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Published on 09/12/2011 at Mon Sep 12 14:30.
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  • rcsodak

    A lil one sided, i’d say.

  • Anonymous

    Bronco Day, baby!

  • Anonymous


    Never Forget.

  • Josh Manning

    Like really??? 59-14 Never forget??? Why do we have to remind ourselves about that??? Bronco fans are acting like 9/11 happened on that day. Geez!!! Stop living in the past for goodness sake. The Broncos will kick some ass.

  • Strawdog

    Nice!!!  Go Broncos…hit somebody!!!

  • T-Money

    It’s more of something to rally around and get fired up about.  Not get all sappy over…

  • Anonymous

    Sheesh…I can’t believe that even needed an explanation. 

  • Dingheng0932

    Never Forget.Nice !

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