted Cutler? Yeah, that was exciting.
    But it’s going to happen. People are attracted to personalities, and the kinds of people who get really vocal about stuff like this — and this is, as far as I can tell, true not just in sports but in politics, software, gaming, any community topic — are not prepared to accept other viewpoints as valid anyway.

    For now, there’s a lot of Denver Tebow fans, and they’re fans too. I’m going to disagree with a lot of them, but I’m not in the group that’s ready to tell them to go away. Get some of them to see reason? Yeah I’d like that.

  • Jon

    Perhaps your right. These Tebowmaniacs have just been driving me so crazy lately, I had to vent.

  • Joshua D. Manning

    Kidna of hate Josh McD for bringing the fake Broncos fans by drafting Tebow. Smh! Just imagine if there was Tebow fans in Oakland? Tebow fans act crazier than Raiders fan.

  • Kellyleephipps

    I’m a Bronco fan, since the first Superbowl…and I don’t follow college football so I never knew who Tebow was until we drafted him.  Then I saw what he could do in terms of bring the excitement back to the DENVER BRONCOS, long bereft of hope since Champ took the pic of Brady 99 yards..

    Anyway, I love the Broncos bu my fandom is in deep question by my fellow forum posters, mainly because in my heart, I am so done with Kyle Orton.  He may have the support of the FO and the players in this losing season, but us Tebowite converts think the exciting leadership of this #1 draft pick gives us the best chance to win and may rebirth our offense, even if he spends the first five games “running around in circles.”  

    I for one enjoy watching him improvise and scramble…who says we need a pocket QB, when for years we’ve never had one last long.  The Denver Brocnos are about exciting offense, and Tebow brings that in spades over Captain Collapsable.  

    So it is with heavy heart that this weekend I root for the running game and the special teams and the defense alone.  If they don’t score we don’t lose.  Come on defense!  Beat the cheesepack!  But as for Orton, he is a stain on our team, a mere Raider who is holding 9 million in ransom when he will be gone and forgotten soon…(pray for a trade in week 6!)…so he is a Fader to mine eyes, and I will be rooting for Clay Mathews and BJ Raji and AJ Hawk to sack him, hurry him, hammer him to the ground.  No I don’t want him to get injured…that’s just evil…  I actually want him to stay as healthy as he can so he can keep turning in these mediocre losing performances so the coaches try Tebow.  

    Is Tebow the answer?  Maybe maybe not…we won’t now until we give him a solid chance with the ones.  If he stinks it up all year with no vast improvement, then we enter the Luck sweepstakes and kiss these Gator fans goodbye.  I cannot abhor seeing Orton tarnish our cherished QB position even if he has Elway’s blessing.  They trade to trade him and they failed…that means they wanted him gone and couldn’t make it happen due to the money situation…oh well, we suck for luck…but I will be rooting for the DENVER BRONCOS this sunday, but not Kyle Orton…it sounds schizophrenic and even feels like it.  I just hope they run a lot, so I can cheer for that.  But when Mr. anti-clutch is on the field, I’m going to jump up and down when Mathews pins him to the turf.  He needs to keep sucking so we can move on.  I’d even take Quinn at this point.  Just get this lame player who does not give a dang about us fans off the field..he is done!

  • Anonymous
  • Nisse

    “If EFX refuses to play him all year and then they trade him away to some other lucky team, I’ll have found my new team.  At this point, I’m more of a Tebow fan than a Broncos FO fan.”

    this was u a week ago.

    “I’m a Bronco fan”

    this is u not knowing what being a bronco fan is all about, today.

  • Anonymous

    Orton has never once brought home a victory after being down 3 points or more going into the half. 

    Think about that for a minute. What the hell does any Bronco fan have to root for or care about when all a team has to do to beat us is be up by 3 points at the half?????

  • Noskills07

    thats probably the best stat right there… what a joke 

  • Anonymous

    That’s harsh lumping Tebow fans with raider fans.

  • Anonymous

    Fans always root for their team regardless of who the players are.

  • Anonymous

    If Denver had more “fans” like you in the mid 60’s the team would be in Atlanta now.

