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Published on 09/13/2011 at Tue Sep 13 08:00.
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  • virginiabronco

    We are never going to have a running game until the defense has to respect a passing game.  WHen you have a QB that can’t complete a pass more than 5 yards down field with any degree of certainty, I don’t hold out much hope we will have a running game anytime soon.

    They can tell us all about Tebow’s accuracy problems but after watching KO for 3 years now, Tebow can’t be any worse than KO outside of 5 yards.  Not to mention the fact that  KO can’t seem to lead the team to a fourth quarter comeback.  And if you want to argue all of those facts, lastly, lets just look at KO’s wins and losses since joining the Bronco family.

    Elway, Call up Brett Favre if you don’t like the QB’s on the bench. Insert yourself back in.  At least it would be entertaining.  I don’t care who the QB is just get KO out of the lineup while there our still a few hundred of us still watching!

  • Wadezombie

    John Elway, do yourself a favor and play the 1rst round chamion winner.  Your fans would love it, you would pick up many new fans, and he has got to learn to play in the big league some time.  Do you remember how bad you were at first and how many years it took? 

    KO can get the team down the field fast sometimes and look great, but he never seems to get it in when they are in the red zone.

    KO is a great guy, but I don’t think he is a champion, and neither do you because you thought seriously about trading him.

    Give the fans what they want, TT.   Pick up new fans, the old grumpy ones that hate TT will stick around.

  • DereksDiary

    stats and numbers don’t lie and 66 rush yds/game in his 3 starts and 7 all purpose TD’s those games shows him to be a winner.  He also had 4 other TD’s in small roles last year with little touches.

    Funny thing is the five games Hillis started as a Denver Broncos RB was 66 yards a game and it was so obvious that Hillis was going to be a star in 2009 I drafted him late as my sleeper and he never played.

    This summer when I did my fantasy qb’s even before the lockout I had Tebow around #9 of all QB’s and was my big sleeper.
    How can these idiots not see the stars in the making?