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Published on 09/19/2011 at Mon Sep 19 11:30.
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I love me some BT Game Balls, because that means the Denver Broncos won the day before. One of our longest-running columns returns following the gritty 24-22 win Denver pulled out against the Bengals Sunday. Alright staffers – WHO YA GOT?!

Eric DeckerWR Eric Decker

I know he wants that fumble back, but he came through when there weren’t really any other options to throw to. This was his opportunity to shine, and he did that in a big way — five receptions for 113 yards and two touchdowns. -E. Halsey Miles

John FoxCoach John Fox and Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy

Tebow asked to work with the scout team offense this week in practice as wide receiver instead of just stand around, and the Denver’s coaching staff told him to be ready in case of injuries. The Broncos used him several times in the game Sunday as receiver. Tebow didn’t record any statistics but he did keep the defense on its toes and block well on running plays. Kudos to Fox and McCoy for finding a way to get him on the field. -Jon Heath

Britton ColquittP Britton Colquitt

This may be the best punter we’ve had in Denver in over two decades. In a game dominated by a field position chess match, having Colquitt improved matters greatly. Hitting an 82 yard punt out of your own end zone to then have it called back on one of the strangest uses of “unsportsman like conduct” I’ve ever seen and still stay composed and boot it 57 into opposing territory is impressive to say the least. Compare that to Atlanta’s Matt Bosher who was in the same situation (punting out of his own endzone) in a tight match and muffing it for 30 yards. You might as well have gone for it on 4th and 8 with the Eagles offense taking over. Britton finished the day with an average of 51 yards and a long of what should’ve been 81 but ended up being 59. Well done special teams, well done. -Josh Temple

Robert AyersDE Robert Ayers

Seriously, that one play (fourth down pressure to force the first Cincinnati turnover on downs in the fourth quarter) was a pivotal play. Great great job. -E. Halsey Miles

Von MillerLB Von Miller

He recorded his first NFL sack and had (at least) one sick tackle for loss, but more importantly, Miller repeatedly demanded double-teams. The double teams culminated in the defense’s coup de’ tat, Jonathan Wilhite‘s huge sack in the fourth quarter. As Miller said after the game: “They’ve got to pick one of us (to block). Most of the time they pick me.” … The Broncos are already receiving huge dividends from their first round draft pick — something they haven’t been able to say since Ryan Clady in 2008. -Monty

Willis McGaheeRB Willis McGahee

A run game? Really? We have one? I kept looking at the numbers waiting for the hallucinations to stop. 101 yards was the best rushing output a single back has offered in Denver in years, and McGahee ran tough to earn each and every one. -E. Halsey Miles

For the record: Coach John Fox received Sunday’s game ball for his first victory with the Broncos with a severely injury-hampered team. Your game balls in the poll and comments!

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  • Nisse

    woodyard deserves a mention to. that 3ed down ball deflection in the 4th quarter was huge, and he hade 13 tackles i think. he didnt play like a pro bowler, but for a guy who has to stand in for DJ he did more than alright.

  • crazykid

    I count 4 people with direct McD ties… did anyone else notice that?

  • Fan From Spain

    Mays had some gr8 plays also

  • Anonymous

    Maybe that is the thing, McDaniels just wasn’t using a lot of these guys correctly…

  • Anonymous

    “101 yards was the best rushing output a single back has offered in Denver in years” … I wouldn’t say years. Moreno ran for 106 yards in a game last year and 3 weeks later ran for 161. 

  • Jon

    If the Chiefs fire Haley and hire McDaniels it could be like when the Raiders fired Shanahan and he came to Denver… and he’d have the quarterback that he originally wanted when he came to Denver.

  • Yehuo1314

    I have been reading this blog
    for ages. Keep up the amazing work you are doing

  • 5280

    McGahee sould replace moreno as starter hands down.  I agree with fan from spain though. Mayes had a AWSOME game.  he showed that he can be that run stuffer we need to get us in passing situations so they can let Von and Doom loose.

  • Anonymous

    “Kudos to Fox and McCoy for finding a way to get him on the field.”

    He was so effective… That was like dangling a string in front of a stadium full of cats.  I would give them any credit at all “for finding a way to get him on the field.” His plays didn’t mean anything.