  • Kellyleephipps

    Yep…still not a fan of the Front Office..FO…on their decision to keep playing Orton…but a fan of the team in general and want them to win through defense, special teams and the running game…  Only one game I’m excited to watch every weekend…the Denver Broncos…but am way over Orton at the helm…so must root against him in every way possible until we get the Tebow bandwagon going, throw Quinn in, or suck for Luck…anything but Orton…two seasons of this madness is enough…  I guess I am a bad fan, oh well…at least I am still a fan…even if I do get a new team to root for when and if Tebow goes, I will always still root for the Broncos…Orton can only be here for the rest of this season…so my full fandom will be re-instated when he is long gone…

  • Kellyleephipps

    It would be great to beat the Packers in their home stadium on national TV…people will see the Broncos are on the rise again…but I havelost all faith in I hope Quinn or Tebow has to come in to get it done…or the defense steps up with a few pick 6’s and the special teams runs a few back..LOL

  • Anonymous

    Well have fun rooting when we go into the half down by 7 and you suddenly remember this stat.

    I’m rooting too but it’s for anyone other than Orton to get a shot at QB

  • I hope Raji eats Kelly Lee

    “I will be rooting for Clay Mathews and BJ Raji and AJ Hawk to sack him, hurry him, hammer him to the ground”

    You are an awful fan and human being.  Wishing harm on one of our own makes you a traitor and on the same level as a raider fan.  You are lower than scum.

    Nice post Jon, it calls out people like kelly lee gifford here

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I like your Tebow but I find your Tebowners to be annoying.

    And by that I don’t mean the normal fans of Tebow that think of him as a talented individual whom they like, but those whom worship the ground he walks on and decide billboards are the answer. The ones that chant for him in the middle of the game, which, if anything makes for a distraction.

    I mean, it’s not like Aaron Rodgers was deemed starter right away. Sometimes, it helps to be able to take it in slowly. Allow him to play when it’s right for him and the team and allow those whom know a whole hell of a lot more more than we do deal with it.

    This ain’t fast food, you can’t just want your team to do what you think should and get your wish in less than five minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Most of the people chanting for Tebow don’t care if he is the answer or not, that’s the thing a lot of people don’t seem to get. They are chanting for him because he isn’t Orton. They would chant for a freaking muppet if it wasn’t named Orton.

  • Kgrinton

    Message to all you Tebowmaniacs; Orton is not the problem YOU ARE.  Signs put up ,  yelling at the game  for the boy wonder to finally show what he can do and others hoping he gets hurt so at least Quinn can play. Real fans don’t hope for there players to get hurt.  Real Bronco fans do not you. Go cheer for another team.

  • E Train

    Thats not true, they are anti-Orton, because they read the Tebow book, watched the Tebow commercial, bought the Tebow jersey or saw the Tebow hour long promo on ESPN. Their cheers are in hopes that they will get Tebow as their QB. Every anti-Orton remark is secretly a push for Tebow. If Tebow was not here and we still had Chris Simms, no one would be crying. No one had turned on Orton until Tebow should up. Its like parents who see their kid sit the bench and complain about how the the other players aren’t as good as their kid and that coach has favorites. That is the Tebow fan straight up.

  • Anonymous

    Really? They’d really be chanting for Brady Quinn? If the broncos signed Jamarcus Russell, for some screwed up reason, people would be cheering for him? Seriously, I highly doubt it and if so, I’d say it’s a good thing they aren’t in charge because if they were, we would be 0-16 every year. Tebow dooesnt deserve anything but a chance to earn his keep, and he is getting that.

  • Dominick AKA BIG D O

    Spoken like a true (orange &) blue Bronco fan… #Respect

  • Anonymous

    You can go back to being a raider fan anytime you want.

  • King

    Message to Kgrinton:  Orton was a problem in Chicago (that’s why he was traded).  Orton is a problem in Denver (that’s why we attempted to trade him, but could get nothing of value for him).  Common sense should tell one that a team doesn’t trade or attempt to trade a player they want to keep.

  • King

    Message to Kgrinton:  Orton was a problem in Chicago (that’s why he was traded).  Orton is a problem in Denver (that’s why we attempted to trade him, but could get nothing of value for him).  Common sense should tell one that a team doesn’t trade or attempt to trade a player they want to keep.

  • King

    I agree.  This article–and I use that word loosely here–reminds me of a children’s playground argument. 

