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Published on 09/29/2011 at Thu Sep 29 10:53.
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Matt Willis,  Zane Beadles

Denver Broncos offensive guard Zane Beadles (68) celebrates a touchdown by wide receiver Matt Willis (12) on a five-yard pass-play in the first quarter of an NFL football game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments. Last winner after the jump.

Winner: Sirfiver!

Tim Tebow Broncos fans

Her: "Who's that #15 at slot receiver?"

Him: "I don't know, I didn't buy a program...."

(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Yo Zane. Atlas held the world on his shoulders, not a football. I don’t think you’re getting the part.

  • Randy Schwimmer

    Hey Twinkle Toes Beadles, stretching was done before the game, but good form.

  • Joshua D. Manning

    Matt Willis said “Yo, Zane Beadles, stop throwing like Brady Quinn.”

  • Joshua D. Manning

    Matt Willis said “Yo, Zane Beadles, stop throwing like Brady Quinn.”

  • Anonymous

    They should have gotten flagged on this…

  • Jon


    Willis: “And they get all over Tebow for histhrowing motion.”

  • areferee

    Allow me Small-fry.  Receivers can’t do the Mile-High-in-yo-face!

  • Anonymous

    If I could only block like I can spike.

  • 12508

    Wish it was Brian XANDERS head.

  • TD30isMVP

    This time the offensive line knocks down an Orton pass…

  • Anonymous

    Hey man, what do you think about the job Brian Xanders has done so far? 

  • UYN


  • crazykid


  • crazykid

    Willis: “Is it just me, or do those pants and colors really compliment his figure?”

  • Awesome, Austin

    Zane “Hey willis when I worked on that pineapple farm I had to reach way high like this to pick them.”

  • Gbrider61

    Willis:….Damn white boy!! Nothing like an underpreforming lineman to interrupt my first touchdown celebration.

  • Jon

    Denver Broncos offensive guard Zane Beadles does his best impersonation of an ancient Greek god casting a meteorite to the earth.

  • Rande12

    It should be third and long what is this place?

  • Bbroncos90

    Im flying!  Im really flying!