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Published on 09/26/2011 at Mon Sep 26 18:30.
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Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow rolls out and looks to deliver a pass against the Houston Texas at INVESCO Field at Mile High on December 26, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Heading into the fourth week of the season, the Denver Broncos find themselves near the bottom of the AFC West at 1-2 and one of the teams in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.  Each of the Broncos first three games of the season has been decided by a field goal or less, and that was Denver’s “easy part” of the schedule.

Looking down the road, things look bleak in Denver.  Next up on the team’s 2011 schedule: a trip to Green Bay to take on the defending Super Bowl Champion Packers before returning home to take on the high powered San Diego Chargers.

The Broncos will then head into their bye week before traveling to Miami to play the Dolphins in week seven.  There’s a possibility that Denver will come out of the bye at 1-4, with games against the 3-0 Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Chargers, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and the undefeated Buffalo Bills still down the road.

Faced with such a tough schedule, the Broncos may not escape the season with many victories, giving them a high selection in next year’s draft which will feature Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.  One may question though if the team should select another quarterback in the first round just two years removed from drafting Tim Tebow — without getting a good idea of what he is capable at the professional football level.

The question now becomes, at what point should the team hand the reins to Tebow? If the Broncos do go 1-4 through the first five weeks of the season, should coach John Fox bench Kyle Orton and give Tebow two weeks to prepare for the Dolphins?

Voice your opinion in the poll below and in the comments section, we want to hear your thoughts!

When does it become Tebow Time?

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  • Coach Taylor

    The problem with fans being critical is this….they don’t know the whole story.  Nobody here or on any other blog has seen Tebow play and practice as much as this coaching staff has.   If they say he is not ready, he is not ready.  All this criticism is putting more unneeded pressure on this team.  This team has enough problems right now, and a QB controversy is not helping Orton out.
     Remember how Jake Plumber played after they drafted Cuttler?  Jake fell apart and played awful one year removed from having his best season ever and taking the Broncos deep into the playoffs.   A QB has enough weight on their shoulders with just their responsibilities on the field.  Throw on a QB controversy, and that becomes the straw that breaks the Bronco’s back.

    When Brian Dawkins says it is time to put in Tebow,  that is when I will support Tim.   Until then, I will respect the teams decision and I will support Kyle.          Broncos forever. 

  • Linda

    Not a Gator fan, and have never been a broncos fan but I moved from Fl in 2003 to Greeley Co. I had looked forward to becoming a Bronco this year. What Tebow has, and probably what McD was looking for was the passion for the game and the level of aggression he plays with. Add this to his proven stats and character-that’s your winner. Not just Tebow by himself but the increase in passion and aggression in each of the players on the field builds a strong, strong team with winners everywhere. Everyone’s stats go up  when better plays are completed. Tebow just wants to win. If you read his book that was his mindset throughout his life, you don’t have to get him excited to win for you, that just comes with being a part of the team he is on, everybody wins with Tebow he inspires the team to be its strongest. You saw that same passion and aggression in Matt Hasselbeck when he was losing, he dug in and got the team to pull off the win. I say let all 3 start with first string and let the offensive line decide, what is the best chance at a super bowl ring.  

  • woofgoesthedog

    What numbers did Quinn put up?  I wanna hear this.  As far as Tebow, I’ve done some research for an article with a friend who is writing about the social divide the “Tebow Topic” has created so I have them readily available, here we go (Note: this is just statistical data, not any claims about who is better or worse, personally I don’t care, I’m not a Florida or Denver fan, I’m just confused about those who doubt him after the following):  In Tebow’s first three games, against the number 1 pass defense in 2010 (San Diego) number 2 pass defense in 2010 (Oakland) and number 32, or the worst, pass defense in 2010 (Houston), he threw for 651 yards, had a QB rating of 82.7, a 49.9% completion percentage, 4 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 fumble (not lost), and an avg. per attempt of 8.38 yards.  His long passes in each game were 33 (Oakland), 50 (Houston) and 25 (San Diego), respectively.  (I can’t go into the run game because the online resources don’t have the run stats for QBs dating back as far as my research required so it wouldn’t be rational to include those numbers).  He was 1-2 at this point as a starter.