  • Kgrinton

    Alright agreed. Orton is definetly no Brady;and Tewbow was great playing for the Gators, he maybe will be better, the fact of matter is he’s not the starting QB. and signs aren’t going to do anything. Fox will play him when he  decides to, not Tewbow fans.

  • Kgrinton

    Alright agreed. Orton is definetly no Brady;and Tewbow was great playing for the Gators, he maybe will be better, the fact of matter is he’s not the starting QB. and signs aren’t going to do anything. Fox will play him when he  decides to, not Tewbow fans.

  • Anonymous

    I’d much rather see Quinn or Weber in there than Orton. And for the record, people were calling for Sims 2 years ago until he got his chance to play for a few quarters and reminded people he was more into smoking weed then being a QB after his near death experience.

  • Anonymous

    I agree… I have always loved hearing about the Broncos in the media in different places I have lived and always worn the Orange & Blue with a great deal of pride when I’ve lived in said other places. But this stuff simply goes to far…

    I liked Reggie Bush when he came out of collage but didn’t buy his jersey. I was the guy on here that wanted us to go after Vick (of course I was told he sucked and how little I know about football) and am a fan but don’t have his crap. Totally appreciate what Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu do and how they play the game. While not doing so hot so far this year I like how Matt Ryan plays, but have none of their crap either…

    I agree that this brings the “wrong” type of media attention to the Broncos and makes us look like a joke in some ways. But the truth is that this attention, good or bad, would have bestowed its ugly head on any team that would have picked Tebow.

    On the other hand… While I don’t think he is the answer for the Broncos I like the kid and I am happy for him that he has gotten the attention he has. If nothing else he earned that on and off the field at Florida…

    Now lets move on as fans and as the Denver Broncos and do what it takes to win again. I watch teams like the Pats and more so very good running teams and remember what it was like to watch the Broncos pass and run at will, move the ball up and down the field and actually get touch downs. I miss that. Lets get players now and no more Cartoon characters and play some “real” Broncos football ;-)…

  • Iknowwhoyoureallyare!

    This Kelly “doosh” (his favorite word)is no Broncos fan.  Hes on a Broncos board and has Publicly stated he’s just a Tebow fan.  Hell.  He said he had no problem being a Raider fan if thats where Tebow ended up.

    Don’t fall for his mularkey.

    He is Not/Never has been/Never will be a Bronco Fan.

    But a loser, he is.

  • Rcsodak

    When you’re surrounded by less talented players, its difficult to soar with the eagles.

    Denver has been devoid of purely talented players…offensively and defensively…for so long, I’m not sure I remember what they look like.

    GWarren/THarris were both available to grab for the DLine this week.  Now, they’re with NE and SD.  Two teams that are already better than Denver, but are ready/willing/able to add “players”.

    I miss those days.

    Go Broncos.

  • Reverendofrock

    Wrong.  Orton was traded because they got a much better QB in exchange.  Orton was not “a problem” in Chicago and he’s not one in Denver.  However, Denver does have the same problem that Chicago did:  no other offensive weapons.  Now, I’m no Orton fan, by any means, but to blame all the Broncos’ problems on him is simply idiotic.  The lack of the O-line getting any ‘push’ and RB’s who are ‘injured’ more than they play are the primary problem with the offense.  You can’t win games if you can’t control the clock, and you can’t control the clock if you can’t run the ball.  Fix that, as well as the defensive issues, and you’ve got a winning team, Orton or not.

  • Dan

    Article is childish and in the same spirit used to accuse the “Tebowmaniacs”. Orton is the number one reason we have the two losses, not the only reason but the number one reason. His mistakes cost us games and he is suppose to give us the best chance to win by being a game manager. We are not scoring anywhere near enough points. Orton is playing because he knows the offense better than anyone else on the team. But it is not worth trying to make the coaches look good, by running the “system.” I have been an Orton supporter, (sounds strange doesn’t it) since he got here – but I am done with Orton. He refused the trade because of money, he is not playing for the fans, he said so, he said he doesn’t care what we think. He is playing for his next contract and doing a piss poor job at that. I really enjoyed the 3 games at the end of last year – Bronco football was the most fun it had been for three – five years. I have been a fan since John Ralston. I will always be a Bronco fan. We are going nowhere with Orton now or in the future, we should see what we have in Tebow. Even if the coaches don’t believe in him. Prove he sucks, try Quinn, though I think he is worse than Orton. I think Tebow will thrive here or somewhere else. If he leaves I hope he does well except when he plays the Broncos. 

