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Published on 09/22/2011 at Thu Sep 22 10:51.
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Dante Rosario

The Denver Broncos‘ depth wasn’t only thin at receiver; with Julius Thomas expected to miss two weeks, they were hurting at tight end as well.

The Broncos addressed that today by signing tight end Dante Rosario, a Carolina Panthers veteran who spent the 2011 training camp and preseason with the Broncos.

To make room for Rosario on the 53-man roster, rookie LB Mike Mohamed, the Broncos’ 2011 sixth round draft pick, was waived.

The Broncos are deep at linebacker, especially with D.J. Williams returning, so Mohamed became the odd man out. If he clears waivers, expect the Broncos to stash the California product on their practice squad.

  • rcsodak

    Great. Day after another team cuts him, he’s back.
    I’d still like to know who the DT was they worked out.

  • Monty

    Check the Daily Links, it’s in there.

  • Anonymous

    I seriously hope Mario Haggan doesn’t get lost in the mix.. he really should be playing at MLB.. It’s only a matter of time before Joe Mays is expose for lack of coverage  skills.

    Seriously what do we have to lose working out Tommie Harris.. i just don’t get.. Marcus Thomas and Vickerson can be a solid compliment to Bunkley and Harris.. I know for sure DJ Williams, Dumervile and Von Miller would appreciate  it. 

  • Anonymous

    Harris worked out for the Broncos earlier this week.

  • Vincemarine78

    That was Marcus Harrison not Harris.

  • virginiabronco

    Why not give Tebow a shot?

  • Anonymous

    Only a matter of time?  Did you catch that 90yd play on Cincy’s final scoring drive?  That’s Joe Mays picking up the crossing route late.  

    I do like the guy, but he’s a severe liability in the passing game.  

  • 5280

    yall are nuts.  Joe mayes is a straight vicious beast!  even if he isnt that great at pass coverage it would be stupid to just sit him indefinitely for someone whose only good on 3rd down.  if they wanna mix haggan in on passing situations thats fine, but puttin him in and benching mayes indefinitely is a lil ridonkulous. mayes is too effective in run support and the broncos need that more then pass coverage.

    I agree i with robtink about tommy harris though.  ive been screamin that since i found out he was a free agent in the off season.  and now it makes even more sence since the season has started and we have nothing better to put in at DT any way.  Why not bring him in and shuffle him into the mix. Whats gonna happen? he gets injured? oh no! just like 90% of our DT depth anyway. we’ll just go back to using Vickerson, McBean, Urien, and the rest of the no name talentless bunch we have at that position any way.  At least we can give a guy who has a history of gettin the job done a chance until Bunkley and markus thomas can heal up. who knows, he might show us that he can take one of their places.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right.  I looked at the post again.

  • Anonymous

    At tight end?  Too slow and too small.

  • virginiabronco

    No one will give him a chance!  ( I was j/k jdk) :)

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