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Published on 09/21/2011 at Wed Sep 21 10:06.
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Perusing the Interwebz for water cooler fodder. (Number in parenthesis represents previous ranking).

ESPN: 24th (28)
The win over the Bengals should quiet the Tebow noise. Sunday at Tennessee will be telling.

FOX: 25th (30)
They won at home as they should have. That’s a beginning. Willis McGahee ran the ball hard, and he may fit the John Fox scheme better than Knowshon Moreno anyway.

CBS: 24th (29)
Now can they get off Kyle Orton’s back for at least a week? The defense won’t win a lot of games for the Broncos. It’s not very good.

National Football Post: 28th (30th)
The Broncos get the win, but there are a lot of holes on this roster.

Walter Football: 23rd (27th)
Of all the teams in these power rankings, I had the toughest time placing the Broncos. Their 24-22 victory over the Bengals was obviously unimpressive, but Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil and Brandon Lloyd were all out, and John Fox had to use Tim Tebow at receiver because he ran out of wideouts. At least that kept the fans from booing.

The Computers

And here’s how humanity’s future enslavers view Mile High football. Funny how both had the Broncos move up after the Week 1 loss and down after the Week 2 win. Silly computers.

USA Today Covers: 25th (24th)
Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule.

WhatIfSports: 25th (21st) utilizes its football simulation to rank all 32 NFL teams. To come up with the rankings, each team plays every other team 10,000 times.

Where should the Broncos be ranked heading into Week 3?

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  • john

    Guess most of these “writers” weren’t around in the pre-Elway days. The booing today is NOTHING compared to what is was then. Course there were different fans then, they showed up no matter what the weather and stayed the whole game, booed loudly when ever they felt the team wasn’t giving it all, and cheered even when we lost. And they didn’t give a damn about the media telling them how to act. There was no wine or cheese served either.
    Maybe the fans need to boo a little more when needed and cheer a little more.
    Just maybe…  

  • AtomicLeo

    The CBS comment is a head-scratcher. Not very good? I’d like to see our rankings (I know it’s only 2 weeks!) Bengals were 1 and 11 on 3rd downs. I don’t care who you are playing on Sunday. That’s impressive.

  • crazykid

    yea! you included Walterfooball haha

  • 12508

    We will know this weekend how much work we need. The Raiders ran all over us and beat us in the trenches. If the Titans do the same we are in a lot of trouble. Our offense is hurting. O line needs some work. Knowshon is letting us down again. Lloyd has to be healthy. TE’s look suspect at best. We found something with Decker and that’s a plus. I can’t call the defense yet. Front seven seems to be getting pushed around. Maybe it’s just a matter of time and getting Doom healthy. We will see.

  • john

    Talk about some hate.  You know they have a true hatred when in their comments they have to take a jab at the tebow fans. FOCUS……YOUR A PROFESSIONAL STICK TO COMMENTING ON THE GAME.