  • Reverendofrock

    I guess you don’t get too watch many games, Dan.  The number one reason we lose is pretty much a toss up between a defense that can’t stop much of anything and a non-existent running game.  Orton isn’t my choice of QB but, like you said, he knows the playbook.  I like Tebow, but he doesn’t seem to be able to execute much from the playbook.  That means one of two things:  either he can’t comprehend the plays, or he thinks he can do it better.  One is a matter of intelligence, and the other is a matter of self-indulgence or ego.  I haven’t decided which, but either is a detriment to the entire team.

  • Archemides

    All of you Tebow hating Trolls are pathological.  Do you have a clue how ignorant you are?  How many NFL teams have asked you to help draft or coach QB’s?  How many downs of Football, if any, have you ever played?  You see the name “Tebow” and you start writing off the wall garbage just to bash him.  The problem isn’t Tebow.  The problem is inside your heads.  Get the help you need, get over it, and move on and stop whining like a bunch of babies.  It wouldn’t suprise me if you’re a bunch of short fat guys that look like 10 pounds of sh*t stuffed in a 5 pound bag

  • Dan

    Have not missed a game in 30 years, my eyes don’t lie, everyone agrees the defense is improved but we have regressed offensively. Mc
    Gahee had a 100 yard game recently so fail on that point too. Could we run better of course. Is Orton the only reason we are still losing, no. But I repeat, he is the number one reason. Lloyd is starting to complain about the offense, Bailey said of Vaughn (CB) you only really learn on the field. Something is shaky at Dove valley when veterans begin to speak out. Tebow executed just fine the last three games of the year, he executes just fine when he is not behind a third string line, he executes at an amazing rate in the red zone. I am tired of people who think they know it all, telling me what i do and do not see. What have you been watching? The kings clothes are beautiful aren’t they? 

  • Redna

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The Broncos lose because the offensive line isn’t good enough, the running backs aren’t good enough, the receiving corps has been decimated by injury, the defense can not generate a pass rush without Dumervil, Bailey is the only corner that can cover well…and if Prater would not have missed the field goal against Oakland and been sent in to kick one against Tennessee where would we be?

  • Redna

    “How many NFL teams have asked you to help draft or coach QB’s?”

    The people that get paid to help draft and coach qb’s have determined that Tebow is not the best option at this time.

  • Redna

    Thank you, Rev!

  • Anonymous

    You’re an expert at children’s playground arguments.

  • Anonymous

    Was Gerrard Warren going to work out any better than he did the first time?

  • Anonymous

    It is either idiotic or just another childish playground argument.  I do seem to recall Orton QB’ing the Bears to the playoffs.  But then of course the argument will be made that the Bears had a running game and very good defense.  Oddly you’ve mentioned that and not so oddly enough it will be twisted.

  • Anonymous

    So nobody wanted Clinton Portis and he was traded.  He must of really sucked as a running back to get traded.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that the same number of teams have asked me to help them draft as have asked you.  
    Speaking of getting over it you might try it some time.  As well as dealing with reality.

  • Anonymous

    You mean the same 3rd string line that Quinn outplayed Tebow behind?

  • Kellyleephipps

    It was actually fun to root against Orton today!  Very therapeutic indeed.  When the pick 6 occurred I was wild with enthusiasm…actually my heart sunk inside and I feigned enthusiasm…it reminded me of going through a divorce, how you still love her, but would die to stay in this relationship….Tebow time countdown…three weeks people…after the bye..

  • pat

    After listening to  all your comments here …I have to say this is kinda personal vendetta…not what’s good for the team….You really don’t deserve to have a QB like Tebow  …I hope Tebow ends up with a team that appreciates his talents and you continue with your basketball scores…now trply to that

  • Archemides

    Exactly Pat.  You hit the nail on the head.  All of these anti-Tebow trolls have a personal vendetta against him.  Their pathological and prejudiced, and are afraid of Tebow succeeding because they would have to admit the problem is between their ears.  The overwhelming majority of Broncos fans want Tebow to succeed here in Denver, and eventually he will.  All of this irrational Tebow hating combined with the “Orton gives us the best chance to win” nonsense will go down in history as the longest episode of the Twilight Zone.