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Published on 09/30/2011 at Fri Sep 30 15:33.
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Brandon Lloyd vs. Raiders

Denver Broncos Brandon Lloyd (L) gains a first down before being stopped by Oakland Raiders Chris Johnson (R) during their NFL football game in Denver, Colorado September 12, 2011. (REUTERS/Mark Leffingwell)

Brandon Lloyd understands the Denver Broncos‘ new run-oriented, conservative philosophy on offense under head coach John Fox. He just doesn’t like it.

More accurately, he’d like to be a bigger part of it.

Lloyd feels he has been underused heading into Week 4 of the 2011 season, having hauled in 10 catches for 127 yards in two games played (he missed Week 2 with a hamstring injury). Those numbers aren’t terrible in and of themselves, but when compared to his league-leading 1,448 receiving yards and 18.8 avg., he has some catching (up) to do.

Lloyd voiced his concerns to the media Thursday, telling reporters that he believes the scheme has more to do with his lessened production than the injury.

“I think it’s just us, the coaching staff staying true to running the ball. I think we’ve kind of gotten into a game-management mode, into an aggressive ‘take control’ mode, and I think that’s what has limited us,” Lloyd said.

Is he upset? He says no, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

“There’s not very many people in the league that can do what I do, let alone on the team,” Lloyd said. “There is still a niche that I have and a talent that should be used.”

“Have we played a certain style of offense the first three weeks of the season? Yes,” offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said. “But we’ll find ways to get him the ball.”

McCoy also said he doesn’t mind it when his players ask for more opportunities. In fact, he encourages it.

“That’s the way we want it to be,” McCoy said. “We have an open-door policy here, and he’s a very talented player. Of course you want to get him the ball more.”

McCoy may like it, but I’ll be honest, I don’t like Lloyd voicing his concerns this early in the season. He’s played in two games. He’s really complaining already?

Hopefully his complaints to his coaches are made in context of wanting to WIN football games. His comments to the press didn’t seem to be; they felt more stats-driven.

Plus, you’re about to play the 345-passing-yards-allowed-per-game Green Bay Packers. Wait a week, would ya?

Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd stays patient despite lack of passes thrown his way [Denver Post]

  • areferee

    Conservative may work for some politicians, but in NFL football, just as in dancing with a chick on Saturday night, it doesn’t end up in a good ball game.  :-)

    It’s time to crank up the music!

  • Jon

    It’s not like the Broncos haven’t been trying to get him involved.  He’s been injured and defenses now know who he is so they have keyed on him by jamming him on the line and rolling a safety over the top — it’s part of the game. If you’re really good, D’s will key on you (look at Chris Johnson in Tenn.).

    It bugs me when players act like this though. It’s good that he wants the ball, he should. But I like the Lance Ball approach of don’t make any waves, just do your job. Rod Smith was really good at that, he was so professional. I see some of that in Eric Decker too.

  • Anonymous


  • Jim Jebow

    I think Tim Tebow is the greatest QB ever and he could single handedly win every game himself playing on offense and defense.  He can kick and punt and coach too.  He does it all and is humble and could out-coach Lombardi.  I think Tim Tebow should become our next president and be the first astronaut to mars where he can turn all the poisonous air into clean oxygen.  So if you don’t wan’t Tebow as QB1 of the Denver Broncos you should go find Jesus….he will tell you whats up.

    Go Tebow!!!!

  • Dominick AKA BIG D O

    well, I mean, it’s not like he hasn’t gotten some looks previously, but I’m glad he’s letting it be known that he wants the looks… 

    I think that between him and Decker, and w/ E Roy being out again there’s a good chance he could be gettin his looks this game.. hopefully he can get separation from the GB DB’s and find some holes in that defense.. we’ll need him to do so badly.. 

    What I hope doesn’t happen is Orton throwing to him 5 times in a row after a couple completions, telegraphing his passes and making it easy for guys like Woodson to pick him off…