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Published on 09/07/2011 at Wed Sep 07 11:00.
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Kyle Orton (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Are you a Broncos fan with a fantasy football team? (Who reads this blog and isn’t?!) Need a clever Broncos-centric team name for your upcoming fantasy dominance? We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few provided by SBNation we already posted in the Daily Links. We thought we’d add to them then open it up for your favorites in the comments.

Orton (hears a) Who?
Orton Hears A Boo
McGahee and Me
Willis McGayhee
Tebows Before Hoes
Tebow’s Youth Group
Our Brady is Hotter than Your Brady
Travis Henry Is Still My Dad

And here are some of ours (some of these come from the 2011 Denver Broncos Writers League, a mix of bloggers and sportswriters. I’m defending my title from a year ago; wish me luck):

Gran Moreno
It’s (Von) Miller Time
Luck be a Clady
Watchu Talkin Bout Hillis?
Watchu Talkin Bout Willis? (McGahee)
Elvis Has Left the Building
Elway or the Highway
No Two Elways About It
Elway, Jose
Clady Gaga [via Lindsay Jones]
The Ponzi Schemes [via Andrew Mason]
Baron Von Sackhausen [via Josh Temple]
Eddie Royal’s Tacos [via Frank Schwab]

One-up us folks, if you please. Your oh-so-clever Broncos-centric fantasy football team names in the comments.

  • Cyberspread

    Orange Crush 2.0

  • Jason Pinto

    spOrton a neckbeard

  • flbronc

    the big tebowski- stolen from my brother, who reads but doesn’t post.

  • Monty

    Tell him to test those keyboard letters out! They don’t bite, promise!

  • Jason Pinto

    the few, the proud, the moreno
    happy gilmoreno
    home tebow
    aint knowshown til shes gone
    moreno 911
    this place about to te-bow ow ow ow ow
    abOrton the run (mine from last yr)

  • Anonymous

    Knifey-Spoony with Brandon Marshall

  • Anonymous

    Tim Tebow’s Chastity Belt

  • Monty

    those are excellent

  • Anonymous

    Coach McD’s Malfunctioning Trade Machine

  • Anonymous

    Beats Being Al Davis

  • Salaurabee

    tickle-me-tebow….. dont even try iv already got it haha

  • Monty

    Just say KnowMo

  • Anonymous

    Nate Webster’s Babysitting Service

  • SivNiz

    What Would Tebow Do?
    Tebow is my Co-Pilot

  • Anonymous

    Pat Bowlen’s drool cup
    Pat Bowlen’s floor-length mink
    Playin’ Footsie w/ Demaryius Thomas

  • Monty

    Lol I like the reference but…. gross.

  • Dustfan

    VonDoomsday Machine 

  • Dustfan

    Doctor VonDoom

  • areferee

    Somehow, when I hear Broncos and fantasy in the same sentence, I think of these:  (as the mind slowly deteriorates…)

    Bronc’s Bombers…

    Bailey’s Comets…

    Fox Terrors…


    Bowlen for Dollars…

    Meet me in St. Louie, Hoodie

  • Dustfan

    Doom Rebooted
    Rocky Mountain Rahim
    Eye’s Like a Dawk
    DJ VonDoom
    Clady and the Champ

  • Monty

    +1 Bailey, Hoodie…

  • Anonymous

    Beating Al Davis

  • Mike Birtwistle

    I’ve got
    Tim Tebow’s Stem Cells

  • Dustfan

    Hit Me Haggan
    Emperor Julius Cassius
    Crunchy like a Bruton (OK I’m starting to lose it)

  • Dustfan

    And if you combine a couple:

    Emperor Julius Cassius’ Royal doubleDecker VonDoom Machine finally Fells Al Davis

  • Monty

    Eddie Royale with Cheese

    (can’t believe I forgot that one)

  • emily

    Last year I was the Clady Bunch (playing off the Brady Bunch which was another person’s team)
    This year I am Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • A Mile Above

    Denver Donkey Punch

  • Pickles

    Mine from last year – Neckbeard’s Army

  • Buccaneersrjb

    Forgetting Brandon Marshall.
    Sorry if it’s been done already.

  • Elvis drinks miller lite.

    This is my favorite so far, took me awhile to get the forgetting Sarah Marshall joke but when I did it made me laugh

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a Broncos name, per se, but living in KC I’m stuck in leagues with a lot of Chiefs fans…as such, I pick names to irritate them and my favorite so far:

    Derrick Thomas Driving School
    Yeah, I’m a terrible person.

  • flbronc

    classic.  My favorite by far.

  • areferee

    mmm-hmm…that is a tasty name!

  • Brentc


  • Jon

    Love the Dawk and Rahim ones!

  • Jakody Huckaby

    I live in a Von down by the Miller

  • sping