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Published on 09/28/2011 at Wed Sep 28 13:30.
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Eddie Royal

If you haven’t heard, there is a new trend in the world of fantasy sports. Fantasy enthusiasts all over the country are now participating in daily and weekly fantasy leagues for cash on We’ve partnered up with Draftstreet to do a FREE one-week fantasy league with $150 in prizes exclusively for BroncoTalk readers.

(I’m going to play, the BT Staff is going to play, and we’re going to beat all of you, just so that’s clear here and now. But the top five make money, so, yes Lloyd Christmas, I’m telling you there’s a chance.)

To build a team you get a $100,000 budget. You must fill your roster, which includes: 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEX and 1 Defense. Players are given a fantasy salary based on their expected fantasy performance.  This week they finally boosted up Fred Jackson’s price tag to $13,667 since he has been an absolute beast the past two weeks. On the other end, you got Rashard Mendenhall coming in at only $11,549 after a poor showing against a questionable Colts defense.

Hell, I might just take Kyle Orton, who’s a bargain at $11,427. Consider that the Green Bay Packers have allowed Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Jay Cutler to each throw for over 300 yards, and we’ll see who’s laughing in a week.

(No, Tim Tebow is not available.)

You can adjust your roster up until kickoff at 1:00pm ET on Sunday October 2nd, so go ahead and join now. At 1pm Sunday the live Scoreboard will be available to view from you Private Leagues section on the right side of the DraftStreet homepage.

CLICK HERE to sign up for free and register for the BroncoTalk $150 Freeroll on

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