    For comparison sake: Peyton Manning first: In his first three games, against the number 6 pass defense of 1998 (Miami), the number 9 pass defense of 1998 (Jets) and number 24 pass defense of 1998 (Patriots) (Note: there were only 30 teams in 1998), Peyton threw for 683 yards, had a QB rating of 49.67, a 55.3% completion percentage, 2 TDs, 8 INTs, (fumble stats not avail.), and an avg. per attempt of 6.08 yards.  His long passes in each game were 42 (Miami), 22 (Jets) and 22 (Patriots), respectively.  He was 0-3 at this point as a starter (a stat which I admittedly don’t care about because it’s a team game and not golf or tennis)

    Tom Brady:  In his first three games, against the number 28 pass defense of 2001 (Indianapolis), number 1 pass defense of 2001 (Miami), and number 21 pass defense of 2001, (San Diego), Brady threw for 618 yards, had a QB rating of 77.23, a 55.9% completion percentage, 0 TDs, 0 INTs, (fumble stats not avail.), and an avg. per attempt of 5.83 yards.  His long passes in each game were 38 (Ind.), 15 (Miami), 26 (San Diego), respectively.  He was 2-1 at this point as a starter.

    Michael Vick (a comparison suggested due to their “style”):   In his first three games, against the number 3 pass defense of 2001 (Dallas), number 23 pass defense of 2001 (St. Louis), and the number 3 pass defense of 2002 (Green Bay), Vick threw for 417 yards, had a QB rating of 74.97, a 46.2% completion percentage, 2 TDs, 1 INT, (fumble stats not avail.), and an avg. per attempt of 5.88 yards.  His long passes in each game were 11 (Dallas), 45 (St. Louis), and 55 (Green Bay), respectively.  He was 1-2 as a starter at this time.

    So there you have it.  Numbers don’t lie.  Tebow deserves to start.  He may turn out to be an awful QB, I don’t know, but in his 3 starts he put up numbers to support the concept that he could, I repeat, could be a good starter in the NFL.

    (For fun I just did the research for you, here are Quinn’s numbers in his first three starts in the NFL):  In his first three games, against the number 26 pass defense of 2008 (Denver), number 13 pass defense of 2008 (Buffalo), and number 17 pass defense of 2008, (Houston), Quinn threw for 518 yards, had a QB rating of 66.7, a 50.6% completion percentage, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, (fumble stats not avail.), and an avg. per attempt of 5.8 yards.  His long pass over the course of the three games was 42 yards.  He was 1-2 at this point as a starter.  Rushing stats are available, but to be honest, they’re not even remotely close to what Tebow did, as I’m sure is expected.

  • Duy_p

    If that’s true Brett Favre would never been on the field to have his record career.

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody remember when John Fox said he prefers a gaming QB to a practice QB?  So that begs the question, why is Orton the starting QB?

    During the pre-season, here are the numbers:

    Quinn – 22/42 passes = 52.4%, 276 yards = 6.6 avg, 2 TD, 2 Int, 69.1 passer rating, 0 yards rushing

    Orton – 28/42 passes = 66.7%, 408 yards = 9.7 avg, 2 TD, 1 Int, 104.1 passer rating, 1 rush for 4 yards = 4 yards per rush

    Tebow – 20/31 passes = 64.5%, 310 yards = 10 avg, 1 TD, 0 Int, 108.3 passer rating, 8 rushes for 55 yards = 6.9 yards per rush

    So, he had a higher passer rating, NO interceptions, and he threw the ball farther per attempt as well.  Not to mention that he also led the team in the rushing game while he was playing.

