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Published on 09/06/2011 at Tue Sep 06 14:59.
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Tony Hills

The Denver Broncos have signed free agent offensive lineman Tony Hills, the Denver Post reports. To make room, tackle Herb Taylor was waived.

Hills, predominantly a tackle in college, was competing for the starting right guard spot with the Pittsburg Steelers, who drafted him in the fourth round in the 2008 draft. In three years with the team, Hills (6-4, 305) appeared in four games.

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  • Monty

    This is Kyle Montgomery. Just changed my profile name back to where it started.

    So seeing as I’ve been the owner and main author of this blog since 2006… nothing?

  • Rc_sodak

    Well, it looks like they might have found their G/T…. but didn’t they want a T that could play LT and/or RT?

  • plato68

    Keep up the good work Kyle. You are much appreciated.

  • R8rh8r

    Why did Kyle Montgomery change his name to Monty? What the *%$* happened to this blog?

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I’m glad to see Herb Taylor go. Every time I saw him he was getting blown back to the nosebleed seats by whomever happened to be getting a shot on him.

  • Monty

    Really appreciate that.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    So they’ve signed a Philly D-Lineman and a Steelers O-Lineman.  Both teams know how to build their lines so this can’t be a bad thing.

    And Monty, I see since you changed your name this blog has become rife with bad language, although I am partly responsible for some of it, is there a correlation?

  • Just saying…

    Why is Monty the only poster now?  What the **** happened to this blog?