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Published on 09/18/2011 at Sun Sep 18 23:14.
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Mile High Salutes by McGahee, Decker, Miller

Willis McGahee, Eric Decker and Von Miller resurrect the Mile High Salute in 2011. (Photos courtesy Reuters, Getty, Denver Broncos)

Terrell Davis approves… The Mile High Salute is back! Thank you Willis McGahee, Eric Decker, and Von Miller!

The Mile High Salute was a beacon of the Denver Broncos‘ Super Bowl years, but it never should have been relegated to that history. Like the Lambeau Leap or the Terrible Towel, it’s a tradition that should have transcended the individual players or fans that employed it. It’s a reminder of Denver Broncos pride and a staple of Mile High Magic… elements in Broncos country that have been sorely missed in recent years.

May the Mile High Salute never leave the Rocky Mountains again.

(Thanks to BT Staffer Jon Heath for putting the photo together).

  • ALEX

    Don’t forget Denver Country, a guy who still should be in Orange and Blue, Peyton Hillis brought it back and was a true Bronco, before McDaniels sent him off.  Glad the salute is BACK with our team!

  • ALEX

    Love the MILE HIGH SALUTE!  Great Win today!

  • Monty

    Thanks Alex. Of course I remember that too, but it was so short-lived, and Hillis is now gone. Hopefully the multitude of guys doing it this time will mean it’s here to stay.

  • virginiabronco

    I have said it before and I will say it again, how about establishing another Mile High Tradition first called Winning before you worry about how to celebrate a touchdown.  Win 8 or 9 games and I don’t care if you run through the stadium nude and salute with both hands.  I am all for traditions, cool handshakes, salutes and throwback uniforms but I want a Bronco team that has a chance to win each and every week.  To barely hold on to a 2 point win at home in week 2 against the lowly Bengals with a rookie QB doesn’t excite me much.  I guess a win is a win and I’ll take it so on to next week but I am tired of hearing about salutes.  TD and company were winners. Bring back that tradition!

  • 5280

    Virginiabroncos quit being a sour puss. pull the stick from your rear and jump on the bandwagon.  the mile high saltue was one thing from a very small select group of otions that put denver on the map and it disappeared.  how about being proud of where your from, not just proud of the football team you root for.  The mile high salute symbolized denver, not just broncos fans.  I for one, am tickeled freakin pink that these players have chosen to submerse themselves in the culture of the city they play for, enough to recognize how important to us that salute really meant.  these 3 players have become some of my personal favorites now because not only do they work their tails off and have great talent but they’ve taken time to know whats important to their fans.  I really hope that, with a winning season or a losing season or whatever, they stick to the mile high salute, because to me, it shows that they care about their fans and they to have the same pride in this team regardless of the Win Loss columns just like the fans. GO BIG ORANGE AND BLUE!

  • Robinsonc

    Thanks for bringing the mile high salute and pride back to Bronco Nation. May it never leave again!

  • virginiabronco

    “regardless of Win Loss Columns just like the fans”.

    Pat Bowlen would be proud of you!  Maybe “the fans” should expect a little more out of the franchise than a salute?  Just saying as a fan than has cheered this team on through thick and then since Craig Morton was the QB.

    If a salute makes you happy then fine.  Wins make me happy.  But after the last 3 seasons, I will settle for a team that promises to compete week after week.  I guess after some reflection, you are probably right, I should just settle for a salute to get me excited cause its going to be a while before we compete again.

  • Sanibel71

    I only wish we could have gotten rid of McDaniels sooner before he did all the damage.  It was the wrong move from the beginning.  I keep hearing all the good things Hills and Sheffler are doing and wish they were back with the Broncos

  • Jrleonal

    virginiabronco, shut up. if you are a true fan you wouldnt care about winning. well, you would LOVE to win, but you would still stay true to the broncos. and if you were a true fan, traditions like the mile high salute would be as important to you as winning