    Let’s see… which player would be the best QB in games?  That would be Tebow.  And lest we say that was just the preseason, a cursory glance at the three games he played last year shows him to be vastly superior to Orton during “real” games too.  Note that there wasn’t a single game that Tebow started last year when the offense didn’t score at least 21 points – that score would have won every game this season so far.  During Orton’s 13 starts last year, the Broncos scored more than 21 points only 4 times.

    Also note that Orton STINKS at trying to come back from behind to win.  Note that in his 11 wins with the Broncos, Denver was behind at the beginning of the 4th quarter only 3 times – once in week 4 last year at home against Dallas when The Cowboys scored 10 points in the 1st quarter and Denver managed to hold them to that while taking the next 3 quarters to catch up to them once in week 5 last year at home against New England when the Patriots were ahead 17-10 at the beginning of the 4th quarter and Orton managed to squeak out a win in overtime; and once in week 4 in Tennessee when the Titans entered the 4th quarter 20-16, and Orton managed to pull out a win in his one and only come back on enemy turf.

    Tebow, on the other hand, THRIVES at coming from behind to win.  I think if Fox is going to insist on keeping the practice QB instead of the gaming QB as the starter, he should at least hand the reigns to Tebow when the Broncos fall behind, because we KNOW that Orton isn’t going to be able to orchestate a win!

  • Duy_p

    They tear him up to bring the ratings up that’s all. the more attention they get the more they will do it until people start ignoring.

  • Bleuallen2

    He actually never gotta a chance to compete In training camp. Kyle took all of the first team snapS. In any real Quarterback competi Both guys would have gotten reps. The fans have never gotten closure over this. Especially since he did do well in the preseason games he did play in. It all comes back to this 1 question. Why was Kyle the starter from the beginning? Answer : trade value.

  • Raven Gator

    So true.  What was it in the movie “The Replacements”  when the reporter asks coach McGinty what they’ll need to win the game when they were down 17-0, to which he replies “miles and miles of heart”. Tebow has heart.

  • King

    Look Rock, it’s well known here you’re a Chokin’ O’ fanboi.  All you have to do is go look at your posts about him before the season started. 

    That’s the problem with your inexorable hubris.

  • Shipgw

    I keep hearing all this Luck talk. Like any team that gets him is going to the super bowl. Why? Is it because he is a good college QB? That is why Tebow is here. He was a good college qb. Will Luck be a good NFL qb? Nobody knows. All I know is that Tebow is a winner and will (given the chance) be a good NFL qb. I guarantee you green bay would rather we play Orton.

  • Generi_chicken

    Fact: Tim Tebow has more upside than Orton and Quinn.
    Fact: Denver will NOT make the playoffs.

    You start Tebow after the bye.

    Maybe Elway is afraid Tebow will overshadow Elway’s legacy?

  • Generi_chicken

    Fact: Tim Tebow has more upside than Orton and Quinn.
    Fact: Denver will NOT make the playoffs.

    You start Tebow after the bye.

    Maybe Elway is afraid Tebow will overshadow Elway’s legacy?

  • Anonymous

    Idiot he hasn’t played with the first string yet this year. Practice is practice you can’t simulate game conditions or the intensity level of physical play for fear of injuries. I have never seen Orton practice ( coaches think he’s great in practice) but I have seen him play. It makes sense that if he looks good in practice and struggles in games, that Tebow might struggle in practice but play great in games. That’s the competition intelligent people are referring to

  • drose1

    Tebow is exciting ad fun to watch KO just makes me wanna throw UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    OK, I think any body can see what Tebow brings to the game and to a team is an EXTREME passion to win, players like Tebow spread that enthusiasm to his team mates and inspires the team to play at a different level.
    Leadership is is his biggest asset and his do whatever it takes to win attitude is what the Broncos need more now then ever.  If given the chance to play as many games as other rookie quarter backs get and you will have another Elway that will become one of the best of the best.
    I say if Fox is not going to play him then trade him a team that needs a leader and a winner for their franchise quarterback. Tebow sitting on the sidelines is not a sight that should be seen, he can take whatever team he plays for to the promised land numerous times but he has to on the field to do it!……Play him or trade him!!!