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Published on 09/21/2011 at Wed Sep 21 18:34.
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Haley to McDaniels: "You're next." (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Things with the Kansas City Chiefs… they’re not good. They’ve lost their two best players in Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles for the season, their quarterback is the worst-rated starting quarterback in the league (now that Luke McCown has been benched in Jacksonville), and they were soundly beaten by two losing teams in 2010 by a combined 79 points. Like I said, not good.

The early season mess has only worsened the tenuous relationship between Chiefs coach Todd Haley and GM Scott Pioli, reports Yahoo!’s Michael Silver. Many in NFL circles don’t think Haley will survive the season.

But we’re guessing not many in those circles thought former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels would get another chance to coach within ten years of his debacle in Denver.  Silver does. He writes —

I believe that if Pioli fires Haley, he’ll try to hire his old New England colleague Josh McDaniels, he of the disastrous tenure as Broncos head coach that included dubious personnel moves too numerous to mention, a cheating scandal and five victories in his final 22 games. When McDaniels, currently the Rams’ offensive coordinator, becomes K.C.’s next head coach, count on two things: I’ll remind you that you heard it here first and you’re going to be treated to a real diatribe.

The thought of facing Josh McDaniels twice a season and blowing that hoodie off his head is almost too enticing to express into words. Do it, Kansas City. Last Broncos fan to run fist-pumping down the sidelines is a rotten egg.

(H/T Shutdown Corner)

  • Joshua D. Manning

    Can you say “Mike Shanahan-Raiders-Broncos” Redux??????

  • Joshua D. Manning

    Can you say “Mike Shanahan-Raiders-Broncos” Redux??????

  • Jon

    Exactly what I was thinking… it would be terrible!

    It would be ironic though, McDaniels would have the quarterback he originally wanted when he arrived in Denver.

  • Jmodell29

    He would also have a very good GM making the personnel decisions instead of him this time around.

  • Anonymous

    That would be the last thing I want to see. When/if McDaniels gets another chance, he’s going to be a very good head coach. 

  • Gmangee2003

    I got one question …. Coach Fox what ate you waiting on to pick up Trent Guy ?

  • Mergrath

    I’d love to see it! He’s a terrible coach (IMO) that would underutilize the running game and play right into our strength. It’s the teams that run the ball that we struggle with…for probably another year or two.

  • virginiabronco

    Was this his plan all along?  Destroy tbe Broncos, sit out a year or two, and comback with KC and have the QB he wanted.  Maybe he surmised the Raiders will never really contend, he personnally destroyed the Broncos for at least 5 years, and Rivers with Norv are getting old.  He can come back with KC and win the West.   Hmmmm.  Just saying…

  • Mike Birtwistle

    oh good, I hope he ends up somewhere that will take tebow off our hands if he doesn’t work out as a Bronco.

  • Monty

    Maybe. But he’s not ready yet. He hasn’t fallen down to earth in one season, and he’ll make the same mistakes in KC.

  • Monty

    He’d destroy their offensive line just for the hell of it and switch them to a 3-4 just for the hell of it. He wouldn’t have personnel control maybe, but if he’s with Pioli he’d have a lot of clout. I think he’d run the show.

  • King

    I’d be happy to see him back her as OC.  He is definitely better than McCoy.  That cannot be denied. 

  • 12508

    I think the guy is a cancer now. Don’t think players would respect him. Don’t think he gets along with players. He turns everyone off. You can do that when you have a good record and win. He hasn’t done any of that. We don’t need to worry about Josh. We need to get some good players on our roster. Football players with skill and heart. Get rid of the players that don’t show up (moreno). Reward the good players(clady). We need a qb that can throw the ball and read a defense. We need a stud in the backfield. We need to keep getting players on the defense. We need a lot. It can be done quickly. Look at the Bills and the Panthers. It can be done. Just wish Xanders was gone. That would be my first move.

  • Anonymous

    You seem to really have it out for Xanders.  Not sure if you have inside information or what.  I’d be right with you it he were respnsible for the 2009 and 2010 drafts, but it seems as though McDumb called most of the shots.  I’m not saying he is a good GM, in fact I think he is basically a numbers guy, but curious as to what is driving your extreme distain for the guy???